Vasant L.

Art and design was Vasant's passion starting at a young age. This led her to earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Architecture and Design having several years of industry experience in both San Francisco, CA and internationally.Creating and designing structural installations to an interior design space is one of Vasant's strengths. Her mission is to share a fragment of her imagination to the public and a glimpse of the world through her eyes. Her emphasis is to inspire people in a living space that translates as a design success.

Describe your go-to style:

My style is all about the clients and their needs, I'm passionate and inspired so I can create accordingly...I take pride in my work and I measured my results throu

What drives you to design?

I'm passionate about creating quality work. I'm always inspired with new ideas that are unique and mind blowing. I love connecting with people and feel their energy then bring it into reality with new dimension. This is why it makes my work is unique and dynamic. I take my work very seriously and still always remember to have fun.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I enter into the quiet space within myself where I tap into my spark of intelligence. This allows me to work anywhere and become flexible with my work space.
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