Lindsay D.

Lindsay is a Texas native with a passion for all things creative. After obtaining her bachelor's degree in Interior Design, she decided to pursue her design dreams and start her own design company, establishing a name renovating homes in the Texas Hill Country as well as designing and consulting for contractors in the surrounding area. She loves a challenge and finds inspiration from all design styles and enjoys getting to know her clients on a personal level in order to better understand their likes and dislikes. She also loves the unexpected, and tries to bring contrast into her designs in unique ways through color, texture, and innovative products and materials. Lindsay has an extensive background in the furniture and accessories business, having been both a buyer and visual merchandiser for a large furniture retailer. From this experience, she gained a skilled eye for layering, staging, and product knowledge, as well as keeping with the trends of each season, and studying how they shift and change. Lindsay loves a challenge and is a real problem solver. With every obstacle, she tries to come up with as many solutions as possible to remedy it. She is also very hands-on with her projects, and enjoys seeing them through to completion.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration?

While I love staying on top of the latest trends and paying attention to all aspects of design in the world around me, I draw most of my inspiration from nature. I love seeing the play between colors, textures, shadows and lighting, and using these elements in my designs.

What drives you to design?

The driving force in my design journey is this notion of "home." You can have the most elaborately designed space with luxurious finishes, but if it doesn't feel like home to the person living there, you've missed the mark as a designer. A space needs to not only look beautiful, but more importantly it should function for the client's lifestyle and above all, feel like a reflection of their personality. Achieving this with each project is what drives me to design!

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

I think the thing I love most about design would have to be the transformation that takes place. That thing that happens when you take an empty, otherwise bland room and fill it with items that draw you in, make you think, or make you feel, that is where it's at. When you feel like you've walked into a completely different space than before, it's both visually gratifying and stimulating.
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Gold Kitchen Glam
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Midcentury Mood
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Industrial Master Bath
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Styling Kitchen Shelving
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Farmhouse Bedroom
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Antique Glam Master Bath
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Modern Kitchen Remodel
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Tuscan Master Bathroom
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Masculine Industrial
Online design Transitional Living Room by Lindsay D. thumbnail
Custom Metal Railing