Andrew Z.

Andrew has used his travel experience to enhance his design skills. With a BA in Arts Decor (Scenography)/Fine Arts and BA in Arts in Interior Architecture from IERF (International Education Research Foundation in Los Angeles, Andrew has an extensive design background. His work experience has led him to Germany and the Middle East. Currently, Andrew works on commercial and residential interior and set design projects in California.residential commercial contemporary modern traditional city/urban sleek sustainable architecture bathrooms kitchens 3D renderings

What drives you to design?

Design is in my blood; it's what I live and breathe. I love to create something for a client to call his/her own and to push the envelope further to expand new ideas.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

Most of inspiration comes from history and different cultures.

Describe your favorite project:

One of my favorite projects was when i was designing a loft space. That's when I started discovering my inner urban design sense.
Living / Dining / Kitchenette