Lea B.

Lea is an Interior Architect. After she completed her BA, her passion for design lead her to obtain her Master's Degree from Milan, a city she fell in love with. This has shaped her style: She uses many types of materials, sharp colors and patterns, maintaining a pleasant feel to the eye and soul, while creating a space that always looks like its inhabitants. With six years of experience, Lea has worked on many residential projects including bachelor’s apartments, private family villas, lofts and summer houses. Her approach for every project starts with well-researched references moving to dynamic schematic design and clear 3D visualizations, always making sure to give the client a convincing vision for their space.
Online design Traditional Kitchen by Lea B. thumbnail
Scandinavian Kitchen
Online design Eclectic Bedroom by Lea B. thumbnail
Eclectic Loft
Online design Transitional Dining Room by Lea B. thumbnail
Charming Dining Space
Online design Contemporary Living Room by Lea B. thumbnail
Open Living Space
Online design Beach Combined Living/Dining by Lea B. thumbnail
Colored Beach House
Online design Contemporary Patio by Lea B. thumbnail
Sunny Terrace