Tabitha M

I love to create spaces built around eclectic lawlessness. I want to love everything all at once. I don’t want to be bound by styles or rules, design dos or don’ts. I like to play and explore and feel out looks until it’s right. I strive for her projects to feel fundamentally balanced in the end: calm rising out of anarchy.

Describe your go-to style:

My go to style has to be eclectic. I love to mix found objects with family heirlooms and contemporary pieces.

What’s your prediction for the next big trend in design?

More color and pattern! I think we are starting to see a shift from a more monochromatic palettes to spaces with intense color saturation and a mixture of bold patterns and rich textures.

What drives you to design?

I love to transform space and create something new. Space is important. Our homes and our offices, our restaurants and our shops--they all matter. Ideally, space should be somewhat transformative to our moods and perceptions when we enter.
Eclectic Family Oasis
Eclectic Family Oasis
Rustic Bedroom Design
Rustic Bedroom Design
Eclectic Vacation Home
Rustic Bedroom
Eclectic Modern Living/Dining Space
Client Photo - Combined Living/Dining Room
Eclectic Apartment
Modern Living Room and Dining Room
Contemporary Living Room
Modern Bedroom
Kid's Safari Bedroom
Contemporary Living/Dining Room
Eclectic Living Room and Dining Room
Melbourne Australia - Modern Living Room and Dining Room
Classic Kitchen
Contemporary Living/Dining Room
Rustic Restaurant Design
Rustic Restaurant Design
Eclectic Open Concept
Industrial Rustic Bedroom
Eclectic Living/Dining Room
Eclectic Dining Room
Lux Living Room
Cali Lounge
Contemporary + Glam Office Space