Mohraeel T.

Mohraeel is passionate about home styling and creating designs. Also, a detail-oriented designer who believes that every piece in your house matters. Balancing between colors, textures, furniture, and accessories is a daily activity she enjoys with her clients. Creating the perfect ambiance in the space you will be surrounded is her goal.

Describe your go-to style:

I just started my home styling career, currently, I am discovering and exploring what interior styles I like the most. other than that I'm always up for new ideas, creating a statement and comfy designs based on the client's needs and taste.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

what I love most about designing, is that it's never boring also, it's a mutually satisfying experience for the client and the designer. And it's a brain nourishing experience as you always searching and discovering new styles related to art and history, as well as being always updated to new trends.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

Most of my inspiration was drawn from my architecture background and my passion for styling, not just home styling I am into anything that is related to fashion as well. where colors, textures, and proportions are involved. personally, I like blending my designs with architectural history and standards to achieve certain moods inside homes.
Online design Contemporary Bedroom by Mohraeel T. thumbnail
Master Bedroom
Online design Contemporary Kitchen by Mohraeel T. thumbnail
Online design Modern Bathroom by Mohraeel T. thumbnail
Online design Transitional Kitchen by Mohraeel T. thumbnail
Rustic Kitchen
Online design Beach Patio by Mohraeel T. thumbnail
Outdoor patio
Online design Country/Cottage Living Room by Mohraeel T. thumbnail
Living room
Online design Beach Patio by Mohraeel T. thumbnail
Roof patio
Online design Transitional Living Room by Mohraeel T. thumbnail
Living room