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Creating a kitchen design that meets the multifunctional needs of a home can pose a challenge. From rush hour mornings to lazy Sunday brunches – this room caters to all and more. As the hub of the home, it is important the kitchen accommodates your family’s lifestyle. With this in mind, one homeowner turned to Decorilla for a contemporary kitchen design. The result is light, airy, and versatile. Read on for the reveal!

The Challenge: Modern Contemporary Kitchen

The client needed a full renovation of their home, starting with the kitchen. Such a comprehensive design certainly poses many challenges. Nevertheless, the prospect of a new home makes these worthwhile. Fortunately, the designer could create a contemporary and modern style kitchen thanks to the thorough brief. For a successful result, the designer had to:

  • Choose a durable kitchen floor, preferably hardwood
  • Select appropriate kitchen cabinets to complement the kitchen floor
  • Include the client’s pre-selected kitchen appliances 
  • Use a light color scheme but include some contrasts
  • Incorporate a comfortable breakfast nook
  • Make use of defined modern accents using brass and matte black

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Contemporary Kitchen Inspiration

modern contemporary kitchen decor inspiration

With such a complete overhaul, the client battled to visualize the big picture. Fortunately, they had plenty of inspirational images to form an idea of what they wanted. They liked subtle contrasts, for instance, but felt unsure which element should be the darker counterpart. White stone and marble countertops, light wood floors, and contemporary seating also feature. In addition, matte accents complement rich gold and brass hardware and light cabinets. 

The Contemporary Kitchen Mood Board & Design

Light and classy contemporary kitchen design and decor
Light contemporary kitchen design by Decorilla

Once they receive the project brief, two designers start to piece together ideas. Hereafter, the client gets to choose between two concepts from different designers. In the end, the client picked the bold and bright proposal by Sonia C. for the project. With her color, furniture, and decor selections, the client could see the direction in which the design is going. From Sonia’s suggestions, a white contemporary kitchen design stood out above all else.

contemporary kitchen design mood board
Decorilla mood board for a contemporary white kitchen

Thanks to the client’s thorough brief and inspirational images, Sonia could depict what they wanted. Her mood board features timeless classics and pops of the latest kitchen trends. Sonia certainly kept contemporary kitchen design in mind throughout. With lighting and cabinet choices to complement the chosen floors, she could add uplifting accents. And to create a classic and warm breakfast nook, Sonia included soft textures and pops of color.

Modern Contemporary Kitchen Result

bright grey contemporary kitchen cabinets
Modern contemporary kitchen reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

With the final 3D-renderings, it all comes together. Here the client can truly grasp the look of their finished room. A slightly lighter hardwood floor sets the tone for a modern contemporary kitchen. White wall paint and a warm grey hue for the cabinets bring the contrast the client wanted. As a result, the juxtaposition is soft and warm. What’s more, the matte wall paint helps to hide surface imperfections since it is not as reflective. This uniformity of light colors with subtle contrasts elevates the contemporary white kitchen. With a flood of natural light, the brightness and spaciousness also make it easy to add interesting accents.

Owing to their seamless form, kitchen appliances blend in with the contemporary kitchen cabinets. Contemporary design makes use of this technique for visual and practical simplicity. The waterfall island and countertops continue this fresh and timeless theme. And to merge the whites and greys, the designer chose a marble-look quartz stone for the countertops and backsplash. It gives a luxurious visual quality while toning down any sharp contrasts. That said, the furniture makes the boldest statement against a neutral backdrop. The electric blue bar stools also look especially pretty against the warm wood and gold accents. 

Contemporary Kitchen Breakfast Nook and Lighting

Modern contemporary kitchen design
Contemporary kitchen nook – Decorilla 3D rendering

The breakfast nook is a little nod to modernist design. Solid pink and teal colors around a classic ceramic top dining table make for a very cozy corner. Color blocking through furniture gives the nook a sense of separateness in this open plan. As shown here, a bold splash of color in a contemporary white kitchen can make all the difference.

To further accentuate these clean surfaces, a trio of low-hanging lights hang above the kitchen island. The choice of pendants and modern chandelier certainly also add a splash of glamour. With a mix of glass and gold, they both mirror and reflect the smaller elements. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to stick to pairs of two or uneven numbers for visual compositions. In addition, it creates an interesting tapered line from the floor upward. 

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets & Matching Decor

Light and classy contemporary kitchen design and decor
Contemporary kitchen design – Decorilla 3D rendering

A modern contemporary kitchen calls for elegance with a hint of glamour. With shaker-style cabinets, a design that has been trending for years, practical minimalism meets style. For color, the designer chose a light grey over white to encourage a cozy atmosphere. The cabinet handles were chosen for their simple shapes in matte gold. These golden accents continue to shine in the faucet tap, chair legs, and mirrored bookshelf. In a contemporary white kitchen like this one, these pops can really come to life. 

Before and After the Contemporary Kitchen Design

before and after the modern contemporary kitchen design
Before (left) and after (right) of the modern contemporary kitchen design

Looking at the before and after, it’s easy to see the significant change. Although the layout is similar, the style has seen a full revamp. Before high-gloss dominated, whereas the new space has a balanced and soft atmosphere. This update is especially important for a family home. The result is a classy, though dynamic, contemporary kitchen. All in all, the design forms a personalized and liveable heart of the home with maximum practicality.

Online Interior Design Shopping List 

Modern contemporary kitchen decor shopping list
Decorilla‘s online interior design shopping list

Each online interior design package comes with an online shopping list. From here, clients can view and buy products directly from Decorilla’s platform. When they do, they have access to trade-exclusive discounts that can often amount to the cost of the design itself. 

Top Picks for Contemporary Kitchen Décor

Perhaps you’d like to start with a few small changes first. We have a list of our favorite contemporary kitchen décor that can help get you started. 

Contemporary kitchen design top picks
  1. Faux Plant
  2. Modern Chandelier
  3. Marble-look Tile
  4. Dining Chair
  5. Mirrored Tray
  6. Contemporary Faucet 

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[images: 1, Decorilla project images]