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Lakeside vacations are idyllic – especially when staying at an atmospheric cabin! And it’s good to keep the interior of a rental property updated. Not only to ensure guests feel comfortable but satisfied with their choice too. A recent Decorilla client wanted to upgrade his rental cabin. He needed a warm and inviting lodge-style living and dining room. Discover the updated getaway gem below!

The Challenge: Create a Rustic Lodge-Style Great Room

It can be challenging to implement cabin interior design tips yourself. After all, the space needs to have balance. In this instance, the client wanted the great room to feel warm and rustic without looking cliché or dated. Ultimately, that’s why he sought help with picking and executing lodge-style living room ideas. To call the project a success, the designer had to:

  • Add more black industrial finishes to reinforce those already present
  • Remove the worn-out cream carpet to expose the pine floors 
  • Balance the abundant wooden surfaces with colorful accents and extra lighting
  • Ensure the new furniture and décor are sturdy, stain-resistant, and long-wearing
  • Look into ideal living room layouts and center the space with an area rug

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The Inspiration: Rustic Lodge-Style Living and Dining Room Ideas

lodge style living room inspiration

From the client’s inspiration images, it was clear he enjoyed cabin interiors that embraced plenty of natural wood. He also valued light-filled rooms – ranging from natural to artificial sources. Lodge-style living room furniture consisting of clean lines was another of his must-haves. Both living and dining room accent pieces notably boasted an organic color palette. Overall, the client preferred spaces with a cozy, tasteful atmosphere.

Lodge-Style Living Room Furniture Moodboard & Design Concept

lodge style living room furniture with accents - Iula B
Decorilla cabin design with lodge-style living room furniture

Fortunately, the client had a good idea of what he wanted for his lodge-style living and dining room. It meant completing the initial questionnaire, as well as the design brief, which was quick and easy. After this, he had an online consultation with a Decorilla team member. They used his information to match him with two excellent designers most suited for the task.

Lodge style living room ideas and mood board
Decorilla mood board featuring lodge-style living room ideas

The designers created a moodboard each, according to the client’s brief. Both were incredible concepts featuring lodge-style home décor. Even though it was a tough choice, he decided to go with Iulia’s charming vision for the room. 

Her ideas for the space were rustic yet chic. They featured plenty of texture and an organic color palette of ochers, off-whites, greens, and grey-blues. Black metallic accents were also present for a subtle industrial vibe. All in all, the moodboard illustrated a cohesive space with two distinct zones – the dining and living areas.

The Big Rustic Lodge-Style Living & Dining Room Reveal

Lodge style living room furniture - Iulia B
Lodge-style great room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The lodge-style living and dining room revamp turned out fantastic. Removing the original cream carpet allowed the natural pine floors to shine. They perfectly matched the exposed beams and wooden ceiling, unifying the great room with a warm glow from above and below. 

To make the space feel light and airy, the exposed wooden walls received a soft white coat of paint. It prevented the abundant natural timber surfaces from becoming overwhelming. Furthermore, it added an air of sophistication to the interior.

Rustic lodge style home decor - Iulia B
Open concept with lodge-style home decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

The white walls, clerestory windows, and several artificial light sources keep the space nice and bright – day or night. This combination is one of the best lodge-style living room ideas to keep a space well-lit. The black accents used throughout also beautifully contrast the light, warm atmosphere and give depth to the interior.

Finally, two distinct area rugs anchor the living and dining areas. They help create harmony and order in the great room. Although both are unique, the rugs feature complementary geometric patterns.

Lodge-Style Living and Dining Room Furniture & Decor

Lodge style living room ideas - Iulia B
Lodge-style home décor in a living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The timeless cabin has an air of comforting nostalgia owing to its lodge-style living room furniture. Clean, modern pieces adorn the living and dining area too. The furnishings and décor keep the interior feeling fresh and timeless. Both living and dining areas feature plenty of visual interest. After all, the space is texture-rich because of the rough-woven area rugs, leather couch, and brushed black metal accents.

The great room furniture and lodge-style home décor share the organic feel of the exterior. This is due to materials, like wood and leather, as well as a natural color scheme, indoor plants, and artwork. Moreover, soft elements, like the fluffy throw and the hand-knotted scatter cushions, build a truly cozy vibe.

A fireplace and a built-in heater play their part in creating a snug ambiance too. In fact, including the wall heater in the dining area was another of the brilliant lodge-style living room ideas. It allows the dining section to feel warm and inviting as well. 

Defining Cabin Great Room Details

lodge style living room furniture with accents - Iula B
Lodge-style home décor and furniture – Decorilla 3D rendering

Most of the lodge-style living and dining furniture features crisp, clean lines. But, there are exceptions. Pieces like the live-edge teak slab coffee table stand out because of the visual contrast. Additionally, pops of natural shades balance the neutrals. This includes the mossy-green scatter pillows, denim-blue poufs, plants, and the dining area’s colorful rugs.

Other lodge-style home décor includes nature-inspired art spread around the room. The artwork feature old-world watercolors of regional animals and scenery. Again, apart from breaking the white walls, they also enhance the outdoor feeling inside.

Online Cabin Great Room Shopping List

Lodge style home decor and design ideas
Decorilla online shopping list

After finalizing their 3D design concepts, every Decorilla client gets a custom online shopping list. It allows them to complete their space at home with ease. Apart from the necessary rustic lodge-style living room furniture and décor, it also includes a setup guide and exclusive trade discounts. Sourcing the right pieces has never been this convenient or affordable!

Our Top Picks for a Rustic Lodge Interior

Putting together a cabin-inspired living room at home is simple. All you need is a few key pieces to start. Check out our favorites below and use them as a reference while shopping for additional furniture and décor.

Lodge style home decor top picks

  1. Floor Lamp
  2. Knotted Cushion
  3. Avian Artwork
  4. Flatweave Rug
  5. Woven Pouf
  6. Leather Sofa

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