Riddhi M.

Riddhi is an architect, interior designer and an entrepreneur. This unique blend emerged when she moved on from being an architect to co-founding her own firm, a company that designs textile accessories. Having a Bachelors in architecture and a Masters in Interior design degree, she still loves to do a little bit of both. She believes that design needs to be simple and functional, in all aspects--space planning, scale,materials and color. She wants her clients to get the most out of their design experiences so they can enjoy their functionally sophisticated spaces.

Describe your go-to style:

I like to keep the design as simple as possible. Simple lines, simple surfaces. I am not afraid to mix styles and periods as long as the finished space has a cohesive look and comfortable feel to it.

What drives you to design?

Design is fast paced and still collaborative. It's this collaborative approach mixed with the colors and textures of a space that makes me want to design differently on each project, not wanting to repeat any visual look over and over again.The process and the journey of design is different and unique each time!!

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

Living close to the coast, inspiration comes from the water, its changing forms and colors foremost. I also love textiles and home furnishing designs in traditional geometric patterns which always brings a lot of vitality to a space!
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