Amber F.

Amber has a BS in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. She has worked with a traditional residential firm, as a freelance artist for the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh, and some other freelance interior design projects in her hometown in Ohio. Her style is a mix of mid century modern architecture with a dash of eclectic pieces. She finds that if the space is designed the best it can be, the people using it will function even better in it and love it even more. She loves using personal pieces in residential designs to make the space feel just like home.

Describe your favorite project:

One of my favorite projects in my school career was designing an art supply store. The design called for all products sold to be sustainable and/or recycled. I loved working on this project because I have been an artist all my life. I am constantly creative and finding ways to reuse different items around the house. I love creative people and being able to incorporate parts of myself and parts of them into their spaces.

What drives you to design?

I firmly believe in making spaces as comfortable, inspiring, inviting, organized and wonderful as possible. I design to make every space you walk in as great as it can be. I design to have an impact on the users and anyone that encounters the space.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from all around me. I look at buildings everywhere I go. I am always looking in windows and staring at architecture. I am inspired by abundances of natural light in spaces where we spend the most time. The more light there is, the less it feels like there is a ceiling – so it feels more open and bright.