Contemporary basement bar design

Basements are great for adding living space to your home and even better when they include a bar and lounge for entertaining friends and family. And for a Decorilla client who recently remodeled his basement, all that was left was composing a cohesive interior design to amplify the space. So read on to see how his talented designer transformed this space into a stylish contemporary basement bar design complete with a lounge for kicking back!

The Challenge: Basement Lounge & Bar Design

The client wanted to put the freshly renovated lower level of his house to good use. The newly finished basement had space for a small bar area, an open lounge with a fireplace, as well as a small nook for a home office. Needing help finalizing the finishing touches and overall decor theme, the client turned to Decorilla, looking for a professional designer to:

  • Utilize finished basement ideas to come up with a basement bar layout and design
  • Source ideal furniture for hosting and entertaining
  • Create a lighting plan that would adequately illuminate the area deprived of daylight 
  • Compose a stylish and sophisticated interior design with a neutral rather than masculine flair

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Basement Bar Design Ideas & Inspiration

Basement bar design ideas & inspiration board

The set of inspirational images presented by the client showcased contemporary finished basement bar ideas with a dash of modern luxury. It was apparent that the design goal was a relaxing and sophisticated space to enjoy with guests for years to come. Furthermore, the desired feeling for the room was neutral, however the client also wanted to avoid the color brown. What was missing was a specific theme, apart from going in line with the overall style of the home. Some images comprised a slightly industrial vibe, while others displayed a fusion of modern amenities and more traditional cabinetry.

Basement Lounge Ideas & Moodboard

Finished basement lounge ideas render by Decorilla
Finished basement lounge ideas render by Decorilla

Through a fun interior design style quiz, the client received contemporary style as his favorite. As for other basement lounge ideas and requests – there was nothing of the existing furniture he wanted to keep. The only requirement was the new large TV that should absolutely fit the pre-determined spot between the windows. 

Following the briefs, the Decorilla team connected the client with two interior designers whose capabilities fit the brief. Both candidates presented their initial ideas for decorating a basement bar in the form of moodboards. However, it was the composition created by Jessica S. that won the client over.

Basement bar and lounge mood board by Decorilla
Basement bar and lounge moodboard by Decorilla

Jessica’s concept was a sleek and stylish masterpiece. The selected color palette featured hues of grey accented with blue and black. The overall result was a sophisticated space perfect for hosting. Together, she and the client reviewed the design step-by-step, ensuring that the finished basement bar ideas would check all boxes. 

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Basement Bar and Lounge Design Results

The first thing Jessica did was decide on the space’s layout. It resulted in a partially open floor plan, although it kept precisely defined lounge and bar areas. However, each zone carried the same design aesthetic throughout, resulting in one cohesive space.

Contemporary Basement Lounge

Basement lounge render by Decorilla
Basement lounge render by Decorilla

For the basement lounge area, she proposed a modern modular sectional that can create two different seating areas, optimal for enjoying both the fireplace and the TV. Positioned to face each other, they allowed for both lounging and chatting. In addition, a low-slung armchair in royal blue provides one more seating option – great for curling up by the fireplace with a book. 

Contemporary basement lounge ideas by Decorilla
Contemporary basement lounge ideas by Decorilla

The blue accents continue throughout with scatter cushions as well as two large abstract art pieces that demand attention without being overly showy. Meanwhile, a variety of tables, from the striking black and white coffee table to accent and side tables ensure there’s plenty of space to set drinks while watching a game.

contemporary basement lounge ideas
Contemporary basement lounge by Decorilla

Below the TV, Jessica chose a modular media center that is able to extend to fit any space. Not to mention the clean lines and touches of chrome made it feel more like a work of art. Underfoot, a plush oversized rug with just a hint of tonal stripes added texture to the bare tile floors. Lastly, a few potted plants brought an organic feel to the space while tying in the view of the outdoors.

Contemporary Basement Bar

Basement bar design ideas by Decorilla
Basement bar design ideas by Decorilla

The basement bar design ideas included a galley style layout, dark grey color palette with pops of blue, and minimal adornments. A row of dark grey cabinets compose the bar area, providing plenty of storage and ample counter space. Tiered, under-lit shelving made displayed bottles of wine and liquor a showpiece. And the mirrored art piece above only enhanced the contemporary composition. 

Basement bar design render by Decorilla
Basement bar design render by Decorilla

All the chosen furniture in the basement bar shared the same streamlined look that was also featured in the lounge. The swanky velvet bar chairs were upholstered in the same royal blue found throughout, which harmonized well with the large marble-inspired artwork above the high top table. In the end, two more rugs kept the space from feeling overly stark by adding a soft layer of texture. 

Small Basement Office Nook

Basement bar layout by Decorilla
Basement bar layout by Decorilla

The small niche provided an ideal opportunity to set a gaming desk doubling as a home office. Modern hexagon mosaic lighting made a striking focal point there, highlighting the 21-century aesthetics. The design is supported by a turquoise aquarium, that added a new dimension of movement to the whole space. 

Basement Lounge Before Online Interior Design

Basement bar and lounge before online interior design

Before the change, the basement was the perfect blank slate to host a contemporary design. After all the hard work remodeling the space, the rooms were ready for the finishing touches. Now, they’re transformed into a bright and inviting contemporary basement bar and lounge that the family can enjoy for years to come.

Shopping List for Decorating a Basement Bar 

Shopping list for decorating a basement bar
Shopping list for decorating a basement bar by Decorilla

Every Decorilla project comes with a curated shopping list that includes exclusive trade discounts. This makes one-stop shopping possible with the added benefit of a shopping concierge to handle all ordering, tracking, and delivery details. 

Top Picks for Basement Bar and Lounge

We know that sometimes it sounds better to go slowly and start by incorporating a piece or two. For that reason, we shortlisted some of our top picks for sprucing up a contemporary basement bar and lounge.

Basement bar design ideas & inspiration board
  1. Neutral Rug
  2. Modular Sofa
  3. Cocktail Table
  4. Hand-Forged Floor Lamp
  5. Modern Media Cabinet
  6. 5-Piece Abstract Wall Art
  7. Mosaic Mirror

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