Beachy interior design

A brand-new holiday home promises memorable getaways and relaxation. But first, it needs to be filled with everything you need for the ideal break. A recent client’s space had exciting possibilities but needed an expert eye for them to come to life. So, they turned to Decorilla to perfect her beach house interior design. Here’s the stunning result! 

The Challenge: Beach Interior Design 

As with every design project, this beach house interior came with a set of challenges. This beach home makeover consisted of an open concept living and dining room, a bedroom, and a bathroom. It needed a complete revamp. For this reason, the designers had to:

  • Brighten ill-lit spaces to create an airy atmosphere to fit a beachy interior design 
  • Create a cohesive look throughout the beach house interior 
  • Design a cozy seating area that maximizes the beachfront view
  • Install durable and beautiful flooring in the bedroom and bathroom
  • Ensure the beach interior design is sophisticated and transitional

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Beach House Decoration Ideas & Inspiration 

beachy interior design inspiration

The client’s inspiration is fueled by calming beach house decoration ideas. They are laidback yet right on par with the hottest interior design styles. These breezy spaces feature seaside color schemes of blues, whites, and sandy browns. The cool tones are refreshing and perfect for shiplap walls, natural textiles, and cozy furniture. Her favorite beach house interiors also included transitional décor and houseplants. 

Beach House Interior Mood Board & Design 

Beach house interior design
Decorilla beach house interior design

After completing the first steps for online interior design, the client was matched with two vetted designers who fit her style the best. With the designers’ expertise, the client could visualize possibilities for her holiday home. And after considering two distinct proposals, she chose the harmonious beach house interior design by Wanda P. 

Beach house decoration ideas
Decorilla mood board with beach house decoration ideas

Seeing that the client’s house didn’t have a lot of light streaming in, Wanda chose multiple lighting options and a bright color palette. Her beach-style mood board is cheerful and features coastal decoration ideas. Coupled with textures and plenty of soft accents, the design promises a tactile and rich interior result. 

Beach House Interior Result 

Beachy house interior design
Decorilla beach house interior result

Altogether, the beach house interior design is cozy and cohesive. Tranquil whites, beiges, and brown form the base scheme, while accent tones include teal, greens, and blue. The combination is undeniably coastal. What’s more, the colors create a casual atmosphere that’s uplifting and gently energizing. 

Beachy Style Interior Design Lounge & Dining Nook 

Beach house interior design
Beachy interior design result – Decorilla 3D rendering

Rejuvenated with aqua-colored grasscloth wallpaper, the beach house interior is undeniably tactile. This feature wall not only makes a stunning focal point but also softens the starkness a television screen can bring. To balance the media center further, two contemporary wall prints flank the TV and white wainscoting adds subtle contrast. The latter also provides a backdrop for the white cottage-style console table. 

Beach house interior
Beach style interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Warm white walls ensure the interior has a warm glow, especially when paired with the various light sources. The light walls will also reflect the brilliant sunshine coming through the window. With such a light scheme and darker wood floors, it’s important to transition from one visual aspect to the next. Here, off-white furniture and a handwoven rug do just that. 

Additionally, a woven banana plant coffee table and lampshade bring textural depth. Seating is relaxed and comfy to allow casual chats, movie nights, or sunset gazing. And to round off the look, accent pillows and artwork dot the room with color. 

Beach house interior with a view
Beach house dining interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

A cute bench makes the prime location for appreciating the view as well as the segue from the lounge to the dining room. The dining table also has an exceptional vantage point over the shore. And it’s complemented by rattan chairs. Their rounded shapes not only cushion the beach interior design but also add an organic look to match a shell chandelier. 

Beach Style Bedroom with Cute Details

Beachy interior design for a bedroom
Bedroom with beach interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

In the bedroom, beach house decoration ideas are sophisticated and calming. Through colors and accents, the composition resembles waves crashing on a sandy shore. In addition, a shell-like easy chair strengthens the look even more while adding an element of fun. 

Beach style interior design
Beach house decoration ideas for a bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

The space features a light wood floor which works well with the cool tones in the room. Of these, the pastel sea foam walls add the most color while remaining muted. It also provides a great base from which whites look bright and clean. To create a bright and airy look, a table lamp shoulders a mirror to reflect extra light into the space. As a result, the beachy style interior design feels perfectly summery. 

Practical and Beautiful Beach Bathroom Design 

Beach bathroom interior design
Beach house bathroom interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

A transitional style adorns the bathroom. The color palette is serene and suits the rest of the beach house interior. To enhance the coastal air even more, coral pieces and blue and white towels decorate floating shelves. The light walls, furniture, and accents also ensure the space feels as light and bright as the other rooms.

Online Shopping List 

Beach house interior design shopping list
Decorilla shopping list for a beach house interior

The final beachy interior design also comes with a helpful online shopping list and guide. Clients can shop directly from the shopping list and get access to exclusive discounts. Not only is this convenient, but it can also bring savings that equal the cost of the design itself! What’s more, the implementation guide ensures clients can make the design come to life in no time. 

Beach House Decoration Ideas Top Picks

To pull off a beachy interior design at home, you’ll need fitting décor and furniture. Here are our favorite pieces from the project to create a quintessential beach house. 

Beach house interior design - Top Picks
  1. Beach Print 
  2. Shell Chandelier 
  3. Hanging Chair 
  4. Accent Table 
  5. Glass Vase 
  6. Notch Sofa 

Create Your Beach House Oasis

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