Hannah C.

Hannah graduated with a degree in Sustainable Interior Design from Endicott College. Born and raised in New England, Hannah’s passion for design started at a young age. Since her childhood, she has always been passionate about every aspect of design from interior design to graphic design. In her free time aside from design (which is almost never, let’s face it), she enjoys music and dabbling in the arts. Being the adventure seeker that she is, one of Hannah’s passions is traveling. Living in Italy for four months brought this adventurous girl insight and perspective that she never had before. Broadening her scope of design and artistic inspirations, Hannah is certain that Florence’s culture influenced her work to become more ornate and unique. Hannah’s style utilizes various elements to create an eclectic, modern feel. She feels that creating an atmosphere that is comfortable is the most essential characteristic when designing a space.

Describe your go-to style:

I like mixing and matching various elements to create one cohesive design. I'm a big advocate for feeling comfortable within spaces whether that be using certain colors or textures to create that essence.

What drives you to design?

I have a creative passion that seems to burst out of me. I guess its just in my nature to want to design. I believe that a good design will allow people to dwell in the spaces that they are occupying more enjoyably.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from the things that I'm around. A lot of times they come for aspects of nature. Maybe its the organic lines of branches that are utilized in the floor plan, or the pops of color that come from a bouquet of flowers. Whatever it may be, inspiration is always there.
Elegant Living Room
Farmhouse Kitchen
Farmhouse Bedroom
Modern Bathroom