Jina K.

Jinatpak is a passionate interior designer who has strong concepts and a detailing approach. Jina received her Master degree in Interior Architecture Design from Academy of Art University in San Francisco and has worked for a luxury residential firm, and a large commercial firm while freelancing. These opportunities allow her to use her creative, technical skills and emphasize on creating detailed construction documents. Jina focuses on developing design solutions that reinforce the project vision while also meeting budget requirements. In addition, she is interested in designing in all types of styles. She offers meticulous detail to her projects and incorporates the use of mixing materials and finishes through different colors and patterns. The result are unique and comfortable spaces with a touch of a glamorous flair.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

From my travels to places around the world. Every journey leads me to see wonderful architecture and design within varied traditions, culture, art, food and also fashion.

What drives you to design?

A love of fine arts. It is important to me to specialize and understand how to make every design look beautiful and go well with combination of colors, materials and finishes. I love to use creative ideas to select the right furniture and lighting fixtures that offer solutions for clients. I believe every project has its own story and it's the role of the designer to help make the space more beautiful, comfortable and functional.

What’s your prediction for the next big trend in design?

I think the next big trend for design is going green, a focus on sustainability. Utilizing recycled materials and green products increases the quality of life in health and safety. We will look to the environment to direct our design ideas.