Jessica S.

Jessica S. is a young architect with experience as an interior designer. She graduated in architecture and she studies a lot of theoretical subjects of architecture and urbanism, hydraulic and electric installations and basically all steps of construction. She worked with furniture design and interior design and has a solid acknowledgment of interior design. Jessica has an internship at an architecture office where she also learned all the steps of interior design. Nowadays she works with architecture projects and also does consulting jobs for interior design. she has done consultancy jobs for homes all over the world.

Describe your go-to style:

My go-to style is modern and minimalist but I don't like restricting my creativity to this styles. I enjoy a challenge and I will adapt my project according to the client's needs.

What drives you to design?

What drives me to design is to think about the possibilities of changing people's home and making them feel like that is the place they belong to. I like working with people's perceptions of space and design projects that will reflect the personality of its occupants.

Tell us your biggest design secret:

My biggest design secret is to observe and understand my clients. It wouldn't make any sense if a project is amazing and winning awards if it does not attend the occupant's needs, uses and references. I like listening and understanding my clients and I also like when they take part in the creative process. My work as architect/ interior designer is to represent the goals of my client using my design skills and technical acknowledgment.
Living Room - Caniço Apartament
Kitchen - Caniço Apartament
Kitchen +Dining - Sydney House
Living/ Dining Room - Sydney House
Adolescent Bedroom - Brazil
Master Bedroom - Brazil House
Living/ Dining Room - Brazil House
Living Room - Airbnb
Bedroom - Airbnb
Bedroom - US Room