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A room for all seasons is such an asset throughout the year. It’s perfect for lazy sunny lounging, morning coffees, reading, cocktails, and even naps! One recent client turned to Decorilla to make the most of this valuable space. And now, it’s a blissful and light oasis in a busy family home. See the stunning sunroom design below! 

The Challenge: Cozy Sunroom Interior Design 

Before, the client’s sunroom was an unpleasant mix between an outdated sitting area and a workout space. It felt dark and unwelcoming. Yet, the room had plenty of potential as it sits next to an expansive outdoor space with a lush garden, patio, and pool. The interior only needed a guiding hand to complement its surroundings. To succeed, Decorilla had to find the right interior designer who could: 

  • Consider summer décor ideas while decorating a small sunroom 
  • Ensure the sunroom design is relaxed and is comfortable for afternoon naps
  • Include a media console and entertainment area
  • Replace dark furniture with elements that make the room feel airy and light 

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All-Seasons Sunroom Inspiration 

inspiration for decorating a small sunroom

The client struggled to form a clear inspiration theme, but she knew she wanted a relaxed, bright room. Some of her sunroom inspiration includes slim contemporary furniture and light hues. Enough comfy seating was also a must, as well as accent tables. In a few words, she wanted this space to be welcoming, tranquil, and casual.  

Moodboard & Sunroom Interior Design 

Cozy sunroom - Berkeley H
Decorilla sunroom interior design

After completing an interior design style quiz and initial consultation, the client could move on to the next step of the design process. Decorilla used the client’s information to pick two designers to create concepts. And in evaluating both, the client fell in love with Berkeley’s light approach to decorating a small sunroom. 

Sunroom design inspiration and mood board
Decorilla moodboard for decorating a sunroom

Berkeley H. chose high-end, elegant, and timeless elements for her cozy sunroom proposal. She wanted to ensure enough comfy seating for the client to kick up her feet and relax. Yet the sleek suggestions promise to create an exquisite space for entertaining as well. The soothing color palette is reminiscent of a coastal seascape but equally suited to a winter wonderland.

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Chic & Cozy Sunroom Interior Design Results

Sunroom interior design - Berkeley H.
Result of sunroom inspiration – Decorilla 3D rendering

The final sunroom is a magnificent show of contemporary design and high-end comfort. Here, decorating a small sunroom relies on a selection of light furniture, slender alternatives, and a clever layout. The room serves as an in-between space, connecting interior living with outdoor entertaining. And it’s a beautiful connector at that, feeling plush and livable as well as airy and light.   

Decorating a small sunroom result - Berkeley H.
Cozy sunroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

Soft off-white paint sets a warm and welcoming base for the cozy sunroom. Cooler shades of white complement the scheme and bring a light, crisp air to the interior. Thanks to using sunroom inspiration, the space makes the most of natural light to give an indoor-outdoor feeling. Bare windows enhancing the view of the garden and pool also contribute to the natural aspect. 

The layout is also one which makes the most of the view. The comfy contemporary section lines the great windows, with the daybed section making the most of sunny days. From here, the seating area also has a great vantage point of the French doors and inner lounge. This is due to low-profile seating ottomans.

Made for Relaxation & Easy Entertaining 

Sunroom design inspiration - Berkeley H.
Sunroom interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The sunroom interior design is laidback yet sleek. Here, people can sit back and enjoy a movie or enjoy a sunset before joining lovely summer evenings on the poolside patio. Additionally, plenty of accent tables maximize the surface space the coffee table provides. They also bring different textures to the soft and tactile upholstery and scatter pillows. In the same light, décor pieces bring varying visual texture while allowing breathing space in the light canvas. 

Sunroom interior design - Berkeley H.
Sleek and cozy sunroom design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Wood and green elements strengthen the merger of interior and exterior spaces. A mammoth olive tree make one of the lively elements and another is a modern accent lounge chair. The latter’s soft blue upholstery is a dreamy addition giving the room a slight coastal air. 

Before & After the Sunroom Design  

Before the sunroom interior design inspiration result
Before the sunroom design

Previously the room was a dark midway between a lounge and workout space. It needed an uplift full of coziness, and practicality. Fortunately, with an expert’s eye, the sunroom interior is a beautiful celebration of life. It’s equally inviting to the household to sit and relax and guests to recline and enjoy an easy conversation. As a result, the space is an undeniably breathtaking sunroom transformation.  

Fuss-Free Shopping List 

Cozy sunroom shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

With the 3D renderings, a detailed guide, and a helpful online shopping list, the client could put together her sunroom design at home. The shopping list not only helps clients keep track of what the room needs, but also comes with product discounts. So, in the end, it makes creating a dreamy home all the more doable! 

Top Picks for a Cozy Sunroom 

If you’re decorating a small sunroom, inspiration goes a long way, and so do pointers. To get a similar look to the room above, use our top sunroom picks below as a guide.

Sunroom design top picks
  1. Leaf Décor 
  2. Table Lamp 
  3. Handmade Rug 
  4. Contemporary Ottoman
  5. Olive Tree 
  6. Accent Chest 

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