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The bathroom may be the smallest room in your house, but it’s an important one and it sees a lot of traffic. Some go for functionality over trendy appearance, and it can be hard to strike a balance between the two. As expected, these designers have mixed feelings over the current trends! 

We asked some expert interior designers, along with a few Decorilla designers their opinion on 2019 bathroom trends.

Which interior design trends for bathrooms do they love this year and which do they hate?

2019 bathroom trends joseph g decorilla
Contemporary bathroom design by Decorilla online interior designer, Joseph G.

“I’m really loving how more clients are embracing a floating vanity. Bringing the vanity up off the floor makes a small space feel bigger, especially when we add dimmable under-cabinet lighting for a soft glow. When it comes down to it, we don’t really need that much ‘stuff’ in the bathroom, so wall-mounted is a good fit for clients wanting to pare down and simplify. A wall mount also means flexibility in height – it can be installed at whatever height the client prefers.”

bathroom design trends blue bathroom

“What I’m not loving so much is the use of ‘real’ encaustic cement tile. While I appreciate wanting ‘the original,’ sometimes a look-alike has its advantages. Cement can be tough to keep clean, especially in a high-traffic area. And the matte feel of real cement tile can be off-putting to some. Don’t get me wrong – bold patterns can be fabulous in a bathroom. So if you really want that Moroccan feel, instead of investing in real cement tile, go for a porcelain look-alike that’s much easier to maintain.”

2019 bathroom trends dawn thurman
Above quotes from Dawn Bach Thurman, Eye to Eye Interiors

Designer Tip: The floating vanity trend is a great choice for minimalists looking to declutter their bathroom. And it gives you more flexibility since you can choose the height at which you hang it.

“This year, my favorite tiles trend for the bathroom is using colorful custom Mosaic tiles for shower walls and vanity wall areas. They can have different shapes such as classic subway but in blue turquoise, vertical 2×6 in hunter green, scallops or ogee drops in sky blue ….you name it … The color choices and fabulous shapes are endless! I like these tiles paired with light color cabinetry such as light oak, ash or white vanities. This to strike just the right balance of organic and urbane look.”

joseph g decorilla bathroom design
Contemporary bathroom design by Decorilla online interior designer, Joseph G.

“I love well-lit bathrooms. If possible, skylights or large picture windows are a plus. For a perfect open layout, having a walk-in bathroom with just a glass panel, steam and a linear drain are also elements that create my kind of ideal bathroom. I also love wallpaper in powder rooms and the fact that you have unlimited choices of wallpapers to create a stylish, fun space, which you can highlight with fabulous wall sconces to better showcase your wallpaper!”

2019 bathroom trends corine m decorilla
Eclectic bathroom design by Decorilla online interior designer, Corine M.

“I am totally unimpressed with the traditional white subway tile paired with a graphic linear border in a boring color. And in general do not like dark looking bathrooms, fully tiled in brown porcelain tiles. They look depressing and dated.”

2019 bathroom trends marie burgos
Above quotes from Marie Burgos, MB Design

Designer Tip: Do you think white subway tile is a played-out trend? If you’re looking to add color to your bathroom, bright mosaic tiles can add character and brightness to an otherwise utilitarian space.

“We all want affordable design solutions! Working with large art pieces versus traditional tiled walls gives a high style look without breaking the bank. This is one of the latest 2019 trends that has really taken off and clients that have tried it are seeing both the visual and cost-saving benefits. What we’ve learned is that you have to be mindful of using water-resistant materials such as sealed glass prints or acrylics. Unlike tile, the options for art are limitless which means you can tailor the subject matter and styles exactly to your tastes and you’ll find the savings add up to thousands of dollars.”

decorilla designer mladen c bathroom design
Modern bathroom design by Decorilla online interior designer, Mladen C.

Hate: Floating Vanities. When form meets function, floating vanities are all about form. Although the styles are sleek and clean, vanities have always been the key to maximizing storage and getting the most out of your bathroom. This applies to the smallest of powder rooms all they to expansive master baths. One thing we can all agree on is the true struggle it is when not having adequate storage in our homes so it’s fair to say that this 2019 trend is not going to last and smart storage solutions will skip over any and all bathroom trends to come! At the end of the day, just be sure to remember that sacrificing a little bit of style for smart storage solutions can be the secret to falling in love with your home!”

decorilla designer devin s
Above quotes from Devin Shaffer, Decorilla Interior Designer

Designer Tip: They may be trendy, but for someone who likes to have their skincare, makeup, and other bathroom necessities at hand, the floating vanity just doesn’t provide enough storage. If you’re set on this type of vanity, try to use it in the bathroom that gets the least amount of traffic in your home. 

“In New York City, where there are a lot of space/construction constraints, it’s great to see more and more linear drains being used.  I realize they have been around for quite some time but, because of building restrictions or plumbers’ resistance (and the additional labor cost), it’s taken a while for them to get adopted here on more midrange projects (same with wall-mounted toilets, which are no novelty).  Linear drains look seamless, and it’s just pleasant not to be standing on top of a round/square drain when showering. Similarly, there’s more demand for wet type bathrooms where there’s no shower curb and the main bathroom floor is the same as the shower floor. It’s a really clean look, and it makes for easy cleaning too when things are pitched properly.”

farmhouse 2019 bathroom trends

“I don’t have bathroom trends I particularly hate.  I think almost every style can be done successfully with good craftsmanship, and it’s more about giving clients what they want (green marble remains a bad idea for resale).  Having said that… I’m not crazy about some of the really industrial-looking fixtures that have come out recently. Looks like they are trying too hard to be something they’re not.”

2019 bathroom trends lenora mahle
Above quotes from Leonora Mahle, Mahle Design

Have you given thought to the drains of your bathroom? They’re a great way to further customize your room if you’re going for a modern shower that shares the main floor with your bathroom.  

“I’m loving the return of shine to bathroom tile. By nature, we lean toward the muted tones and textures, honed finishes, etc. However, the unexpected splash of color with a catchy finish is making us smile. Textured and handcrafted tile never tire our eye!”

2019 bathroom design trends

“We never use the word hate, because all elements of design are cyclical. They come back around. You have to tread with care. But, black in the bathroom is a bit of a challenge. Matte black on the floor is a hard one to keep clean. For a brand, or something … it’s totally catchy. For home, it requires way too much care.”

2019 bathroom trends natalie officer
Above quotes from Natalie Officer, Natalie O Design

Designer Tip: Matte tiles have been a long-standing bathroom staple, but they can make a room look drab and flat. Tiles with a bit of a sheen tend to freshen up a space and they almost always look clean! Do stay away from black in the bathroom, unless you want the space to look like a black hole.

“Hate -This has been a trend for the past few years but has definitely picked up steam this year: chandeliers above the bathtub. Let me preface, they look fabulous in the sense that they amplify the focal point of a freestanding tub. The downside is that they are against code in most places and are a genuine safety concern. The idea behind the code is that you should not be able to reach the chandelier when standing in the tub to avoid the risk of electric shock (for instance, if you lose your balance you may accidentally grab it). If the bottom of the chandelier is more than 8 feet above the tub or 3 feet out horizontally in front of the tub it clears code and safety concerns, otherwise, you’re at risk of not passing inspection and perhaps injuring yourself. Most clients who chose to do it anyway just install it after an inspection which always makes me worry.”

moody bathroom design decorilla designer alicja s
Modern bathroom design by Decorilla interior designer, Alicja S.

“Love – I’ve found bathrooms this year trending toward more simplicity. Clients are prioritizing basic functionality and becoming more accepting of open space which keeps the room feeling cleaner and more streamlined. Even shower systems are becoming less cluttered; instead of the carwash shower with body sprays extra shower heads, clients are opting for selecting just what they know they’ll use. As a result, they are becoming more open to buying beautiful high-end faucets and fittings! Negative space can be stunning, especially when you’re showcasing unique tile, stone, glass, etc.”

2019 bathroom trends decorilla designer betsy m
Above quotes from Betsy Miller, Decorilla Kitchen, and Bathroom Interior Designer

Designer Tip: Chandeliers always give a space a hint of decadence, but is over a bathtub really the right place for them? Many homeowners don’t even have the space to hang one while applying to building code. Sometimes less can be more.

What do you think about the trends that have made waves in interior design this season? Do you love them or hate them? Sound off below!

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