Stylish home gym ideas by Decorilla interior designer, Lori D

Looking for the convenience to exercise whenever suits you, but not sure how to make a functional and stunning workout zone at home? Our top ten tips and ideas on creating a home gym design got you covered whether you’re looking for a zen yoga room or a place to pump some heavy iron. So, let’s jump right in and get your home gym started right away!

1. Set a Theme for Your Home Gym Design

Light and Airy Home Gym Design Ideas
Light and airy home gym design by Decorilla interior designer, Liana S.

Start your home gym design with a theme. It’s simple – base it on what you like doing. Quick-burst cardio, slow and steady weights training, or mindful yoga sessions? Pick your dominant workout mode, it will dictate the layout and style of the room. By sticking to a theme, you’ll keep from spending on things you don’t need. 

Home gym design ideas need to be practical and induce a motivational spirit. Here are the main themes to consider:

  • Bodyweight Training 

With bodyweight training, like calisthenics, you need a mat and not much else. Resistance bands and pull up bars are among the equipment you’d need.  

  • Yoga and Mindfulness

If you prefer meditation and yoga, then a calming home studio is for you. A mat, yoga blocks and a meditation pillow are all you need. 

  • Weights Training

Building big muscles requires some equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, and a lifting belt. You’ll need more storage solutions than other options. 

  • Cardio 

As one of the more dynamic workout options, cardio-based routines need slightly more space for you to move around freely and safely.  

2. Get the Home Gym Layout Right 

home gym design ideas with colorful upholstery
Home gym layout – 3D rendering by Decorilla interior designer, Anna T.

Your home gym layout is crucial. If your workout area is not practically spaced, chances are, you won’t use it. A well thought out plan will add to your productivity. Plus, if done right, a free flow of air will keep you cool when things get sweaty. You can convert a shed, attic, basement, or a tiny nook into a stunning home gym design. Just keep your eyes open for opportunity, preferably near a window, AC or fan. 

3. Focus on the Basic Equipment for a Home Gym Design

Basic home gym equipment to suit home gym design ideas on a budget

Did you know that you only need a basic set of equipment for most exercises? This allows you to keep your home gym neat with a minimalist design. Your basics include a jump rope, stability ball, light and medium dumbbell sets, resistance bands, and a mat. 

Space saving gym equipment is perfect for home gym designs on a budget

Feel your ready for a more professional approach? Take inspiration from your local workout facilities and choose your favorite brand of specialist equipment. Decide which styles work best for you – freestyle weights, weight machines, cardio equipment, or a combination of each. Your choices should inspire you to get in your home gym and break a sweat!  

4. Consider the Area for Your Home Gym Layout Design

Garage Conversion Home Gym Design Ideas
Garage conversion home gym layout by Decorilla interior designer, Iulia B.

Short on space? An unused corner is all you need for your home gym design. Grab a tape measure and make sure your focus area is big enough for a workout. Take stock of your home, do you have a spare room, basement or nook you can use? All you need is enough space for one and a half yoga mats lengthwise. That means a snug part of your home is enough to try out all your home gym décor ideas

5. Add Smart Storage to the Home Gym Layout

Home gym design with clever storage in wicker baskets and cubby holes

You’re more likely to want to spend time in an organized home gym design than a cluttered one. And smart storage could just be your ticket to a workout wonderland. Create a neat area and up the visual appeal with pretty storage units. But use what you have – baskets, a bookcase and a chest of drawers could do wonders! 

Not sure how to incorporate these home gym interior design tips into your own personal design? Schedule your Free Online Interior Design Consultation to save time and money today!

6. Get Durable Flooring for Your Home Gym Design

Colorful stenciled concrete floors are hardy enough for a home gym design

The floor of your home gym needs to be hardy. Use a sturdy, nonslip and affordable material like cork, plywood, concrete, vinyl, or laminate. But avoid carpets – they’re tough to clean and even trickier to smoothly move on. Cork and plywood are also super trendy and eco-friendly! On the other hand, vinyl comes in a wide variety of looks, enough to help you customize any space to suit your active style. 

7. Use Home Gym Design Lighting Ideas

Lighting inspiration to use in home gym design ideas

Bright and refreshing light is key to a successful home gym design. Light bulbs that emit cool light make us feel awake and alert. Whereas warmer tone light bulbs can have the opposite effect and make you feel sluggish. That’s why it’s important to consider your lighting carefully – it can transform a workout space. 

If you can, choose a space with loads of natural lighting. A bright room will give you an emotional as well as an energy boost. But stay away from fluorescent lights as they can tire eyes quickly, a softer LED lighting is ideal. 

8. Keep an Eye on Your Form with Mirrors

Mirrors are a must for a good home gym design

Adding mirrors will double light and give you a good view of your progress. If you can, go big with a full-length mirror. It’s not only a pretty décor feature but practical too, as you can see whether you’re doing each exercise correctly. And adding a mirror is one of the home gym design ideas that will really enhance the look of your interior. 

9. Motivate with Eye Candy & Cute Home Gym Decor Ideas

Nature Inspired Home Gym Design Ideas
Nature-inspired home gym design by Decorilla designer, Picharat A.

Create joy! Let your fitness zone cheer you on, visually. Humans are motivated by pretty things. It’s so much more fun to work on your body and mind in a place that makes you happy. So, make your home gym design a pleasure to be in. 

Base your home gym design around a feature, like a breathtaking view. But if you don’t have anything appealing to look at, create it! A pretty print and uplifting artwork can do the trick. Be sure to plan your layout so that you’ll be facing the view or feature wall during your workouts.

10. Choose Uplifting Colors for Your Home Gym Décor Ideas  

Colorful home gym decor ideas

Remember that color can energize or relax you. Pick a tone that is uplifting and will increase your motivation. The top hues for a home gym design are: green, red, yellow, and blue. But don’t go overboard with zingy reds and yellows as they can be overwhelming. 

Pops of neon can give your home gym design a young contemporary twist, while pastels are perfect for creating a relaxing environment. But keep in mind that this area is part of your home, and your gym must match the general color scheme. With a beautiful backdrop, you need only one or two accent pieces to jazz up your gym ideas. And don’t forget the plants!

BONUS TIP: Pump Up the Volume!

Make your home gym boom when you need to get your heart pumping. A basic sound system – even a teeny Bluetooth speaker – will suffice. If you have a beat, you’ll be good to go! Just make sure that it’s reliable and keeps playing for your whole workout. 

There are many perks of working out at home: you save time, money and can create a space that brings you joy. If you need help in creating the perfect home gym design, get in touch! Schedule a Free Online Interior Design Consultation to go over interior design ideas and ways to get your perfect space.

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