Suzan M.

Suzan is principal designer & director who has been in the interior design industry since 2007. Suzan graduated with honors from the BAA – Bachelor of Applied Arts (Interior Design) with a certificate in minor design management. Suzan has achieved an intensive commercial and residential experience within the past 5 years. She dedicated herself to learn it all, from building a full home to creating an elegant decor setting to managing multiple projects with different teams. Suzan has always been so fond by design; she derives her joy and happiness by creating livable spaces, and solving client problems. She is a dynamic team leader and a leading project manager who believes that in the pursuit of excellence one must consider values & ethics involved within the process of design. Guided by her passion Suzan believes in creating a better world by design. She focuses her energy and efforts to deliver spaces that are environmentally, physically, psychologically and economically friendly.

Describe your go-to style:

Contemporary Chic, Modern Classic

What drives you to design?

My Passion and love for interior design

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

Surroundings, Nature & Architecture
Basement Renovation
Master Bedroom
Living Room
Reception Area design