The medical field is constantly expanding and changing because new research provides new understanding and new outlooks in the field. The fields of ergonomics and design both teach us that design affects how people feel, and doctors now are making note of that in their private practices. It takes more than an impressive fish tank to really set a medical office’s interior design standards apart from the crowd these days. For that reason, dental office design is becoming more people-friendly than it has ever been. Taking the whole human experience into account, an easy change to make is in the decor and design. What people see and experience when they first enter a dental office can affect their entire experience. These top dental office interior design trends are making waves in the dental world right now.

1. Bright, Energizing Colors and Lights

bright dental office design
Creative waiting area design by Decorilla interior designer, Haitham D

A fresh coat of paint seems like an easy enough change to start with, right? Bright white walls that are accented by fresh and bold colors is on-trend in dental offices right now. Namely, oranges, blues, reds, and greens are invigorating colors that are wildly popular for dental office interior design now. Metallic colors are also trending.


Lighting fixtures have become equally important in dental offices. Bespoke fixtures that illuminate specific areas, such as sitting areas, game rooms, and the reception area, dramatically define the encourage movement throughout a dental office. Whenever lighting and color work together, they create a room that is dynamic and unforgettable.


2. Entertainment as Decor


Whether the dental office caters to children, specifically, or the whole family, providing entertainment has become very trendy! Clients who visit dental offices with a movie room or televisions above their chairs seem to really love it. Since adding the entertainment element, some dental clinic design has gone above and beyond just installing a television or gaming system. Framing televisions like you would a painting turns it into a modern day piece of art. Some dental offices offer entire media rooms with decor that creates the feeling of transporting you to a whole new place. Gaming systems and arcade style machines and games add delightful pops of color when the rest of the office is neutral, yet glam. Entertainment has become a featured component in modern day dental office design.

3. Open Floor Plan Treatment Area


Many dental office design plans are changing in a drastic way when it comes to treatment areas. Instead of a row of private, closed off rooms, floor plan layouts are opening up. with minimal or no walls to separate the chairs. If there are dividing walls, many of them don’t go all the way to the ceiling. As a result, light through windows from above are able to flood into each of the rooms.

4. Amenities of Home

contemporary dental office interior design
Waiting area design by Decorilla interior designer, Mladen C.

Waiting rooms are no longer only filled with rows of chairs, a table of magazines, and a toy or two to distract children. Flat screen televisions adorn the walls. A fireplace can warm the waiting room. Several different sitting areas look like living rooms or a sitting areas in a chic coffee shop. Elegant chairs surrounding a coffee table encourage you to get comfortable and talk with the people near you. You don’t have to just sit straight up and look directly ahead to the stranger across from you, anymore.


If a change in the seating arrangement wasn’t enough, many dental offices now have snack stations incorporated into their designs. A mini fridge, coffee maker, and snack bar truly make you feel at home. Food is the way to the heart, after all!

5. Posh & Glam Dental Office Interior Design

Contemporary office design by Decorilla interior designer, Roberto D.

Gone are the days where you walk into a dental office and are immediately met with stark and dreary surroundings. Dental offices have gone glam! Eye-catching gold and silver accents adorn the waiting rooms. Chairs are plush and comfortable, not uniform and indistinguishable. Sinks are no longer just utility-based.


Beautiful basins are incorporated in bathrooms and in open treatment areas for all to see. Consequently, walking into a dental office now gives you the feeling of stepping into a high-end boutique.

6. Unique Decor Themes

modern dental office interior design
Modern office design by Decorilla interior designer, Serena Z.

Medical office design used to look identical from office to office in the past. All designs had neutral palettes with tans, reds, and browns, and generic textile patterns. However, a contemporary dental clinic trend is to create designs around a specific theme. Bold colors accentuate waiting areas and individual offices. One item is repeated in several ways, but interpreted differently each time.


Avion Dental is all about planes and iconic cartoon characters. It sounds childish, but the design is accomplished in an extremely classy way. This dental office interior design incorporates shiny, weathered silver metal on chairs, benches, and the reception desk. Airplane wings serve as coffee tables in clustered sitting areas. Artwork features beautiful cloudy skies and planes flying overhead. Silver metal framed televisions look like artwork, but they show Disney movies all day long. A gaming area features colorful modern arcade games, and a movie room has comfortable plane-inspired seating and murals of the interior of a plane cabin. It sounds campy, but the interior design is exquisitely executed. 

The “Braces Bar” dental office boasts and actual bar.

7. Kid-Friendly Interior Design


When dental offices choose decor themes that are kid-friendly, visiting the dentist can be less scary and more memorable. Televisions alone can make a kids sit happily and quietly, sometimes. Add in a few games, and they really get excited to visit the dentist office. But when dental offices go above and beyond and carve out specific nooks that are just their size, kids may actually start asking to go to the dentist!

Great design in a dental office is more liberating than many people realize. Of course reveling good design is a great way to get your dental treatments, but it doesn’t have to end there. Life changing design can be your’s right at home everyday. In order to get started making your home interior design as welcoming as these dental offices, get started at Decorilla and schedule a free consultation today!

Written by Decorilla interior designer, Addie F.

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