Kate S.

Kate grew up in various states including California, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington as well as Australia. This led to a strong passion for travel and seeing other cultures. Kate graduated with a BFA in Interior Design from Seattle. Her belief is that beautiful design is also functional. Her personal style is traditional meets modern, but loves designing using other styles as well.

We know you love designing, but what about it do you love most?

The transformation of a space - taking it from something dated or cookie-cutter and redesigning it to be unique as the one I’m designing for! Also, I thoroughly enjoy using various trends for different personalities.

What drives you to design?

Seeing the space for what it is and the potential for what it could be, I have a need to make it a reality. I want to create the spaces we live our lives in. I want us to spend our days in spaces that are our happy places, somewhere we can go with our eyes open.

Describe your favorite project:

The challenging projects are always more fulfilling; all that hard work, the obstacles faced, all to see the glorious completed work, it brings me so much joy. Example; My first cabin home, we couldn’t move any walls, and adding/altering anything electrical was a brain scratch-er, but we found a way to make the changes and it turned out beautiful!
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