Morteza M.

Morteza, more familiarly known as Moris, is an esteemed interior designer with a distinguished background in IT and architecture. His career is marked by a dedication to architectural principles, which he has skillfully applied in over 1500 projects across various countries. Moris's expertise encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including the design of innovative interiors and exteriors in France, development of unique product designs, and contributions to television shows. His portfolio, rich in diversity and complexity, reflects his sophisticated and elegant approach to design. Renowned for his architectural acumen, Moris continues to be a leading figure in the field, blending functionality with aesthetic excellence in each of his endeavors.

Describe your favorite project:

I like challenges and can adapt to any style so that the final design is according to the client's taste and reflects a piece of their personality.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

The fact that you can transform a space that makes you feel like HOME.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

For each project, I focus on the client's need and I am always inspired by nature, pastel colors and the atmosphere that offers peace and comfort to the client.
Online design Modern Living Room by Morteza M. thumbnail
Online design Glamorous Living Room by Morteza M. thumbnail
Refined Glamour
Online design Contemporary Living Room by Morteza M. thumbnail
Small Living
Online design Modern Bedroom by Morteza M. thumbnail
Matrimonial room
Online design Modern Kids Room by Morteza M. thumbnail
Child room
Online design Glamorous Kitchen by Morteza M. thumbnail
Kitchen Z├╝rich