Transitional dining room ideas

Transitional interiors are far more than a blend of contemporary and traditional designs. Classic and fresh, this style is perfect for dinner party-worthy dining rooms. One recent client turned to Decorilla for exactly this reason. She wanted a transitional style dining room to replace her dated space. Read on to learn how Decorilla transformed a drab room into a classy yet approachable space.

The Challenge: Transitional Dining Room Design

The client wanted to update her dining room from floor to ceiling, as the entire space felt dated. Her home office, situated right across the hall and decorated in a transitional style, was the main source of her inspiration. She loved its refined yet casual atmosphere and wanted the same for her dining room. Bearing this in mind, the designers faced the following challenges:

  • Design a dining room that adheres to the top transitional interior design must-haves
  • Ensure the dining room coordinates with the home office, while making it slightly less feminine
  • Incorporate the client’s five existing black and white framed prints into the new design
  • Replace existing furnishings that contribute to the space’s dated look with transitional dining room décor and furniture

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The Inspiration: Transitional Dining Room Ideas

transitional dining room inspiration

Her online dining room design ideas made it clear that the client knew exactly what she wanted. All but one of her inspirational photos included a deep blue, white, and gold color palette. White walls and furnishings within the dining rooms grounded the spaces. In turn, it allowed the dark blue and golden accents used throughout to shine. 

The client also appreciates high-contrast designs, as well as a combination of modern and traditional pieces. Both her preferred use of color and love of simple yet sophisticated décor is typical of the transitional style.

Transitional-Style Dining Room Moodboard & Design

Transitional dining room
Decorilla transitional design

In order to start the process, the client filled out a convenient online questionnaire. Afterward, she completed her design brief. Decorilla then identified two of their best-suited designers. They received all the client’s information and created a transitional dining room moodboard each.

Both designers came up with gorgeous concepts. They used the client’s preferred color palette, along with a good selection of classy contemporary décor. It was a difficult decision to make but ultimately it was Drew F.’s vision for the space that won the client over.

Decorilla transitional dining room ideas and mood board
Decorilla mood board with transitional dining room ideas

The client’s home office, right across the hallway from her dining room, served as a great source of inspiration for Drew. He wanted to link the two spaces while keeping them both unique. A shared color palette and transitional décor connected the two rooms. He was sure to use distinctly neutral-feeling dining room ideas, distinguishing it from the more feminine office. Drew also suggested sophisticated transitional dining room furniture. These pieces were specifically selected to further enhance the interior.

Now Presenting the New Transitional-Style Dining Room

transitional dining table in a classy interior
Transitional dining room design result – Decorilla 3D rendering

Because of the close collaboration between designer and client, the project was a resounding success. In fact, the transitional dining room was everything the client dreamed of and more. Not only did it tick all the boxes but it made full use of the available space while maintaining an airy feeling as well.

A Refreshed Dining Experience

Transitional dining room
Design with transitional dining room furniture – Decorilla 3D rendering

From the transitional dining table to the chairs, as well as floor and wall materials – all elements within the space complement the others. Crisp white wainscoting creates visual interest, plus it balances out the midnight blue walls and dark wooden floors. It prevents the room from becoming too dark, while the deeper accents add to the room’s elegance.

Replacing the old, ornate chandelier with an understated gold one, took the room’s new contemporary look to the next level. In fact, the moody yet elegant ambiance within the transitional-style dining room is due to the warm, low lighting. As the chandelier became a focal point, it tied the other metallic accents together. These pieces include the slim curtain rod, mirror frames, and table legs. Positioning was everything when it came to the mirrors. Their placement lets them bounce daylight around while continuing to sparkle at night. The reflection also elongates the room, making it feel spacious. 

Transitional style dining room ideas
Transitional-style dining room – Decorilla 3D rendering

As per the design brief, the set of five black and white prints remained in the dining room. However, they moved from the wall opposite the entrance to the left side of the entrance, making way for a modern, abstract piece. The new artwork creates some much-needed contrast and cohesion within the interior. It’s especially true when comparing the piece to the opposite office’s floral wallpaper.

Transitional Dining Room Furniture

Décor, such as the transitional dining table, was carefully selected to bring out the best in the space. The table’s rectangular shape suits the room perfectly. Even with all chairs in place, there’s plenty of space to move around. Two white chairs at the ends of the table plus the white upholstery of the other chairs, and the faded area rug, again add lightness. It also echoes the mainly white furnishings in the home office. The six cane-backed chairs and warm hardwood sideboard have an Eastern flair. They also tie the dining room to the office through two Chinese-style Chippendale chairs.

Finally, the pops of green provided by a small potted plant on the table and an indoor tree in a dead corner liven up the room. Overall, the transitional dining space blends old and new into a refined interior.

Before the Transitional Dining Room Makeover

Before the transitional dining room transformation

Before Drew’s handiwork, the dining room hosted a mix of styles resulting in a lack of cohesive style. The original light blue wall color was nice, but lacked the sense of elegance the client sought. Meanwhile, extra seating and storage along the walls left the room feeling clutter rather than well-planned. However, with some new paint, woodwork, furniture and decor, Drew had this dining room look sleek and stylish in no time.

Complete Online Shopping List

Transitional style dining room shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list for transitional dining room furniture

All Decorilla clients receive a handy online shopping list. It’s designed to help make completing their project at home a breeze. Every list includes all the elements necessary to assemble a new space, plus exclusive trade discounts. Shopping for the perfect transitional dining table and more couldn’t be easier!

Our Top Picks for a Transitional-Style Dining Room

Whether you’re in love with the faded area rug or transitional dining table, use our top picks to recreate the look in your dining room.

transitional style dining room decor top picks
  1. Contemporary Chandelier
  2. Stone Sculpture
  3. Golden Mirror
  4. Turkish Rug
  5. Cane-Backed Chair
  6. Onyx Table

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