Roneara R.

Roneara started her design career in 2013 doing design consulting for new homes. She has a certificate in Kitchen and Bath design, a certification in sustainable design, as well as an Associate’s Degree in Interior Design. She started Partnering with Lowe's in August of 2015 for their kitchen and bath remodels. In her spare time she enjoys writing for her Blog ' Design and a Baby' , painting, traveling, and spending time with her son. “I love what I do, there is nothing better than completing someone’s home. We live in a society where we are constantly being pulled in different directions, between work, kids and special events, and the end of the day, all we want to do is go home. Home is our safe haven, to be invited into a clients home, for me to make their house feel like a home... that’s something special.” — Roneara Rucker, Founder/CEO R &R Interiors Roneara has her client’s best interest at heart, she is determined to make you fall in love with your space over and over again. Education: A.A. T Interior Design, Kitchen and Bath Certificate, Green Design Certificate

What drives you to design?

I love creating a space that my clients love to live in. Each design I create caters to a lifestyle, to have a place to call home is everything and to make it your own and to tailor it to fit into your life can make a big difference! Its a huge responsibility to create a space for that your client will fall in love with over and over again.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from everything around me. I am from Seattle so nature plays a huge part in where my inspiration comes from. I also get my inspiration from people and art. I love to use art because it can make a huge difference in a space.

Describe your ideal project:

My ideal project is designing a space from scratch. I love working on floor plans, picking our finishes, paint colors, furniture, etc. I love being part of the entire design process from beginning to end.
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Transitional Kitchen
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Coastal Hallway
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Dining Room Art
Online design Contemporary Dining Room by Roneara R. thumbnail
Dining Room
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Classic Living Room
Online design Contemporary Living Room by Roneara R. thumbnail
Kitchen Remodel