Baheej T.

Baheej's love for architecture and designing led him to study architecture for five years and receiving a Bachelor’s degree. He then worked on many actual projects ranging from single residential buildings to a 20-story mixed used towers for about five years. Baheej decided to continue his journey in discovering more of the architectural realm, that led him to get a Master’s degree from the University of Houston, in Texas.

Tell us your biggest design secret:

It is simple, by tackling the project from all its angels, full study of the site and select the best approach to a certain aspect of the project, and make it standout

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I drew my inspiration from the books, magazines, websites, journeys and my brain, because as much as I see, as much as I learn, and especially for the designer who should have a keen eye and great mind to analyze and develop the things that he sees to make it looks differently.

What drives you to design?

It is the passion to make the present a better place for living by experimenting new horizons and applying “what if” method that is driven by the longing to create great solutions to meet the client’s needs and shape their dreams into a one complete vision and make it palpable.