Tabitha M

For Tabitha, design is storytelling. Projects are journeys—and ideally, clients join her to embark on them. Finished spaces tell a story, too: like characters in a play, they interact. Like plotlines, they make inherent sense—coming full circle in the end. This all takes place in a context of eclectic lawlessness, with client preferences and needs forming the only guideline. “I want to love everything all at once. I don’t want to be bound by styles or rules, design dos or don’ts. I like to play and explore and feel out looks until it’s right,” the designer says, adding that she’s striving for her projects to feel fundamentally balanced in the end: calm rising out of anarchy. That’s how she knows they’re done.

Describe your go-to style:

My go to style has to be eclectic. I love to mix found objects with family heirlooms and contemporary pieces.

What’s your prediction for the next big trend in design?

More color and pattern! I think we are starting to see a shift from a more monochromatic palettes to spaces with intense color saturation and a mixture of bold patterns and rich textures.

What drives you to design?

Space is important. Our homes and our offices, our restaurants and our shops--they all matter. Ideally space should be somewhat transformative to our moods and perceptions when we enter. I love to transform space and create something new.
Jungalow Family Oasis
Jungalow Family Oasis
Rustic Bedroom Design
Rustic Bedroom Design
Eclectic Vacation Home
Rustic Bedroom
Eat + Relax
Client Photo - Combined Living/Dining Room
Eclectic Apartment
Melbourne Australia - Modern Living Room and Dining Room
Contemporary Living Room
Modern Bedroom
Kid's Safari Bedroom
Contemporary Living/Dining Room
Eclectic Living Room and Dining Room
Melbourne Australia - Modern Living Room and Dining Room
Classic Kitchen
Contemporary Living/Dining Room
Rustic Restaurant Design
Rustic Restaurant Design
Eclectic Open Concept
Industrial Rustic Bedroom
Eclectic Living/Dining Room
Eclectic Dining Room
Lux Living Room
Cali Lounge
Contemporary + Glam Office Space