Natalie T.

Natalie studied architecture and design, working several years as an interior designer-architect in architectural companies. She currently is working as a freelance interior designer and loves it. She has the experience of working online with different clients all over the world, which gives her new skills and experiences in her career. Natalie really enjoys learning new things, no matter what it is, because she believes that in her profession she should learn everything in any field as much as its possible. From psychology to writing, she feels understanding your client’s desires and needs to help them reach their wishes is the primary goal.

What drives you to design?

Design is something that makes me feel alive, I love sketching and see how my final results make my clients happy. I design to make a living environment more beautiful and convenient for people, to make a space for them in which they will feel alive and happy. So I can say, everything can drives me to design when it comes to making people life convenient and wonderful.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

I usually draw my most of inspiration from my clients' desires and needs. I like to see the world through the another person’s eyes and feel the entire world in the way how they feel, so reading and understanding other people is one of the most important parts that every architect should know and follow; it helps a lot to know and find out about clients needs. I read a lot. I am also a nature loving person. I love to design and use nature elements, they are also very inspirational to me.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

The important issue and part for me that I really love is to make an environment that the particular client will like to spend time, enjoy, look, feel wonderful and ofcourse LIVE. Whatever you do you should do in the best and literate way to make your clients contented and the environment well-balanced.This is what, I really love.
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Condo bathroom
Online design Contemporary Bathroom by Natalie T. thumbnail
Master bathroom shower cabin
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Online design Contemporary Bathroom by Natalie T. thumbnail
Tiny master bathroom
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a corner
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Kidz bathroom
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Fireplace wall
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Goolak kitchen