Mirella R.

Mirella is an accredited Architect with a master’s degree in Architecture and Interior Design and more than ten years of professional experience in developing and implementing projects in the architectural, interiors, lighting, and landscape design spaces. She has experimented with different facets of the design world. She started her design career as a Junior Architect focusing on Residential spaces. Thereafter, She decided to explore the lighting design world and spent 3 years in the lighting design world, working her way up to managing the Lighting Design Application Team. Following her time at Philips, She decided She wanted to expand her design experience and explore the world of interior design. She began working for a retail chain Peru that specialized in furniture and construction finishes. She worked closely with clients and architects, providing them with material recommendations and 3D renderings for projects. She loved this experience because as it provided her with a solid base of technical skills and opened my eyes to the interior design world. After 3 years working in retail design, She decided She wanted to dedicate herself to the field and pursue a Master’s in Interior Design. Her time in overseas was invaluable, both professionally and personally. After She completed her thesis and received her Master’s, She returned to her homeland and started her own Interior Design Studio, mainly specializing in Residential and Restaurants. She has led several hospitality projects from inception to completion.

Describe your go-to style:

I can describe my style as contemporary and functional

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

Personally I love every aspect of design, interiors, architecture, landscape, fashion etc. But one of the reasons why I love interior design is that thoughtful design can change people's lives for the better. At its most basic level, interior design has the power to bring people joy and happiness.

Tell us your biggest design secret:

To achieve a successful project it is essential to establish good communication with the client from the initial design stage, where you can convey all their desires, know their design style, budget and their lifestyle that they can express in a verbal and no verbal way. The most that you know the better.
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Living Room
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Kids Study Room
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Kids Bedroom
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Online design Contemporary Patio by Mirella R. thumbnail
Online design Contemporary Patio by Mirella R. thumbnail
Office Patio
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kids area