Beautiful transitional zen master bedroom interior design

Every bedroom holds a quiet kind of magic – the wonder of peaceful sleep. It rejuvenates and refreshes the mind and body. But falling asleep isn’t always easy. On the positive side, a Zen master bedroom interior design can promote a good night’s rest. This is why one recent client turned to Decorilla for help, and the result is a must-see!

The Challenge: Master Bedroom Online Interior Design

Working with an interior designer online has many benefits, but the designer must still overcome traditional challenges. In order to perfectly create the bedroom’s online interior design for the client, Decorilla’s designer needed to be flexible. More specifically the designer also had to:

  • Create a master bedroom layout that seamlessly incorporates the client’s existing furniture
  • Use the large space effectively and add seating
  • Incorporate Zen master bedroom ideas that also fit the client’s transitional style
  • Determine the client’s style preference without a lot of input

With these requirements in mind, the designer was able to form the foundation of the design and begin a project online.

The Inspiration: Zen Bedroom Ideas

Inspiration for a calming master bedroom online interior design

Even though the client’s existing room was big, it was disorganized and lacked personality. The client knew she wanted a clean transitional master bedroom interior design, but the rest was unclear. Fortunately, the designers used transitional rooms filled with Zen bedroom ideas as inspiration. These cozy rooms feature mostly light walls, plush headboards, white linen, and sleek nightstands. Ultimately, designers also used the client’s existing master bedroom furniture as a guide for creating their concept boards.

Concept Board of the Zen Master Bedroom Interior Design

mint and beige zen bedroom ideas
Zen master bedroom interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Each Decorilla client starts their journey with proposals from two separate interior designers. In this way, the client connects with the best designer for their project. What’s more, Decorilla’s designers know that clever design can promote sleep. That’s why they paid special attention to the elements of a well-designed bedroom. With this knowledge, they could make the best design decisions regarding the master bedroom furniture and layout.

concept board for an online bedroom interior design
Initial Decorilla concept board filled with Zen bedroom ideas

After receiving the initial concepts, the client chose the dreamy concept board by Sarah M. She suggested a calming blue and green color scheme that reflects the client’s seaside town, Rhode Island. For the rest of her proposal, Sarah included master bedroom furniture that not only paired with the client’s existing pieces but also enhanced a transitional look.

The Zen Bedroom Online Interior Design Result  

Calming zen master bedroom design
The first option of the bedroom online interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

After a few short weeks, the designer created two 3D renderings for the client’s room. On the one hand, sandy tones and subtle silhouetted blues gave the room a decidedly beachy air. While the second option echoed water’s tranquility with a minty feature wall and bolder pops of blue combined with calming greys. Although the color palettes differed slightly, the master bedroom layout and furniture remained similar.

Master Bedroom Furniture

zen master bedroom design
The second option of the bedroom online interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

First, the designer softened the imposing look of the large upholstered bedframe, one of the client’s existing pieces. She did so by using a geometric rug and two similar wall hangings. The rug not only ties the entire room together, while adding warmth, it also visually scales down the bedframe. As for the artwork, their positioning helps to make the frame seem smaller than it is. Placing them on either side of the bed also creates a pleasant symmetry and balance with the added depth. They center the bed while drawing the eye up from the rug up past the nightstands and back to the plush bed.

Master Bedroom Layout

Bedroom online interior design sitting nook
Master bedroom interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Due to the large floorspace, the designer could add a sitting nook to the zen master bedroom interior design. The quiet corner is sophisticated and relaxing. Two armchairs echo the refreshing mint tone of the accent wall, while a beautiful table lamp lights up the central space. From here, the client can enjoy their morning coffee while taking in the fresh air coming in from the nearby windows in their peaceful bedroom.

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Zen Bedroom Accents

Beautiful zen master bedroom online interior design
Zen master bedroom design, option 1 – Decorilla 3D rendering

Every design element draws attention back to the most important feature in the room – the bed. The mint feature wall, balancing artwork, contemporary rug, oversized mirror, and even the fireplace. By keeping the fireplace façade light, and only emphasized with a marble strip, it becomes a subtle feature that enhances the room, especially during winter. Next to the fireplace, a large mirror reflects the luxurious bedding. Crisp white linen and throw pillows add the transitional finish the client loves. Through these decor pieces, the room is the perfect balance between contemporary practicality and traditional opulence.

Before the Online Interior Design Project

before the zen bedroom design
Master bedroom design – before photo

At first, the master bedroom was far from finished. It was uninspired but had potential. Luckily, a beautiful hardwood floor and large windows gave the designer a lovely canvas for her design. In the end, the designer’s Zen bedroom and decorating ideas helped to create a picture-perfect sanctuary.

The Zen Bedroom’s Online Shopping List & Ideas

Online shopping list for a zen bedroom online interior design
Decorilla online shopping list for the master bedroom online interior design

Every Decorilla bedroom online interior design comes with a personalized shopping list, complete with detailed instructions and guidelines. But it gets even better, each product comes with Decorilla designer discounts. These discounts often exceed the cost of the online interior design service itself.

With the assistance of an expert interior designer, the client could finally create the peaceful master bedroom design they wanted. The once confused and cluttered bedroom is now a sublime transitional sanctuary, ready to sweep the client off to dreamland.

Shop the Zen Master Bedroom Design

Zen master bedroom online interior design furniture top picks

There are a few elements that make a peaceful bedroom a success. Colors, materials, and decor are among the most important. If you want to create a Zen master bedroom design at home, follow the basic bedroom design guidelines, and use our top picks below to help you.

  1. Faux Tree
  2. Throw Blanket
  3. White Linen
  4. Mint Armchair
  5. Table Lamp
  6. Trellis Rug

As you can see with this master bedroom transformation, online interior design not only fits into any schedule, but it also provides exceptional results that rival traditional interior design. Ready to take your home to the next level? Schedule your Free Online Interior Design Consultation and get started today!

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