Amisha D.

Describe your go-to style:

For any interior space to look cohesive & unique, the design style needs to be flexible. A little gold would always give that added pizzazz to a transitional room and a little pattern would only enhance and better define a contemporary style. I love to mix n match design styles.

What drives you to design?

Design is one of the most important links that makes a house into a home. I am passionate about the environment we as interior designers create for our clients. I realize it is not only about a beautiful room, but about cherishable memories and joyful experiences that will be created in these rooms.

Tell us your biggest design secret:

There are no rules in design. Having fun with it is the only secret I swear by.
Martha's Living Room
Melissa's Bedroom
Marj & Chris's Living Room
Taryn's Bedroom
Tary's Loft/Family Living
Hollen & Adam's Bedroom
Julie's Clubhouse
Kendra's Bedroom
Erin's Living Room
Melissa's Bedroom
Julie's Living Room
Julie's Living Room
Kelley's Home Office
Kelley's Home Office
Lindsay Living Room
Lindsay Living Room
Kids' Room
Sam Brenner's Nursery
Dining room
Living room