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Nothing beats the sophisticated luxury of glam interior design. Layers of tufted velvet, cascading crystals, sparkling reflections, metal glitz, and faux fur, all invite you to indulge and forget the world for a while. And it was exactly this look and feel that recent Decorilla clients were after for their newly built home. Read on to see the luxuriously stunning glam interior design result for yourself!

The Challenge: Glamorous House Decor

Owners of a newly remodeled home, recent Decorilla clients sought to bring the home alive with an air of elegance and luxury. The project had a large scope including nearly the entire home, with focus on two living areas, a dining room, and the master suite. A design of this scale doesn’t come without its challenges. For this glam interior project, the designer had to:

  • Deliver a model home appearance, immersed in neutral colors with strong touches of glam throughout
  • Design a complete house interior from a blank slate
  • Avoid any major construction work, since the home was completely renovated before the couple moved in
  • Add accent walls, wallpaper, and ceiling details as a desirable touch

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The Inspiration: Glam Interior Design

The Inspiration Moodboard for Glam Interior Design

The clients wanted their home to feel like they were living in a magazine. The colors were to be kept calm and neutral while accents of glam, such as gold, silver, and crystal would bring personality to the home. Their inspiration photos included classic furniture pieces like tufted chesterfield sofas and pieces upholstered in velvet for added opulence.

Moodboard for a Glam Style Living Room

Elegant glam style living room
Glam style living room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Equipped with the clients inspiration as well as their likes and dislikes, two Decorilla online interior designers were able to submit initial concepts for the couple to choose between. While the choice was difficult, it was the design from Tera S. that really captured their ideas and personality. Just as the clients wanted, a soft gray took centerstage, complemented by elegant furniture and decor in the finishes the clients loved.

Glam Interior Design Living Room Concept by Tera S
Decorilla mood board for a glam interior design living room

After Tera was chosen as the winning designer, she continued working on luxury interior design concepts for the remaining rooms of the house that fit the look and feel of the glam style living room. Overall, the home had a cohesive design throughout, tying in similar colors, finishes and textures within each room.

The Glam Style Living Room Result

Glam Style Living Room by Decorilla designer Tera S
Glam style living room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Located at the house’s main entrance, the living room was the first thing to make an impression. And through glam interior design, it became a showstopper. The choice of a bold accent went to the sofa, a stunning tufted piece in smokey gray velvet. Additionally, mirrored side tables and a crystal chandelier bring just the right amount of glitz, while the gold coffee table, matched with a statement art frame, added a touch of warmth.

Glam Interior Design Living Room by Decorilla designer Tera S
Glam interior design reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

The beveled edges of the block-style, mirrored side table softened its structure. It makes a simple yet effective solution that discreetly reflects both the light and its surroundings. Other pieces continue the look with a similar effect, ideal for showing off the selection of impressive materials. The sideboard is also expertly crafted in a glamorous, elevated style, while the bold coffee table boasts a sculptural quality that suits the room’s luxury.

Glam Interior Design for Dining Room

Glam Decor Style for Dining Room by Decorilla designer Tera S
Glam decor style for dining room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The dining room design followed the main living room in a neutral feel and cool vibes. The designer was encouraged to use her creative freedom; however, there were some existing pieces the client wanted to keep. For instance, the dining table and chairs as well as a gorgeous antique silver credenza needed their place. Adding a rug, the statement artwork, curtain panels, and curation of refined accessories dressed the room to complete its glamorous edge. Finally, the statement crystal chandelier gave a dramatic focal point to the space while perfectly incorporating the acrylic dining chair legs.

Combined Living & Dining Glam Room Decor

Combined Living & Dining Glam Room Decor by Decorilla designer Tera S
Glam room decor in combined living & dining – Decorilla 3D rendering

The transitional kitchen opened up to a more informal lounge and breakfast nook, which was another blank canvas to fill. Here, the designer had no restrictions apart from keeping the client’s Z Gallerie sectional. While the space was to incorporate elements from the front of the home, it was to be kept more casual as a place for the family to gather an unwind.

glam decor style for family room
Glam decor style for the family room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Tera’s design solution emphasizes the abundance of daylight, making a cozy and soothing shelter with blue accents against a neutral background. The existing built-ins newly enclosed shelves can now discreetly store and hide media equipment. To finish the look, contrasting light wood tones nicely accentuated the setting as they juxtaposed with the dark shelves. The stars of the show here are, undoubtedly, the poufs. Their modern pattern enhances the tactile and visual quality of the luxurious cowhide, while the soft and comfortable shape provides extra seating.

Modern Glam Bedroom Result

Modern Glam Bedroom by Decorilla designer Tera S
Modern glam bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

Although the bedroom was empty, it came with a couple of requirements. More specifically, the client desired particular details, such as incorporating modern 3D wall tiles as a headboard, accompanied by a few minor accents of the designer’s choice. The generously spaced layout left plenty of room for window seating, a notable rug, and refining touches. Once again, the original wall color and wood floor stayed, but the addition of a feature padded wall adds a warmer, cozier, and more pampered feel.

modern glam room decor for a master suite
Modern glam room decor for the master suite – Decorilla 3D rendering

The client requested double drapery. The bottom layer sheer to let in plenty of light, topped with a heavier curtain for privacy and temperature control. Straight, geometric lines in the modern glam bedroom were softened by a thick, luxurious shaggy rug and a crystal chandelier for a sophisticated focal. Metallic waves further enrich the rug’s thick, high-pile texture to provide extraordinary visual depth.

Modern glam bedroom
Modern glam bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

Luxurious shagreen-leather bedside tables make a subtle but notable contrast with their clean lines, texture, and tone. At the same time, the sleek and transparent surface of the acrylic bench floats in the room, taking up little to no visual space. A contrasting chrome finish strongly underlines the rectangular base of the armchairs. While the room is bursting with a cool-toned glamorous flair, the organically shaped hide also provides a sense of warmth and comfort.

Glam Room Decor Online Shopping List

Glam room decor shopping list
Decorilla online interior design shopping list

Decorilla projects come with a set of additional benefits, including a detailed online shopping list. Clients can easily navigate their way to give the design shape, with a personalized product guide. Each list specifies essential details such as product materials, finishings, and dimensions. What’s more, this list comes with sweet discounts, a white-glove shopping concierge, and a step-by-step guide for implementing the design at home. The designer is also at the client’s disposal for any additional assistance and advice in making the design a reality.

Shop the Glamorous House Decor

The modern glamorous style decor can be tricky. It is a blend of minimalist, classic, and luxurious style staples, jazzed up with modern influences to create a gorgeous and unique appeal. Here’s our top pick for easily pulling off the look on your own:

Glamorous House Decor Top Picks (1)
  1. Golden Wallpaper
  2. Statement Chandelier
  3. Swivel Chair
  4. Chesterfield Sofa
  5. Acrylic Coffe Table

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