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Traditional interiors definitely have enduring appeal. After all, they offer the perfect blend of comfort and elegance. Another noteworthy aspect of the style is how varied it is. That means there’s a spin on the look to suit every taste. One recent Decorilla client wanted to embrace it throughout their home. Read on to explore their traditional-style interior design project reveal!

The Challenge: Traditional-Style Living Room & Beyond

Every interior design job differs since tastes, needs, and budgets vary. One client wants to adhere to the best tips for creating beautiful traditional interior design, and another prefers a modern look. To consider this particular project a success, the designer had to:

  • Use a traditional decorating style but also include a few antique and modern pieces
  • Stick to a moody neutral palette and use splashes of rich color sparingly
  • Keep the existing family room fireplace and its crown molding
  • Update all the outdated fixtures, wallpaper, and flooring
  • Ensure the rooms are child-friendly and feature durable furnishings

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Traditional Decorating Style Inspiration

Traditional style interior design inspiration

The client’s inspirational images prove their love of traditional-style interior design. Symmetrical layouts appear across the examples and are a subtle yet noteworthy similarity. It ensures the depicted spaces feel particularly well-balanced. High-quality furniture, chic finishes, and luxe décor also feature prominently. The client certainly wanted a sophisticated yet inviting ambiance.

Traditional-Style Living Room Moodboard & Design

Traditional style interior design - Aida A
Decorilla traditional-style interior design family room

Because the client felt secure about their desired interior style, completing the first steps in the interior design process took them no time at all. They started by taking an online quiz and then proceeded to create a brief. Afterward, it was time for a virtual meeting with the Decorilla team. In the end, Decorilla used all the data to handpick two designers most qualified for the task.

Mood board with traditional decorating style - Aida A
Decorilla mood board showcasing a traditional decorating style

The top two designers went ahead and created bespoke moodboards. Although both had great ideas, the client chose Aida A.’s refined traditional-style interior design concept. Its deep woody tones, dramatic grays, and regal blues were a hit. And formal elements like the chandelier were in perfect harmony with the comfy furniture. All in all, it was exactly what the client wanted.

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Traditional Interior Design Results

Traditional style living room - Aida A
Traditional-style home décor results – Decorilla 3D rendering

The once bare interiors made way for fine examples of the traditional decorating style. All the renovated rooms were exceptional in their own right yet formed part of a cohesive whole. Every element, great and small, was carefully selected to meet practical and aesthetic needs. Overall, the result was a cozy family home overflowing with timeless charm.

Plush & Practical Family Room

Traditional style home decor - Aida A
Traditional-style living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The traditional-style living room might feature brilliant hints of color, but light and dark neutrals define it. In fact, it’s the storm cloud-themed monochrome accent wall that steals the show. The vintage sketch-inspired wallpaper is rich in detail yet manages to not overshadow other elements. Instead, it complements its surroundings like the mantelpiece, coffered ceiling, and flowy curtains.

Traditional decorating style - Aida A
Family room featuring traditional-style interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

A symmetrical layout, a good mix of formal and casual furniture, and different functional zones result in a versatile space. The central area of the traditional-style living room has enough plush seating for small and large gatherings. Plus, the fireplace and the TV on the adjacent wall are within view. An intimate table and chairs off to the side are ideal for enjoying snacks or family game nights.

Elegant Kitchen & Breakfast Room

Traditional style kitchen cabinets - Aida A
Traditional kitchen cabinets and décor – Decorilla 3D rendering

The kitchen and breakfast room is another symphony of neutral hues. Its beige, traditional kitchen cabinets, and wooden dining table warm up the space. As for the marble countertops and checkered floor – they introduce a welcome sheen. Finally, vases and pots of indoor flora not only add color, but also a sense of liveliness. 

Traditional style kitchen - Aida A.
Traditional-style kitchen – Decorilla 3D rendering

Two traditional-style kitchen islands enhance functionality since the one with a sink is ideal for food prep and the other for dining. Speaking of dining: this space’s highlight has got to be the breakfast nook with its elegant, curved bench. All things considered, the room has a romantic air about it. The lighting, color scheme, and décor items like the chandelier and flowers, are to thank.

Crisp & Clean Laundry Room

Traditional style interior design
Laundry room featuring traditional decorating style – Decorilla 3D rendering

The traditional decorating style of the laundry room is consistent with that of the rest of the home. It has a similar neutral color palette to the kitchen. However, only one side of the room’s cabinets is beige. Those on the opposite side show off their natural wooden beauty. It tastefully contrasts delicate features like the vintage tin tiled accent wall and chandelier.

Traditional decorating style for a mudroom
Laundry room with traditional-style home décor – Decorilla 3D rendering

This space is also far more than just a traditional-style interior design laundry room with a washer, dryer, and basin. It extends into a mud room and pantry too. There’s a comfy bench for removing dirty shoes and an island for unpacking groceries. Furthermore, an abundance of cabinets and drawers can accommodate overflow from the kitchen and elsewhere in the home.

Luxurious Master Bathroom

Traditional style bathroom
Traditional bathroom décor – Decorilla 3D rendering

One glance at the traditional-style bathroom makes it clear that this is a space to relax and unwind. Golden accents, a shimmering chandelier, and marble countertops bathe it in luxury. A chic round area rug, slipper chair, and ottoman make unexpected yet welcome additions to the bathtub alcove. Together they form the ultimate pamper hideaway.

Traditional bathroom decor
Traditional-style bathroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

Other noteworthy traditional bathroom décor includes elegant lanterns, a couple of classy end tables, and a trio of sleek mirrors. All of these feature metallic accents, adding to the space’s luxurious air. More metallic hardware also appears in the grand shower and on the master bathroom’s many cabinets and drawers. In short, the room is the ultimate serene escape.

Traditional Decorating Style Online Shopping List

Traditional style home decor shopping list
Decorilla traditional-style interior design shopping list

Whether creating a traditional-style living room or a different space, working with Decorilla has many perks. One of the best and most convenient is access to a custom online shopping list. It makes sourcing the right items for any design an effortless experience. Better yet, clients can also enjoy exclusive trade discounts, layout instructions, and more!

Our Top Picks for a Traditional-Style Living Room

Decorating according to a favorite style is simple. In fact, it only requires a few core elements to get started. Consider our traditional-style home décor picks if you loved the project above.

Top picks for a traditional decorating style


  1. Vintage Artwork
  2. Antique Rug 
  3. Traditional Pendant 
  4. Lumbar Pillow 
  5. Console Table 
  6. Lotus Armchair

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