Amy F.

Amy had the wonderful experience of growing up in the garment industry. It was there that she developed her love of fabric, color, fashion and design. She worked for several years as an executive with Macy's and eventually left to start her own company. Amy enjoys working with her clients and making their empty spaces become magnificent living environments. She gives the same attention to every project no matter the size, and her goal is to make every client happy, and at the end of the day- thrilled and excited to go home!

Describe your go-to style:

My go- to interior design style is a mix between a modern and contemporary look, infused with a sophisticated, classic look. I love the way a bold pattern or accent piece can play or layer against a stark sofa or bed. It's always fun to throw in a strong color for a pop of wow, and add on to the eye appeal factor. My interiors have a fresh, up to date, modern look, mixed with elegant blends of traditional style. I love white marble and chandeliers, mirrored and lacquered finishes, along with beautifully painted walls.

What drives you to design?

All of my projects are as different as my clients. Once I get to know my clients, and their wants and needs for their home, I look at the space and begin my magic. Right away, I can get a sense of the completed room, and start drawing my ideas. Each component starts with a separate thought on a single piece of furniture, and I'll layer from there.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from various things- beautiful surroundings, places that I've traveled, art, colors in a flower garden, even magazines and Pinterest. I love to take photos of furniture, art, rugs, chandeliers, etc, and look back on them for inspiration for a project. Pinterest is always helpful when working with clients. They can show you an example of what they're ideal family room or master bedroom may look like.
Philadelphia living room
Philadelphia living room
Philadelphia living room
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Hamtons living room
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Miami living room
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