Open living modern Balinese style interior design

By embracing the right interior design style, every day can feel like a luxury vacation. One recent Decorilla client set her heart on that feeling. She was rehoming and wanted her new coastal apartment to give off tropical resort vibes. Read on for a closer look at this stunning transformation. Today, it’s the epitome of what modern Balinese-style interior design can be!

The Challenge: Modern Balinese-Style Interior Design

From the start, the client recognized her new apartment had potential. All it needed was a keen eye to bring her vision to life. Although she was open to suggestions on getting the most out of the interior, there were a few boxes it had to tick. Her ideal designer had to have more than a basic grasp of interior design styles 101 for her to love the Balinese interior design result. Ultimately, they needed to:

  • Feature an extremely comfy fabric couch in the living area
  • Ensure the living area is open and spacious enough for at-home yoga practice
  • Give each room a hip, Asia-inspired ambiance to replace the original stark, white look
  • Incorporate various existing items throughout the apartment, including two Buddha statues
  • Replace the master and guest bathroom tiles with stone flooring 

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Balinese House Interior Inspiration

Balinese style interior design inspiration

It was clear from the client’s modern Balinese interior design inspirational images that she knew what she wanted. The spaces had a distinct biophilic interior design air about them. Plenty of wooden accents, stone, indoor plants, wicker, and woven textiles topped her likes. A light color palette also stood out. Finally, all the examples had a zen, balanced quality about them.

The Balinese Interior Design & Moodboard

Balinese house interior - Courtney B
Decorilla modern Balinese-style interior design living and dining room

Since the client shared lots of information about her ideal look, she found filling out the questionnaire and design brief easy. Next, she had a virtual consultation with a dedicated Decorilla team member. Because of her clear vision, the team could quickly pair her with two designers perfect for the project.

From there, each designer used the client’s details to create a bespoke mood board. Both options featured incredible contemporary Balinese interior design ideas. However, she could only move forward with one concept. After much consideration, the client picked Courtney’s stunning proposal.

Balinese house interior mood board - Courtney B
Decorilla mood board featuring Balinese interior design ideas

Courtney kept to a light and neutral color scheme for a peaceful atmosphere. To ensure the interior felt cozy and inviting, she included various warm, wooden accents. Paired with other organic textures, it gave her moodboard depth and made it stand out. She created a Balinese interior design concept that blended modern sensibility and zen tropical vibes.

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The Contemporary Balinese-Style Interior Design Results

Balinese house interior spaces - Courtney B
Modern Balinese interior design reveal – Decorilla 3D renderings

On the modern Balinese interior design reveal, the client was beyond thrilled. In fact, the results exceeded her expectations. A contemporary, relaxed air fills every room. The sophisticated interior design turned the apartment into a serene escape for relaxation and living. Now it’s time to discover how each room stands out on its own while forming part of a harmonious unit.

The Futuristic-Chic Master Suite

Balinese house bedroom interior - Courtney B
Balinese interior design master bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

Light, airy, and chic, the master bedroom features Balinese-style décor but with a futuristic undertone. Zen items, such as the Buddha statues, create a balanced look when paired with more contemporary pieces like the standing desk. The furnishings are minimalistic – from the bed frame to the ottoman and slim TV. Clean lines and unfussy designs define them.

Balinese style decor for a comfy bedroom - Courtney B
Balinese interior master bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

Although amply furnished, the room still feels spacious. Smart choices like pendant lights free up floor space, while textured accent walls on opposite ends of the room add depth. The glass balcony door lets in plenty of natural light during the day. At night, the color scheme and gentle artificial lighting help keep the interior nice and bright.

Modern Balinese bathroom interior design - Courtney B
Balinese-style interior design master bathroom – Decorilla 3D renderings

The modern Balinese-style interior design of the en suite is equally sleek. Organic influences and a clean, minimalistic look reigns supreme here too. The contrast between the stone and wooden accents creates visual appeal. 

Despite a lack of windows, the space also appears light due to the color choices, backlit mirrors, and flush downlights. A waterfall shower and indoor plant on the vanity enhance the zen quality in addition.

The Tranquil Guest Bedroom & Bathroom

Balinese bedroom interior - Courtney B
Guest bathroom in a Balinese house interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

Like the main bedroom, the Balinese interior design of the guest bedroom has a light, airy tone. It also features plenty of natural materials. The different wood, stone, wicker, and woven accents ensure a texturally diverse space with a warm character.

Natural light streams in from the balcony while a table lamp bathes the interior in a soft glow at night. Details such as the layered area rugs beneath the bed, boho throw pillow, and hanging chair give the room a whimsical feeling.

Balinese style decor in a bathroom - Courtney B
Balinese style bathroom interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Although the guest bathroom’s Balinese interior features an impressive shower, its focal point is the floating vanity. The rugged stone counter contrasts brilliantly with the smooth, wood accents of the space. A circular, backlit mirror and downlights again keep the interior well-lit. As for the stone floor: it’s broken by a soft, white bath rug. The rug also adds warmth to the space while another indoor plant brings life.

The Zen Balinese Living & Dining Room Interior Design

Balinese style decor for an open plan lounge - Courtney B
Balinese-style décor in a combined living and dining room – Decorilla 3D rendering

When it comes to the apartment’s defining space, it has to be the combined living and dining room. That’s because it embodies the best of modern Balinese-style interior design. At the end of the room, sits the dining area next to the kitchen. A striking Buddha statue fills an unused corner and watches over the bespoke table. 

The table’s oxidized metal legs complement the grey stone of the statue, while the cream slipcover chairs pair well with the light wood tabletop. A hand-knotted area rug anchors the table and chairs, popping against the white tiles. This rug also ties in with other handcrafted pieces like the rope-woven barstools and the beaded and organic pendant lights.

Modern Balinese style interior design ideas - Courtney B
Modern Balinese-style interior design living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

As for the modern Balinese interior design of the living area, it’s especially spacious and versatile. Apart from the minimalist couch and armchair, there are several wooden and plush stools. These pieces can function as footrests or seating. In fact, they can even act as more drink tables if the large, rounded banana bark one is occupied. 

What’s more, a palm tree gives life and a hint of green, while the stone accent wall and artwork add visual interest. Once again, an ivory area rug anchors the living room furniture and décor in the space.

Balinese Interior Design on the Terrace

Balinese interior design ideas for a patio - Courtney B
A terrace featuring Balinese-style décor – Decorilla 3D rendering

The terrace is maximized as the Bali theme continues outside. A long platform allows separate sitting areas on either side. Both feature a comfy couch, lantern-style floor lamp, unique coffee table, plus a chair and ottoman, respectively. Between these seating areas is a petite faux marble dining table – perfect for sunsets. 

All three zones look great and work well on their own and together. Balinese style décor, like potted plants and matching outdoor rugs, creates unity in the exterior design.

Modern Balinese Interior Design Online Shopping List

Balinese interior design shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

When collaborating with Decorilla, clients receive a detailed online shopping list. It makes putting together the look at home simple and easy. In this case, it helped the Balinese home come together in no time. What’s more, clients also receive a helpful implementation guide, exclusive trade discounts and a dedicated shopping concierge that handles all the details of ordering, tracking, and delivery. It’s interior design at its most convenient!

Our Top Picks for Balinese Style House Interior & Decor

To recreate any aesthetic only takes a few key pieces and some know-how. Browse our top picks below for inspiration on putting together a Balinese interior.

Modern Balinese style interior design top picks
  1. Pendant Light
  2. Ivory Rug 
  3. Buddha Statue
  4. Bronze Planter 
  5. Cedar Stool 
  6. Kelston Sectional

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