Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design

Modern farmhouse design merges present-day refinement with rustic favorites. One recent client wanted modernist finishes and bucolic warmth in their bathroom. That’s why they turned to Decorilla – read on to see their pretty modern farmhouse bathroom result!

The Challenge: Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

The client needed to enhance their en-suite master bedroom design with modern farmhouse ideas for their bathroom. Fortunately, they had sound style references to help the design team create the perfect interior. That said, challenges were inevitable. So, to create this dream interior, the designer had to:

  • Incorporate a mixture of textures to ensure visual depth in the bathroom
  • Choose a neutral color palette to set a serene base
  • Contrast the neutral scheme with highlights of black and gold
  • Add a stunning modern farmhouse vanity
  • Balance the design elements to ensure an open flow and tranquil atmosphere

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 Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas & Inspiration 

Modern farmhouse bathroom ideas

An organic color palette dominated the client’s inspiration gallery. Similarly, rustic modern farmhouse bathroom décor added earthy texture to their favorite spaces. Simplicity with a touch of sophistication was of great importance to the client. Equally vital was a feeling of tranquillity in these bathroom designs.

Moodboard & Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design

Modern farmhouse bathroom decor - Basmah E
Decorilla modern farmhouse bathroom design

Providing inspiration and completing a style quiz make the first step. Next, the clients virtually met the Decorilla team during an online consultation. From here, the team could pinpoint the clients’ needs as well as identify potential bathroom interior designers.

Two skillful designers matched the project best, but it was Basmah E. who stole the show. Her proposal had just the right blend of modern farmhouse bathroom décor and tactile elements.

Modern farmhouse bathroom design - Basmah E
Modern farmhouse bathroom moodboard by Decorilla

Basmah’s modern farmhouse bathroom ideas ticked all of the client’s boxes. Plus, they tied in with many bathroom trends for 2023! The proposal displayed stand-out features, like a modern farmhouse vanity and a shower with French doors.

On top of this, a suggested accent wall and tiling tied into the feel of sophisticated simplicity. Lastly, wood accents, finer details such as greenery, and a soft color palette promised to round off the look. 

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Result

Modern farmhouse shower and vanity ideas - Basmah E
Covetable modern farmhouse bathroom design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Overall, the online bathroom design forms a sense of nostalgia – one that takes away from the urgency that is often found in present-day homes. This modern farmhouse style has combined sophistication with functionality. The result is a design aesthetic that combines the right balance of chic fixtures and rustic accents.

Modern Farmhouse Vanity & Toilet

Modern farmhouse bathroom decor - Basmah E
Modern farmhouse bathroom vanity & toilet – Decorilla 3D rendering

The vanity stands out with its blonde oak texture as one of the main attractions. It adds warmth to the space while being more refined than just rustic. Similarly, there is warmth in the golden accents of the two basin mirrors and the sconces above them. To create depth in an otherwise neutral space, black metal features on the modern farmhouse vanity handles and basin faucets.

A dividing wall provides privacy in the bathroom. On the other side, neatly placed modern farmhouse bathroom décor dots the wall-mounted shelving. The shelving also features blonde oak, tying the space together and alluding to the farmhouse appearance. Finally, a pop of greenery is found in this nook, enhancing the bucolic charm.

Modern Farmhouse Shower & Bath

Modern farmhouse bathroom design and earthy decor - Basmah E
Neat modern farmhouse shower & bath – Decorilla 3D rendering

Through modern details, the interior balances rustic farmhouse elements. Black French-style shower doors with their clean lines certainly inject a healthy dose of an industrial look. Similarly, the built-in shower mimics the outer layer, with square lines carving the compartments. Each area in the bathroom feels unique and creates a statement in itself. Here, an accent wall and tiling complement the nook beautifully.

The freestanding bath is simplistic and white, flowing into the light backdrop because of its sweeping lines. Rustic and textured stools, on the other hand, add richness in color and shape. One set of stools has a layered effect, while the other has an organic woolen texture. More greenery adds life as a striking tree pops in color behind the tub.

Refreshing Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Décor 

Modern farmhouse style bathroom
Modern farmhouse bathroom decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

Inviting, and clean with vintage accents, this bathroom has been excellently executed. Thought and expertise have gone into the exact placement of furnishing. For instance, the pendant has added a farmhouse rustic element through its wooden finish. On the other hand, it has kept the modern style through the contemporary shape of the wooden slats.

Mixed materials have also made an appearance through a variety of stone, tiles, wool, and wood. In terms of personal décor, simplistic bathroom items such as soap holders are in the same muted color scheme as the bathroom. Overall, the room holds the items it requires, while remaining airy and open.

Before & After: How did the designer change the room? 

Before and after modern farmhouse bathroom
Original (left) and after Decorilla‘s modern farmhouse bathroom (right)

Originally, the client’s bathroom was cluttered with a dated aesthetic. It brought a sense of chaos and lacked order. On the contrary, the new vision was for calmness and serenity. Fortunately for the client, Decorilla’s design team would help this space take on a whole new look.

Before and after modern farmhouse style bathroom
Before (left) and after (right) – Decorilla’s modern farmhouse bathroom

While the basic layout remained the same, the bathroom underwent a complete transformation. The organic color palette, mixed materials, and textures all aligned with the client’s vision. Each piece of furniture and finish served its purpose and the outcome saw a balance of a farmhouse feel with a modern interior design. 

Online Shopping List 

Modern farmhouse style bathroom moodboard
Decorilla online shopping list

Decorilla offers more than just an interior design service. There are fantastic benefits too! From 3D renderings to instructions on placement – putting your new space together has never been easier! In addition, Decorilla clients receive a detailed shopping list. This list displays all you need to create your new space and features exclusive traded discounts. By following the implementation guide, this client pieced together his dream bathroom in no time.

Our Top Picks for a Modern Farmhouse Style Bathroom

Do you wish for a modern farmhouse style in your home? With our top picks, you can recreate this look in your own bathroom. All you need is a few unique items to get started. Modern farmhouse bathroom decor top picks

  1. Faux Eucalyptus
  2. Wood Pendant 
  3. Freestanding Bath 
  4. Wall Art 
  5. Wood Stools
  6. Bath Rug 

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[images: Decorilla project images]