Roberto D

Roberto Di Stefano has a degree in Architecture and completed his Master's degree in Interior Design. His design career has spanned working with several large firms specializing in architectural and interior design for the past 10 years. Roberto has extensive experience designing high end retail and commercial projects as well. When he's not designing, you can find him at trade shows keeping up with the latest interior design trends!

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

During my travels, I have more time to think about my job, about details, about moods.

Describe your favorite project:

It was in 2008, the Kerakoll Design Gallery in Milano, an “urban archeology project” where, during the demolitions, we found different layers of walls. After we discovered a very amazing brick wall and wood beams on the soffit, originally since 1860, so the whole project changed and at the end, all the other shops on the same street followed the same mood.

What’s your prediction for the next big trend in design?

The re-use of objects from the past, the re-search of something that comes from the our neighborhood (from a short distance), all that helps to create a comfortable atmosphere with little money.
Modern and Minimal Apartment
Minimal bathroom design
private apt kitchen
Minimal grey bathroom design
Minimal grey bathroom design 2
Beach Villa
Beach Villa 2
Modern/Clean Office Design
Beach Villa 3
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Office and Lighting Design
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Outdoor pool deck, patio, and lights
Ritzwell&co | Salone del Mobile 2015
Ritzwell&co | Salone del Mobile 2015
Ritzwell&co | Salone del Mobile 2015
Ritzwell&co | Salone del Mobile 2015
Ritzwell&co | Salone del Mobile 2015
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Sleek and modern private bedroom
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