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Going out to see a show or a play often comes with dressing up for the event. In the same way, a theatre’s lobby interior design needs to impress! One such playhouse was in desperate need of a revamp to showcase talent the right way. Luckily, management turned to Decorilla for help. Good thing they did because now they have a posh foyer to greet visitors – read on to see the result!

The Challenge: Lobby Interior Design 

Commercial spaces often need a unique approach to design, especially when it’s for showbusiness. That’s why the client approached one of the top commercial interior design firms in the US. They needed a comprehensive makeover to make an old theatre lobby relevant in contemporary design. For this project, the designer had to:

  • Update flooring for a high-end but contemporary look
  • Change the cobalt blue lobby ceiling design to something sophisticated
  • Include striking lighting and lobby decoration to maximize light and the wow-factor
  • Ensure the final design is timeless and can last for decades

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Lobby Decoration Inspiration & Ideas

lobby interior decoration and inspiration

Since the lobby interior design needed to stand the test of time, the clients favored clean and sleek theatre foyers. These spaces feature a modern-contemporary style that makes the best of the striking architecture. Some of the examples include lobby wall design with loads of texture but minimal color use. Overall, they feel bright, edgy, and full of natural elements as the wood takes center stage.

Mood Board & Contemporary Lobby Design 

lobby interior
Decorilla lobby interior design

Similar to residential client projects, these clients could start the process just as easily. They easily navigated the interactive style quiz and brief to let Decorilla know what they needed. Then they had a quick consultation with the team to iron out any possible niggles. However, from the start that client’s new they wanted to work with designer, Drew F and his concept certainly captured their vision. 

lobby interior mood board
Decorilla lobby interior mood board

Drew chose a highly sophisticated look for the online business design. His proposal includes striking lighting and a tonal grey and white color scheme for a bright lobby interior. For his contemporary lobby design, he also features backlit black and white show photos. It promises to set a nostalgic tone for the makeover. Final touches include huge mirrors and plush velvet benches.

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Lobby Interior Design Result

lobby wall design and decoration
Lobby wall design and decoration – Decorilla 3D rendering

A great half-moon counter greets guests as they enter the theatre foyer. Its light wood stands out from the classic gray lobby interior design. Not only a wonderful contrast to the color scheme, but also a vivid center of the room. Here visitors will check in and book their seats or order a beverage before setting off to watch a show.

theatre lobby interior design - Drew F
Theatre lobby interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The counter has two different counter heights, the highest being the middle with lower sections flanking it – it creates a winged appearance while also being practical. The lower counters are ideal for serving drinks and snacks. The middle counter, on the other hand, provides surface space to show beautiful lobby decorations, like orchids. It also ensures a tidy look as all the provisions are stowed away from direct eyesight.  

Lobby Ceiling Design  

contemporary lobby design - Drew F
Contemporary lobby design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The renovated lobby truly makes the most of the striking ceiling design. Before the ceiling was a bold blue – not a typically timeless hue – but now, the warm white displays the structural elegance at its finest. A slanted ceiling leads from the reception counter to just before the entrance, giving way to impressive high domes. This space includes arched chandeliers as well as striking bronze and black sconces.    

lobby ceiling design
Lobby ceiling design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Downlights further enhance the architectural lines. They highlight slanted surfaces and let corners carry more shadow to create a striking focal point. The effect is dramatic as it emphasizes the shapes of the intricate lobby ceiling design. It runs to a half-moon frame just above the reception counter, echoing its shape. This slightly curved structure also puts the spotlight on this area.

Lobby Wall Design & Decoration 

lobby ceiling interior design - Drew F
Timeless lobby interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

The contemporary lobby design is timeless refinement at its best. It features layered light, making the room feel light and bright. But it also has plenty of contrast and textures to create a visually intriguing space. Not only does lighting work to maximize high- and low-light, but the white walls and dark décor also increase contrast.

lobby decoration - flowers
Lobby decoration – Decorilla 3D rendering

White pillars, for instance, feature black round countertops. They make the ideal spot to stop and enjoy a drink while waiting for the show doors to open. These counters also have orchids in bronze planters as lobby decoration. They are tasteful and complement the white, bronze, and black palette of the interior.

lobby interior design
Lobby interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Charcoal carpet and dark gray tiles cover the entrance floor as well as the staircase. Although there are many dark elements to the design, it feels light owing to lighting and huge mirrors as part of the lobby wall design. Lastly, velvet benches and thriving pot plants give the final rounding touches to the lobby interior.  

Online Shopping List

Lobby design shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

With Decorilla, the process of redesigning an interior is fuss-free. After everything is finalized, clients receive a curated online shopping list to help acquire the products they need for the design. What’s more, this list comes with product specifications and exclusive discounts. Plus the final steps also have an implementation guide and checklist to make putting the look together easy. That’s why this new lobby interior could turn heads in record time. 

Top Picks for a Contemporary Lobby Interior Design 

Any design, commercial or residential, is easier with some guidance. So for a stunning lobby design of your own, use our top picks below to help spruce up your space.

Lobby interior decoration top picks
  1. Arc Chandelier 
  2. Photographic Art
  3. Wall Sconces
  4. High Table 
  5. Velvet Bench
  6. Brass Planter

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