Olivia M.

Olivia has a Bachelors of Arts in Interior Design with a minor in Architectural Studies. While her interest in design began at an early age of drawing home interiors with washable markers in notebooks, she has since nurtured it through education, travel, and the exploration of other mediums of art. Olivia has worked on residential projects from 1 room refreshes to finish selection and detail drawings for new builds. She also brings a unique perspective on commercial office furnishings and typical space planning. Her hobbies such as houseplants, books, and vintage d├ęcor are what inspire her and she loves to include them in her designs as much as possible.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

My inspiration is drawn from the people I am designing for and their specific situations. When I am designing, I think of myself in the shoes of the client and that is how I am able to design something personal for them. In shared public spaces, I think of myself as a patron of the space and how I would ideally interact with it.

Describe your ideal project:

My ideal project would be a coffee shop or restaurant with a lot of natural light, plants, and earth-tones.

What drives you to design?

I am driven to design by my passion and heart for design. I love to see the finished product, but the process of solving design problems and "a-ha!" moments as I design is what is most exciting to me, and what encourages me to come back to design time and time again.
Online design Transitional Dining Room by Olivia M. thumbnail
Mid-Century Dining Room
Online design Modern Living Room by Olivia M. thumbnail
Traditional Modern Living Room
Online design Eclectic Kids Room by Olivia M. thumbnail
Little Girl's Window Seat
Online design Eclectic Dining Room by Olivia M. thumbnail
Open Concept Dining Room
Online design Eclectic Bedroom by Olivia M. thumbnail
Boho Guest Bedroom
Online design Modern Bathroom by Olivia M. thumbnail
Bathroom Rendering
Online design Transitional Kids Room by Olivia M. thumbnail
Whimsical Nursery
Online design Contemporary Living Room by Olivia M. thumbnail
Bachelor's House
Online design Transitional Bathroom by Olivia M. thumbnail
New Build Bathroom
Online design Transitional Kitchen by Olivia M. thumbnail
Pantry Staging
Online design Transitional Living Room by Olivia M. thumbnail
New Build Living Room Staging