Eclectic interior with an open plan living and dining room

Envisioning your dream home is the start of something extraordinary. What comes next is renovation and design, which can both be trickier than expected. For this reason, homeowners of a newly renovated house turned to Decorilla for help with their mid-century eclectic living room and dining room. Good thing they did – see the captivating result below!  

The Challenge: Combined Eclectic Living & Dining Room

Great ideas only take you so far. In reality, creating a functional, balanced and beautiful interior is challenging. More so when you’re a family of five and work from home. For this family’s renovated house, the interior designer had to address the following challenges: 

  • Design an eclectic living room and dining area equipped for family life, entertaining and work-from-home
  • Include most of the clients’ existing furniture, from rugs to artwork and furniture
  • Define the open-plan layout through zoning and beautiful eclectic interior design
  • Come up with a solution for clutter, specifically toys, games, and coats

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The Inspiration: Eclectic Living Room Ideas

mid century eclectic living room ideas and inspiration

The client’s eclectic living room ideas ranged from ultra-modern to casual and colorful. Although the general look of these interiors varied, they have a few things in common. The first being a sensible layout that leaves free flow for movement between areas. Second, decoration is minimal and unfussy. Third, abstract and contemporary artwork feature on walls and in furniture design. Lastly, furniture is modern and often straight-lined, typical of mid-century modernism. 

Eclectic Style Living Room Mood Board & Design 

Eclectic living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

After completing a questionnaire, the client received two proposals from industry-leading designers. Both suggested a mid-century eclectic design with period-typical furniture and a fitting color palette. Once she reviewed each concept, the client picked Wanda’s eclectic, edgy and modern proposal. With promising visuals and finding an interior designer perfectly suited to her project, the client was excited to begin the process. 

Decorilla eclectic living room ideas and mood board

Wanda’s mood board features eclectic living room ideas perfect for an open concept, modern home. A color palette of warm wood and stone gray would form base hues, while vibrant blues and red tones add a sense of fun to the interior. Wanda also recommended clear zoning through rugs, a feature wall, and clever room divider ideas. These would not only designate functional spaces, but also decorate the room in layers. That said, Wanda left the decoration minimal to align with the mid-century modern design the client wanted. 

Mid-Century Eclectic Living Room Result

Mid-century eclectic living room
Eclectic style living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Owing to clear communication and a few tweaks, the final eclectic style living room design is well-rounded and airy. The designer could create definite functional zones by using rugs and wallpaper to make one area feel separate from another. As a result, the interior has the practicality of modernism and the appeal of spacious contemporary design.  

Creating Eclectic Zones in an Open-Plan Home

Structure and practical design are crucial to a successful open concept home. To provide both in this family home, the designer focused on the main eclectic living room first. Turning the fireplace wall into a feature wall was the first step. Accordingly, natural grass wallpaper and floating shelves frame the fireplace while adding depth and subtle contrast to the grey slip. Moreover, the combination of visual texture and symmetry also highlights the client’s artwork.    

eclectic style living room for an open concept layout
Eclectic living room result – Decorilla 3D rendering

Apart from structure, the space also needed to eliminate clutter. One way to do just that is by incorporating storage. The foyer, frequently overlooked for its potential, provided the ideal location for a black credenza and modern wood chest. These not only give storage but also define the entryway. Another way to keep a clean look is through obscuring areas from clear view. In this design, a contemporary custom wood divider blocks the entryway’s view of the kitchen and makes a beautiful feature. 

Using a rug, large enough for the L-shaped sofa to sit on, grounds the primary eclectic living area. Moreover, it defines the area and incorporates a pop of color into the interior. Different style accent tables also add to the eclectic look, while throw pillows and two blue velvet chairs bring in a vibrant color burst. Beyond the lounge, wood dividers and a custom shelf also define the open space, adding privacy where necessary. 

Mid-Century Eclectic Dining Room Result

Eclectic living room ideas for an open concept dining and lounge area
Eclectic dining room result – Decorilla 3D rendering

Although the space is open, the eclectic dining room feels secluded without being cut off from the rest of the room. There are two dining areas: a casual space – great for relaxed entertaining and family game nights – and a stately nook complete with a molecular chandelier. For the formal area, chairs are slender and sculptural. They have a distinctly contemporary look that suits the modern light hovering above the round dining table.  

The other eclectic dining room also forms part of a smaller informal lounge. Giving the area even more of a laidback atmosphere is its seating. Large egg-shaped dining chairs are perfect for sitting back and appreciating good conversation. As the finishing touches, a wicker pendant light and distressed colorful rug create a wholesome design.

Casual eclectic living room next to a dining area
Eclectic dining and living room reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

Next to the casual dining room, a small eclectic-style lounge makes the sweetest reading nook. It can also double as extra seating as guests move from dinner to coffee and need to sit more comfortably. Here a mid-century modern sofa, one wrap jute chair, and a boho-style pouf offer comfy and eclectic seating. Three different, though complementary, accent tables add plenty of surfaces for drinks and family needs.

Again, rugs, one in the small lounge and another underneath the dining area, visually zones each space. Additionally, pot plants double as subtle room dividers throughout the eclectic design. 

Online Shopping List for an Eclectic Dining & Living Room

Eclectic dining room and living room shopping list
Eclectic living room shopping list with discounts by Decorilla 

The eclectic living and dining room design comes with an online shopping list, like all projects by Decorilla. In this package, the client receives everything they’ll need to complete the project at home, from products, guidelines, and exclusive trade discounts. 

Before and after the transformation into an eclectic style living room
Before photo (left) and the realistic Decorilla 3D rendering of the eclectic living room (right)

Before the transformation, the home lacked structure and, although it had promising furniture, it also lacked character and style. Now, the new interior is well put together, sensible and gorgeous. 

Design Your Eclectic Home

You can update your home with a few eclectic living room ideas and an easy-to-follow plan. For help in creating your own, look at our top picks below for some inspiration!  

Mid century eclectic living room top picks
  1. Patterned Pillow 
  2. Lulang Rug 
  3. Basket Pendant 
  4. Pod Planter 
  5. Dining Table 
  6. Dining Chair 

In a few short weeks, a family home went from dull to enchanting thanks to expert interior design assistance. Now the clients and their children can enjoy the space to the full and host loved ones in their stunning mid-century interior. 

Loving the Eclectic Living and Dining Room Look?

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