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Considering a home remodel and seeking the expertise of local professionals? Sacramento, aka “America’s Most Diverse City,” is renowned for its contemporary culture, imaginative flair, and creatives with an out-of-the-box approach. Meet the top Sacramento interior designers and their wonderful creations.

Interior Design Sacramento

Open concept living space by Decorilla top Sacramento interior designers
Open concept living space by Decorilla‘s top Sacramento interior designers

Sacramento’s interior design landscape is defined by a harmonious blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty. The city’s designers often draw inspiration from the surrounding agricultural richness, incorporating elements such as natural wood finishes, organic textiles, and earthy color schemes. Additionally, there is a growing trend towards sustainability, with designers frequently using eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient designs to create beautiful yet environmentally conscious spaces.

Sacramento Interior Designers

Living room by Decorilla's top Sacramento interior designers
Living room by Decorilla‘s top Sacramento interior designers

Sacramento interior designers are celebrated for their innovative approach and personalized service. These professionals are adept at working with a variety of design styles, ensuring that every project is distinctively tailored. With a strong emphasis on practicality, Sacramento designers transform interiors into functional and visually stunning environments, making the most of each space’s potential.

Adele Barsotti

Top Sacramento Interior Designer Adele Barsotti

Adele Barsotti’s artistic roots come from the Puglia region of southern Italy. After moving to North America in 1971, she started her career in the flooring industry of Southern California. It didn’t take long for Adele to identify her skills and talents as an interior designer and decorator in Sacramento. Over the years, Adele grew a successful business in Sacramento, founding the innovative Pacific Design Group along the way. Adele finds her inspiration in philanthropy and her Italian artistic roots, embracing every opportunity to meet people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. She considers being part of a vibrant community a unique channel to transfer experiences into original design styles.

Best Sacramento Interior Design Adele Barsotti

WHAT WE LOVE: Refined, low-key elegance in Adele’s design and the way her design vision translates to calm, livable spaces.

Jamie Murray

Top Decorilla Sacramento interior designers, Jamie M.

Jamie Murray brings over a decade of diverse interior design experience, known for her innovative and personalized approach. She has collaborated with top designers like Ken Fulk and led a wide array of projects, from luxury residences to international multi-year developments and stylish retail and event spaces. Her upbringing on the beaches of Los Angeles and life in both urban and rural Northern California give her a unique perspective on the needs of different clients. Outside of her design work, Jamie enjoys cooking, skiing, hiking, and spending time with her two dogs, blending creativity with a love for the outdoors.

Vail ski house living room interior by top Decorilla Sacramento designer Jamie M.
Vail ski house living room interior by top Decorilla Sacramento designer Jamie M.

Jamie’s signature style seamlessly blends styles and influences, old with new, mid-century modern elegance with rustic charm, creating sophisticated spaces that feel inviting. Her designs often feature bold schemes and organic textures, a blend through which Jamie’s expertise shines. Whether she’s working with private or corporate clients, Jamie’s ability to combine these distinct styles results in timeless and personalized interiors that elevate everyday living.

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Dining room by top Decorilla Sacramento designer Jamie M.
Dining room by top Decorilla Sacramento designer Jamie M.

WHAT WE LOVE: Modern functionality harmoniously paired with warm wooden elements and distinctively decorated spaces.

Kerrie Kelly

Top Sacramento Interior Designer Kerrie Kelly

With over 25 years of business experience, Kerrie Kelly provides a complete and seamless design process, from concept to completion. Her range of services includes full renovations, new constructions, and model home projects. Furthermore, she offers custom-designed products such as rugs, tiles, outdoor furniture, and accessories. Kerrie’s design vision and expertise bring to life the client’s ideas, whether modern, traditional, contemporary, traditional, or transitional. It is no wonder Kerrie is also a highly rated Houzz interior designer in Sacramento. Kerry also spreads her passion through educating and inspiring new generations of designers. Multiple awards and an active presence in industry events make her an authentic influencer in the world of interior design.

Top Sacramento Interior Design Kerrie Kelly

WHAT WE LOVE: Innovative designs, custom furnishing, and dynamic yet refined spaces as Kerri’s professional signature.

Katrina Riley

Top Sacramento interior designers, Katrina Riley

It didn’t take long after her design studies at the Art Institute of California for Katrina Riley to become one of the top Sacramento interior designers near you. She is also one of the most sought-after residential interior designers in Northern California. Ever since launching her own company in 2012, Katrina has transformed residential spaces to fit her client’s unique needs, challenges, and passions. Her chic and functional creations range from iconic midcentury homes to classy traditional interiors. Natural materials, comfort, and smooth color palettes define her signature style as a fine blend of artistry and utility.

Best Interior Design Sacramento Katrina Stambos

WHAT WE LOVE: Katrina’s aesthetic flair that turns clients’ personalities and lifestyles into fully optimized, bespoke living spaces.

Robyn McNelly

Top Sacramento Interior Design Robyn McNelly

Robyn McNelly is Urban 57’s senior interior designer and decorator in Sacramento with a firm foundation in the visual arts. While running her own design company for seven years, Robyn devoted herself to developing soothing interior concepts where her clients would feel safe, relaxed, and happy. Robyn’s proficiency in residential design and space planning emphasizes window treatments and coloration. Furthermore, she believes in an individual, consultative approach to every client and their expectations of home design.

Best Sacramento Interior Design Robyn McNelly

WHAT WE LOVE: Transitional spaces with a strong modern flair.

Rebecca Ward

Top Sacramento Interior Designer Rebecca Ward

Rebecca Ward gained experience through working with successful designers and architects before establishing her own company in 2007. As a “Mediator” personality type she possesses an innate power to understand emotion and the human experience. Translated to interior design, it means that she draws inspiration from her clients’ desires and masterfully turns them into beautiful and functional spaces. Rebecca’s signature vogue is contemporary and zen. If asked for a suggestion, she will most likely start by proposing a nice coffee break before all.

Best Sacramento Interior Designer Rebecca Ward

WHAT WE LOVE: Happy vibes, strong but sleek accents, and bold use of colors.

Jessica Anson

houzz interior designer sacramento jessica anson

Jessica Anson has over 12 years’ worth of experience in the interior design industry in Sacramento and beyond. After graduating, she worked for notable design companies in San Francisco and L.A. before launching her first deco shop in 2012. The products included handmade concrete decor, reclaimed wood art, textiles, and accessories.

Jessica’s design approach focuses on smart solutions and a distinct aesthetic, fostering a harmonious relationship between a personality and natural accents. Her designs often emit a strong organic flair, with plants, wood, and rustic pieces as binding elements.

Top Sacramento Interior Designer Jesssica Anson
Living room by one of the top Sacramento interior designers and Decorilla designer, Jessica Anson

Focusing on capturing clients’ personal styles and a way to express them, Jessica crafts their homes up to the smallest detail. By adding a touch of originality, she designs spaces that reflect lifestyles while positively impacting owners’ lives. Jessica describes herself as an “eclectic person” who finds challenges in the search for the perfect balance. Her ultimate goal is to compose a harmonious, livable space.

Top Sacramento Interior Design Jessica Anson
Interior design in Sacramento of a dining room by Decorilla designer, Jessica Anson

WHAT WE LOVE: Plants, wood, color, and texture combinations incorporated into designs to enhance everyday life.

Donald Fugina

Best Sacramento Interior Design Donald Fugina

To be an architect and designer has been Donald Fugina’s dream, and for the last 25 years, he’s been living it. Moreover, he fulfills his clients’ dreams by connecting with them through a strong creative vision. Donald focuses on clients’ lifestyles, searching for the remarkable things that make them happy and unique, in order to deliver the design that exceeds their expectations. Consequently, he designs their spaces with integrity and meaning, offering a full scope of services, from site planning to interior design. Moreover, Donald’s firm has earned all 5-star ratings among Houzz interior designers in Sacramento.

Top Sacramento Interior Designer Donald Fugina

WHAT WE LOVE: Successful fusion of rustic and modern that characterizes Donald’s design.

Tami Teel

Best Sacramento Interior Designer Tami Teel

Tami Teel’s professional path was decided the moment she was able to walk. At the age of three, her favorite game was to re-stage her bedroom, moving toys and furnishings. Today, she considers interior design as more than a career; rather, it is a passion and a way of life. As one of the top Sacramento interior designers, she creates alluring, innovative spaces while dispelling myths commonly associated with interior design. Her style is easy to recognize by sleek lines, simplified layouts, and bold pops of color.

Top Sacramento Interior Design Tami Teel

WHAT WE LOVE: Exceptionally warm minimalism, defined by refined simplicity and organic flair.

Anne Sacco

Top Sacramento Interior Designer Anne Sacco

When looking to hire an interior designer in Sacramento, Anne Sacco can’t be overlooked. First, she began her career in interior design in the late ’90s, working with clients in the Portland Metro and the resort areas of Bend in Central Oregon. Today, as one of the top Sacramento interior designers near you, Anne continues to create exciting residential and commercial interiors. Moreover, her design goals are to translate her client’s personal styles into their homes, as well as to enhance the corporate image of her commercial clientele. As a result, using creativity and attention, Anne helps her clients turn their dreams into a comfortable reality.

Best Sacramento Interior Design Anne Sacco

WHAT WE LOVE: Functional and timeless spaces with successful design contrasts between old and new.

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