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A transitional style family room allows you to approach your room decoration as a challenging yet fun game of mix-and-match. Moreover, it also lets you keep the pieces you love while updating the overall look. And a recent Decorilla client needed help with just that, along with wanting more convenience, more storage, and more comfort. Read on to see how this transitional family room turned into an inviting space for the whole family to enjoy.

The Challenge: New Transitional Family Room

The transitional style is the way to go when it comes to multigenerational homes, inherited furniture pieces that you wish to keep, and blending elegance with convenience. The client wanted a place where they could enjoy relaxing as a family and snuggles with pets. At the same time, the room had to accommodate five inhabitants that would soon downsize to two – so it shouldn’t feel too tight at present or too empty in the future. Among other challenges, the designer had to:

  • Blend the couple’s like of traditional design with some contemporary pieces for a transitional family room
  • Create storage for the family library
  • Find a space for a small wine bar
  • Arrange the best setup to host quiet evenings around the fireplace as well as family movie nights

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Transitional Decor Inspiration

Transitional decor inspiration board by Decorilla

What the client was looking for could be simply described as a re-designed family room assembled for comfort and then polished for a “wow” factor. Both she and her husband found the traditional style as an ideal common ground. With a set of transitional family room ideas as inspiration photos, she approached Decorilla and picked two designers who seemed like a promising match.

Transitional Family Room Ideas & Concepts

Transitional family room render by Decorilla
Transitional family room render by Decorilla

The client’s choice of designers was right – both proposed solutions were excellent. That also meant the whole family had to take a role in the deciding process. Finally, their choice fell to the moodboard presented by Drew F.

Online interior design moodboard by Decorilla
Online interior design moodboard by Decorilla

Drew’s composition was rooted in a neutral color palette with patterns as a way to add visual dynamics. Several statement transitional decor elements were included, curated to blend rather than compete with each other. Somewhere in the middle of the process, the client’s husband expressed his wish for an Eames-style chair as his relaxation throne, so the appropriate piece was added to the set.

Transitional Family Room Design Results

Transitional family room ideas by Decorilla
Transitional family room ideas by Decorilla

Before approaching Decorilla for online interior design assistance, the client already did a bit of renovation. That meant the concept had to grow from the existing shell composed of new wall paint and hardwood floors. Drew loved the earthy, relaxing vibes of the space, finding it inspirational. His approach was to develop a design that would also work with the other rooms in the house. However, he proposed lighter paint for the remaining walls of the transitional family room, a creamy linen shade that would work beautifully with the darker cream and green used throughout the place. 

Online interior design render by Decorilla
Online interior design render by Decorilla

The new, comfortable and stylish transitional decor was centered around a large sectional sofa. Its generous size provided plenty of seating for the whole family – and a couple of pets. At the same time, the drum mahogany coffee table gives a central anchor to the space and is large enough for small decor or setting out drinks and food. 

Transitional family room render by Decorilla
Transitional family room render by Decorilla

A wall of built-ins provided the much-desired book storage, as well as a wine bar. The paneling design was simple and clean, with transitional flair that blended perfectly with the new fireplace surround. Metallic elements, such as side tables, decor, and brass lamps added vibrancy to the composition. Finally, the room was pulled together with neutral cushy pillows and a cream rug underfoot, adorned with a discrete classic pattern that toned the modern lines down, enhancing the transitional family room. 

Before Online Interior Design

Living room before online interior design

The original living room decor was a mix of traditional and contemporary, comfortable but in need of a professional touch that would perfectly pull the mixture together. It addition, the current selections in the room where dark and undersized for the space. Refacing the fireplace and adding cabinets on each side greatly enhanced the utility of the space. In a similar manner, the new furniture offered more seating and overall convenience. 

Transitional Decor Shopping List

Online interior design transitional decor shopping list by Decorilla
Online interior design shopping list by Decorilla

Engaging with Decorilla means taking advantage of multiple additional benefits. These start with the opportunity to work with two designers instead of one – that way, you can be sure to find the best match. Next, there is an online shopping list with significant discounts, sometimes adding up to the value of the design service itself. Moreover, every online interior design service package features a detailed guide on how to assemble the new space. And finally, a personal shopping concierge will handle every step of the process, from ordering to delivering.

Online Interior Design Top Picks

Do you want to try and incorporate a few transitional decor pieces into your interior, and see how it works? Here are some items we love:

Transitional family room top picks by Decorilla
  1. Washed-Out Rug
  2. Brass Floor Lamp
  3. Drum Coffee Table
  4. Art Print
  5. Beige Sectional
  6. Embroidered Drapery

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