Dina C.

As long as she could remember Dina has always enjoyed making things look beautiful. Growing up, she's always had a love for decorating and organizing. This eventually led her to pursue an education in Interior Design. After graduating, she worked in numerous design settings and in 2012 she decided to pursue a career as an independent interior designer. As an interior designer Dina strives to help her clients discover and develop their own personal style. She likes to design each space in a way that best displays the characteristics of her clients. She personally loves mixing different styles such as modern and classic or traditional with a touch of glam chic. But, prior to completing each project Dina makes sure the final product complements the clients lifestyle, interests and vision.

Describe your go-to style:

My go-to style would have to be Transitional. I say this because I enjoy mixing different elements from both traditional and modern styles to create timeless designs.

What drives you to design?

My clients drive me to design. I enjoy helping people achieve the look and feel they have always wanted. It's very rewarding for me to see satisfied clients!

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I draw inspiration from two key places, they are nature and fashion.
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