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Feminine living room design can bring a light, and airy feel to your living space. Quaint touches of floral, pops of color, and furniture with soft, curved lines give a room a tranquil feel. And for a recent Decorilla client, she wanted her living room to exude exactly these features. Read on to see the feminine living room ideas behind this stunning transformation!

The Challenge: Feminine Living Room Decor

The client wanted a professional’s help implementing online living room designs to freshen up a former family room. After some new additions to the home, this space will serve as a casual breakfast room for lazy mornings and relaxed dining. The tasks put in front of the designer included: 

  • Organize comfortable seating without using sectionals and large furniture pieces
  • Include a table appropriate for both coffee breaks and casual dining
  • Incorporate some built-in storage and library shelves
  • Clearly define the area between the kitchen and new breakfast room

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Living Room Design Inspiration

Feminine living room inspiration board

In order to make her vision as comprehensive as possible, the client collected a gallery of inspiration images. Each of them displayed the feminine living room decor arrangements that caught her eye, most representing an elegant flair with touches of modern farmhouse design. Accents in pastels, blush pink, and fuchsia dominated the scene, embellishing neutral backgrounds. From the coffee table to the rug, every detail has been carefully chosen to create a cohesive, refined, and gentle look.

Feminine Living Room Ideas & Concepts

Feminine living room by Decorilla designer Casey H
Feminine living room design by Decorilla

In the standard Decorilla practice, the client got a chance to choose two designers with portfolios promising to deliver the desired results. After reviewing their proposed moodboards, she opted for the vision represented by Casey H. It was a vibrant composition of sunny, cheerful elements put together to wish an enthusiastic “good morning” – a perfect solution for a breakfast room.

Feminine living room mood board by Decorilla designer Casey H
Decorilla  moodboard for a feminine living room

Casey’s moodboard showcased a set of modern and feminine living room design ideas anchored in beige. The neutral background was juxtaposed with dominating pink accents contrasted by a dash of blue. Continuing throughout every detail, from throw blankets to wall art, the color palette itself conveyed a cohesive, designed look. As the existing fireplace was already ruling the scene as the key focal point, it was important not to make the rest of the room decor overly busy.

Feminine Living Room Design Results

Feminine living room decor by Decorilla designer Casey H
Feminine living room decor by Decorilla

By keeping the base pieces neutral and family-friendly, while adorning them with vibrant pops of color, Casey managed to add stylish visual interest to a comfortable, approachable aesthetic. White walls highlighted the overall freshness and brightness of the room atmosphere. At the same time, a subtly patterned beige area rug grounded the living space, helping to separate and define the zones. 

Feminine living room design ideas by Decorilla designer Casey H
Feminine living room design ideas by Decorilla

A rolled arm sofa and coordinating loveseat provided sufficient seating, further expanded with a pair of patterned accent chairs. The chosen beige upholstery followed the central color theme, at the same time being dark enough to comply with the family-friendly element and stand up to heavy use. Furthermore, two leather ottomans enhanced the coziness, offering a way to lazily stretch out in front of the TV or additional seating when needed.

Feminine living room ideas by Decorilla designer Casey H
Feminine living room decor and furniture by Decorilla

A framed, colorful abstract art duo on the wall behind the sofa created a focal point from the kitchen. Placed between the sliding glass door and window, it echoed the accent colors and strengthened cohesion between elements. In addition, oatmeal-colored roman shades were paired with crisp white curtain panels, adding texture to the area. A new built-in bar enhanced functionality in the wall space next to the fireplace, providing desired storage at the same time.

Before Online Interior Design

Feminine living rooom before online interior design

Originally, the family room lacked functional organization. For that reason, the space came off as hectic, making the residents feel like they were sitting in the kitchen. By clearly dividing the zones and immersing them with cheerful pops of color, the new breakfast room became a perfect spot to start the day in a good mood.   

Online Shopping List

Feminine Living Room Furniture and Decor shopping list
Feminine Living Room Furniture and Decor shopping list by Decorilla

Decorilla has everything you need to build your dream rooms. Along with the desired interior design solution, they also provide an curated list of furniture and decor, with easy implementation instructions. To sweeten the deal, exclusive trade discounts help bring the look into your home while giving you savings of up to 45% off. And if you’re worried about the ordering and delivering process, you can relax – that’s all done for you, too!

 Top Picks for Feminine Living Room Decor

Perhaps by now you feel inspired to try incorporating feminine living room furniture and decor into your own home. In that case, here are our top picks to help you get the look.

Feminine living room furniture top picks by Decorilla
  1. Antique Beige Rug
  2. Sofa With Reversible Cushions
  3. Linen Curtain
  4. Framed Prints
  5. Wide Chair And a Half
  6. Mixed Centerpiece in Vase
  7. Coffee Table
  8. Aqua Metal Floor Vase

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