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What is more striking than a successful contemporary home interior design? Minimal aesthetics provide a sense of luxury and comfort that no other design style can satisfy. To make their edgy dreams come to life, one client turned to Decorilla’s online interior design service. And the result is breathtaking – keep reading for the room reveal!

The Challenge: Contemporary Home Interior Design 

Just like any other project, this modern contemporary interior encouraged a creative approach. Similarly, this project came with a set of challenges the designer needed to overcome to satisfy the client’s requirements. For instance, the designer had to deal with the following difficulties:
  • The lighting in most of the house was insufficient. Therefore, the designer had to use colors and materials in a way that makes the rooms look bright and spacious.
  • The client wanted to keep furniture that didn’t necessarily fit the contemporary aesthetic. So, the designer took a unique approach to beautifully blend old and new furniture.
  • Each room needed its own statement look but, together, they needed to form a cohesive whole. To do this, the designer had to choose pieces that could work in every space.

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The Inspiration: Contemporary House Interior 

contemporary home interior mood board

The client knew what they wanted for their home. However, they were unsure of where to buy furniture pieces and décor items to have a seamless look and replace their outdated pieces. That’s why they decided to get help and find contemporary interior design solutions. To get started, the client picked out images that have the look and feel they want for their interior. Their selection included contemporary furniture, light-and-bright vignettes, and plush accents.

Contemporary House Interior Mood Board & Design Style

contemporary home interior design living room moodboard
Decorilla moodboard for the contemporary home interior design

With the client’s preferences in mind, the designers provided the client with two different concepts. The client fell in love with the proposal by Mladen C. He attended to everything in the brief as well as paid attention to the finer details. Since the rooms had different layouts, he also came up with unique solutions.

Contemporary house interior dining room
Decorilla moodboard for a contemporary home interior dining room

To give the client additional insight into his concept, Mladen created a mood board for every room, complete with decor, layout, and notes. He was also attentive to the client’s desire for clean contemporary lines and sporadic touches of glam. Furthermore, by combining modern and contemporary design, Mladen could create a concept that brought the client’s home up to date with a timeless look. 

The Contemporary Home Interior Design – Living Room Result 

contemporary home interior end result living room
Contemporary home interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The contemporary home décor makeover was significant and the clients loved it! The designer included customized treatments to every room based on the design brief. As a result, the rooms had a cozy and chic contemporary look that completely transformed the home. Before the designer worked his magic, the living room lacked a character. More specifically, the furniture selection was haphazard and clashed with the wall finish. But after the designer introduced the right colors and textures, the contemporary interior style became coherent. The client wanted to retain most of the living room furniture. Hence, the interior styling was executed keeping in mind the existing furnishings.

contemporary interior design - living room result
Contemporary home interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering of the living room

To make space look edgier, the designer added navy accent armchairs that have gorgeous gold detailing. In addition, adding throw cushions in the same accent colors pulls together the interior look even more. Moreover, the designer also added open shelves in a two-tone color to accentuate the double doorway and the pops of blue. 

Dining Room Result with Contemporary Home Decor

contemporary house interior dining room result
Contemporary home interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering of the dining room
The dining room, undoubtedly, went through a major update. Before, the dining room was too busy and looked smaller as a result. The designer used the same dining table but introduced new upholstered beige dining chairs. Additionally, he included contemporary home décor and paintings that added more color and pattern to the space

Contemporary house interior - open living dining
Contemporary house interior – Decorilla 3D rendering of the dining room

With an open view to the living room, the combined spaces now seamlessly compliment each other. The warmer tones of the contemporary dining room balance the cooler colors found in the living room. In addition, similar pendant lights aligned in both rooms add a mirroring affect to pull the spaces together nicely.

Contemporary Home Interior Design – Bathroom Result

contemporary home decor bathroom
Contemporary home interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering of the bathroom
For the bathroom and powder room, the wow factor is marble flooring. And the designer certainly gave the flooring the attention it needed. The furniture and finishes are light to match the white marble. However, he added little gold accents to give the contemporary interior design a luxurious air. Modern decoration with clean lines instantly help achieve a crisp look. 

quaint sitting area in a contemporary home interior power room
Contemporary house interior – Decorilla 3D rendering of the power room sitting area

For utmost relaxation, the powder room includes a quaint sitting area tucked into an unused corner. Touches of blush throughout the space add just enough femininity to the room to soften the black and white flooring. Furthermore, a plush area rug and runner bring added texture and coziness to the contemporary bathroom.

Before the Change 

contemporary house interior before
Before the contemporary home interior design

The rooms were dull and lackluster before the contemporary makeover. Furniture was added without much consideration. Luckily, architectural details worked in their favor. The marble detailing on feature walls and floors stood out most, and the designer retained them. Contemporary home interior design is all about using selective but statement pieces and that is precisely what the designer focused on. As a result, he truly brought personality into the home by blending new elements and with existing pieces and home features. 

The Contemporary Home Interior: Online Shopping List 

contemporary home decor shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list for the contemporary home interior
Online interior design is becoming increasingly popular. More so as the process of selecting contemporary home décor can be overwhelming when you shop by yourself. That’s why Decorilla interior designers customize shopping lists for each project. After the design is finalized, the designer puts together a shopping list of products that fit the size and finish of the design. Moreover, every list comes complete with product details and exclusive trade discounts not available to the general public. Plus, their complementary white glove ordering concierge handles all the ordering, tracking, and delivery scheduling!

Shop the Contemporary Home Decor Look

Are you looking for stylish home décor for your contemporary house interior? Here are stunning decor ideas ideal for a quick update. So, if your living room needs a few additions, look no further! 

contemporary home interior top picks
  1. White Couch
  2. Blue Armchair
  3. Minimal Console
  4. Make Ottoman
  5. Table Lamp
  6. Office Chair

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