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I’ve always lived with someone; my sister, college roommates, husband. Fortunately, most of the decorating experiences were painless (except convincing my husband that a photograph of a giant cockroach he saw in the Amazon was not cool living room art).

In general, sharing a living space is not easy. Unless your roommate/partner goes crazy for collections of ceramic cats or has a true appreciation for 1960s prints like you do, chances are coming to a design consensus can be a challenge.

The following tips can help create the comfortable and nicely designed interior you and your roommates desire.

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#1 Find your style.
What happens if your roomie leans toward traditional style and you are more contemporary? Use style finders, and choose items that you can both agree on to find your ideal style. You may find that you’ll be able to compromise with a style like eclectic. Note: this does not mean that everything goes. Eclectic style is a distinct balance of color, shape, texture, and pattern. Done well, it fuses other styles in a seemingly effortless way.

#2 Make a design needs inventory.
Figure out how your space is best used. Does someone work from home and need an office nook? Is one person inclined to enjoy cooking and would likely dominate the kitchen area more? Being mindful of how to make the most of your home will help in designing it and creating collaborative energy.

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#3 Opt for storage.
Often with home-sharing, duplicates are a factor. Truly, a bathroom does not need to display two or three blow dryers, nor do kitchen cupboards need to collect countless mugs. Avoid unnecessary clutter by going for storage solutions like shelving, baskets, or storage benches/ottomans.

#4 Go neutral.
If you have a choice of furniture colors and cannot agree, air on the side of neutral. Such colors not only offer an open, airy feeling, they are also a great backdrop for the colors of the accents you do finally agree on.

2. Design my living room online Joyce
(Designed for Lazzoni by Designer Joyce Tranchida)

#5 Get an unbiased opinion.
If coming to an agreement is still a challenge, ask for a third party opinion. The advice or consultation of a virtual interior designer is the most effective solution; their expertise acts as a great judge of your needs and excellent style.

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Written by Decorilla’s Creative Design Expert and Interior Designer, Christine Martin.