Bold vintage bedroom design by Decorilla
Bold vintage bedroom design by Decorilla

Eclectic decor and vintage bedroom design are a match made in heaven. If you doubt it, read this makeover story—it might change your mind. A dash of creativity and a sprinkle of nostalgia infused new life into a sleeping space, turning it into a tapestry of vibrant charm and timeless allure. 

The Challenge: Vintage Bedroom Design

The client approached Decorilla with a vision for the bedroom, looking for ways to transform it into an eclectic sanctuary. They imagined an inviting contemporary space that also pays homage to the 1920s time period of the house. The existing room layout, though spacious and immersed in beautiful natural light, currently lacked comfort and intentionality. So they asked for a designer skilled in online bedroom design to help:

  • Infuse the bedroom with design elements that evoke the 1920s era to honor the historical context of the house.
  • Incorporate antique furniture and decor pieces that align with the client’s preferences.
  • Revamp bedside tables with new hardware to refresh their appearance.
  • Choose bold, vibrantly colored vintage bedroom decor to add personality and warmth to the space, in addition to golden accents.
  • Blend patterns and textures to create a lived-in atmosphere.

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Vintage Bedroom Style Inspiration 

Vintage bedroom decor inspiration board

The image gallery showcased a stunning array of vibrant, eclectic, and colorful vintage bedroom decor styles. Thoughtfully curated by the client, the samples served as a wellspring of bedroom inspiration for interior designers. Each picture exuded a unique character, blending vintage aesthetics with a vivid, dynamic, yet elegant touch. They provoked creative exploration, promising an exciting journey infused with a burst of timeless silhouettes and vibrant accents.

Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas & Moodboard

Vintage bedroom design by Decorilla
Vintage bedroom design by Decorilla

By filling out the design questionnaire, the client offered vital insights into their lifestyle, outlining specific preferences and requirements. In return, with all the necessary information in hand, the Decorilla team matched them with two exceptionally talented designers known for their expertise in crafting eclectic vintage bedroom makeovers.

Selecting between the two captivating sets of vintage bedroom decor ideas prompted the client to thoroughly evaluate every detail before making the ultimate choice. In the end, Marya W.’s design emerged as the ideal solution, promising to exceed the client’s aspirations.

Vintage bedroom design moodboard by Decorilla
Vintage bedroom design moodboard by Decorilla

Maya’s creative moodboard for a vintage bedroom design was a delightful homage to the architectural heritage of the early 1920s. Just like the client wanted, the room’s style reflected the building it’s located in, simultaneously embracing a modern, chic, and slightly quirky aesthetic. Colorful features and golden finishes were curated to stand out beautifully against the dark walls, seamlessly marrying past and present.

Eclectic Vintage Bedroom Design 

Vintage bedroom decor ideas by Decorilla
Vintage bedroom decor ideas by Decorilla

The resulting vintage bedroom design is nothing short of stunning. At the room center is its focal point, a magnificent four-poster bed serving as the core of the creation. It conducts classic elegance with its intricate woodwork and rich, dark wood finish. Flanking the bed are two wide Spanish-inspired nightstands, with ornate hardware contrasting the streamlined silhouettes. Their ample surfaces accommodate a pair of eclectic gold table lamps, which coordinate with wall sconces and framed art to round up an elaborate vignette.  

Vintage bedroom style layout by Decorilla
Vintage bedroom style layout by Decorilla

At the foot of the bed, a turquoise, velvet-upholstered bench provides a stylish seating option. It’s complemented by a nearby accent chair boasting the same sleek, plush tactility but in a contrasting mustard shade. The geometric black and white rug pattern further enhances the layout’s contemporary flair, simultaneously providing a visually interesting anchor to the vintage bedroom decor. 

Meanwhile, a diverse collection of art and decor showcases some stunning, colorful pieces of varying sizes. Carefully arranged throughout the room, they create a harmonious blend of styles. Vintage secreter and elegant rattan doors blend right in, celebrating the bedroom’s vintage design.

Eclectic vintage bedroom design by Decorilla
Eclectic vintage bedroom design by Decorilla

One of the most unique features in the room is the fireplace, refreshed and spruced up to mimic a polka dot pattern. This unexpected detail brings an extra layer of whimsy to vintage bedroom decor ideas. It turns a simple, traditional element into a playful conversation piece, also diverting attention from the almost seamlessly concealed TV.

Large, lush potted plants add a final stamp to the room’s character. The greenery emphasizes the eclectic nature of vintage bedroom decor while balancing its vibrancy at the same time. 

How the Designer Transformed the Bedroom Using Vintage Decor Ideas

The bedroom before (left) and after (right) vintage decor ideas by Decorilla
The bedroom before (left) and after (right) vintage decor ideas by Decorilla

In summary, this eclectic vintage bedroom decor is a testament to the fusion of the old and the new. It celebrates the building’s history while infusing it with a contemporary, colorful, and whimsical sensibility. The room, in return, becomes a visual delight, inviting you to explore every detail and soak in its unique character and charm.

Vintage Bedroom Decor Shopping List

Vintage bedroom decor
Eclectic vintage bedroom decor shopping list by Decorilla

Decorilla’s design packages provided numerous assets from the beginning to the end of the project. The designer went above and beyond to get every detail right, from initial vintage bedroom decor ideas to realistic 3D visualizations to giving expert advice. On top of that was the tailored shopping list with special discounts on everything the client needed, including alternatives to vintage furniture, unique decorations, dapper lights, and more. As a result, the client got a contemporary chic vintage bedroom, even better than what they had hoped for.

Top Picks for Vintage Bedroom Ideas

Infusing your bedroom with a timeless eclectic charm is always a good idea. Explore our top picks for vintage-style bedroom decor that combines modern aesthetics with a spirit of refined nostalgia:

Vintage bedroom style top picks by Decorilla
  1. Area Rug
  2. Accent Chair
  3. Wall Mirror
  4. Wall Art
  5. Poster Bed
  6. Table Lamp
  7. Nightstand
  8. Bedroom Bench

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