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Comfy, fresh, and inviting – it’s no wonder the modern farmhouse look is so popular. Even those who live in cities and suburbs have embraced this style due to its charm. A recent Decorilla client fell in love with its contemporary yet classic air. It was exactly what they wanted their dated interior to become. Read on to explore their fabulous modern farmhouse design results!

The Challenge: Modern Farmhouse Open Concept Revamp

Two homemakers may follow the best tips for your modern farmhouse interior design religiously and still have different results. There’s bound to be variation between projects, even when they share a style. It’s an exciting prospect. And for this project, the designer was familiar with the modern farmhouse design and worked with the client to pinpoint their wants. To call the interior a success, they had to:

  • Establish different functional zones in a shared space: i.e., a living area, dining area, and kitchen
  • Ensure the areas flow into each other seamlessly to form a cohesive, functional whole
  • Identify and source chic, high-quality modern farmhouse décor
  • Create a tasteful Star Wars-themed bedroom for a young boy

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Open Concept Modern Farmhouse Inspiration 

Modern farmhouse design refresh ideas

The client’s modern farmhouse kitchen, living, and dining room tastes are clear from the inspirational images. Only their themed kids’ room interior design differs from the rest. A light and airy atmosphere reign throughout, with the occasional dark accent adding depth. The furniture consists of clean lines and appears comfy. All in all, their desired look seems understated yet sophisticated.

Moodboard & Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Modern farmhouse kitchen and dining room
Decorilla modern farmhouse kitchen design

Due to the client’s confidence in their likes, they sped through the initial steps. Once they finished a virtual quiz and design brief, they had an online consultation with Decorilla. Afterward, the team handpicked two top designers for the project based on the details provided. The design duo received their brief and created a pair of attractive modern farmhouse design moodboards.

Decorilla modern farmhouse design kitchen moodboard

Soon the designers presented their initial proposals to the client and they had to pick a favorite. Although both contained features the client adored, they ultimately decided on Maya M.’s concept. The materials and finishes she selected immediately caught the client’s attention. Her layout also made the most sense for the shared modern farmhouse kitchen, dining, and living areas.

Modern Farmhouse Open Concept Results

Modern farmhouse open concept - Maya M
Modern farmhouse open concept – Decorilla 3D rendering

From the modern farmhouse kitchen to the dining and living areas – each zone functions well on its own and as a whole. The layout’s flow feels natural and makes the space easy to navigate. As for the style, it’s executed phenomenally. Contemporary farmhouse furnishings dominate the room, with ornate pieces kept to a minimum. It allows decorative items to pop, especially against the crisp, white backdrop.

Transitional Farmhouse Kitchen & Dining Area

modern farmhouse design
Modern farmhouse dining room and kitchen – Decorilla 3D rendering

The modern farmhouse kitchen and dining area lie right at the back of the open concept room. Both spaces notably feature transitional elements too. Light wooden shelves, the choice of wall sconces, a semi-flush ceiling light, and kitchen cupboards all have a typical old meets new vibe. In fact, they enhance the farmhouse charm.

Modern farmhouse kitchen and dining room
Modern farmhouse kitchen – Decorilla 3D rendering

Back to the breakfast bar: its upper tier is ideal for informal meals and serving snacks, while the lower tier works well for meal prep. On the other hand, the marble-topped dining table ensures other meals are more formal, and classy affairs. The many shelves hold decorative and functional items. They add to the kitchen and dining area’s visual appeal, as does the subtle herringbone accent wall.

Inviting Farmhouse Living Space

Modern farmhouse living room
Modern farmhouse living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The modern farmhouse living room lies at the opposite end of the open concept. The kitchen cabinets extend into this area, where they act as a home bar – perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying a drink after work. More light wooden accents and an indoor plant add earthiness to the space. Along with nature-inspired art, the living corner feels serene and welcoming.

Open concept modern farmhouse - Maya M.
Modern farmhouse open concept living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

A soft gray sectional and two sleek, matching armchairs form this cozy corner. Here, a tribal pattern area rug anchors the seating and a spacious coffee table by the fireplace and flat-screen TV. Although the zone lacks windows, it remains well-lit. A light color scheme, artificial lighting, and sunlight entering via the sliding doors in the modern farmhouse dining room keep it bright.

Modern Farmhouse Kids Room with an Intergalactic Twist

Modern farmhouse kids room design
Modern farmhouse kids room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Despite the Star Wars theme, the young boy’s bedroom still resembles the modern farmhouse open concept style. Themed artwork adorns the walls, and characters from the movie appear on the bedding. Since these are minor elements, they can easily change as the child grows older, preventing major revamps.

Open concept modern farmhouse bedroom
Modern farmhouse design young boy’s bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

The most striking farmhouse feature is the dark blue wood panel accent wall. A distressed area rug, the cabinet style, and more light wood accents strengthen the kid’s room farmhouse look. The window seat is an especially nice touch. It’s great for curling up with one of the books lining the shelves or watching a movie on the TV above the desk. Overall, the room is child-friendly and tasteful.

Online Shopping List

Open concept modern farmhouse kitchen shopping list
Decorilla open concept modern farmhouse online shopping list

Working with Decorilla on this modern farmhouse open concept project came with many perks. It’s the case for all designs, not only farmhouse-style ones. These benefits include access to lifelike 3D renderings and clear layout instructions. Plus they also come with custom virtual shopping lists. These contain all the items necessary to create a look and can even come with exclusive discounts!

Our Top Picks for a Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse look once again proves to be a hit. If this project inspired you, you can easily recreate it at home with a few core pieces. Consider some of our top picks below for a similar modern farmhouse open concept space.

Modern farmhouse kitchen top picks
  1. Dining Chair 
  2. Round Mirror 
  3. Cone Sconce 
  4. Herringbone Tiles
  5. Marble Table 
  6. Herb Planters 

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