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People flock to the Ocean State for a seaside lifestyle and mesmerizing historical architecture. It’s no wonder as Rhode Island has some of the most beautiful beaches and buildings. So, from New Port to Providence, you’ll find stunning interiors – even on yachts! While we’re lucky enough to have a few of the creatives behind these spaces on our team, we also love to keep an eye out for other local talent. So read on as we reveal the top Rhode Island interior designers and decorators near you!

The Best Rhode Island Interior Designers

Janelle Blakely Photopoulos

Blakely - Rhode Island interior designers

Texturally rich and colorful homes by Blakely Interior Design fit the easy coastal lifestyle like a glove. It’s no wonder as Janelle Blakely leads a vibrant team of top Rhode Island interior designers. Plus, her background in marketing and creative problem-solving forms a rock-solid foundation. Owing to her business know-how and breathtaking coastal interior designs, Janelle received the Woman Owned Small Business of the Year Award from the Rhode Island Small Business Association. 

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Blakely - Top interior decorators providence RI

WHAT WE LOVE: Shore and ocean floor colors inspire Janelle’s bright, coastal interior designs. The team’s brave and bold creations show how remarkable interior design can be in Providence, Rhode Island.

Decorilla Rhode Island Interior Designers

One of the best Portland Maine interior design firms near me

Finding the top interior decorators to match your vision in Providence, RI, can be quite a task. Fortunately, Decorilla’s affordable interior design in Rhode Island makes it easy. Through a convenient process, clients can find the perfect fit in no time. In fact, clients only need to complete an online questionnaire and consultation to start. In this way, clients have access to the best RI interior designers from anywhere at any time.

Top Rhode Island interior designers - Berkeley H.
Coastal cottage by top Decorilla interior decorators in Providence, RI

With the information and the brief in hand, Decorilla’s team helps select not one but two ideal designers for the project. They will each present a unique concept from which the client gets to pick their favorite. From here, the designer creates photorealistic renderings of the new rooms as well as a detailed implementation guide. Designers also make sure clients are completely happy through frequent client-designer communication. 

Interior design Rhode Island - Wanda P
Decorilla interior design in Rhode Island

WHAT WE LOVE: The 3D renderings are so detailed they give a realistic look into the result. It’s not only a useful visualization tool but also an opportunity for clients to make changes before committing to a design. This versatility gives clients the freedom to find what truly suits them. If this sounds like something you’d want to try, get started today!

Kelly Taylor

Taylor - Top interior designers providence Rhode Island

Kelly Taylor and her team of top Rhode Island interior designers near you focus on more than aesthetics. That is to say, they aim to improve clients’ lives through functional and sustainable design. And to make this possible, Kelly’s design process is built around the client experience. Essentially, she works to create residential and commercial spaces that make life better and easier. Because of the great results, she and her firm, KTID have received numerous awards in New England. 

KTID - Interior design providence Rhode Island

WHAT WE LOVE: Kelly and her team of RI interior designers hone in on sophisticated coastal interior design with a focus on modern elements.

Kirby Goff

Kirby Goff - RI interior designers

Through the renovation of her properties, Kirby Goff gained attention in the local interior design community. And now, her work spreads from Rhode Island to New York. Kirby is valued as one of the best RI interior designers because of her clean lines, attention to detail, and use of iconic furniture. Her passion shines through as she pairs with craftspeople who share her enthusiasm and skill.

Kirby Goff - interior design Rhode Island

WHAT WE LOVE: Kirby’s exceptional eye for the smallest detail enables her to design modern and traditional spaces alike. Whether ornate or minimal, each project is perfected.

Sophia Shibles

Sophia Shibles - Houzz interior designers Rhode Island

As one of the top Rhode Island interior designers, Sophia Shibles’ designs often feature in Elle Décor, Apartment Therapy, and Houzz. Since 2016, Sophia has continually received Houzz Best awards for design and service. Her success comes from her aim of creating a calm, welcoming haven for clients. These spaces are toned down yet full of details.

Sophia Shibles interior design Rhode Island

WHAT WE LOVE: The layered and relaxed aesthetic of Sophia’s interiors makes them feel richly organic and light-filled. As one of the best Houzz interior designers in Rhode Island, Sophia helps clients to live contently.

Courtney Taylor

Courtney - top interior decorators providence Rhode Island

Taylor Interior Design was founded by New England Design Hall of Fame member, Nancy Taylor in 1967. With decades of designs in its portfolio, the firm continues to create impeccable interiors. The reason for its success lies in its team and leadership. Today, Courtney Taylor provides intelligent and sophisticated design solutions for clients. The firm’s style is composed luxury made for everyday living.

Taylor interior design Providence Rhode Island

WHAT WE LOVE: Courtney and her team of top interior decorators create spaces as unique as their clients in Providence, RI. They are timeless and reflect the client’s point of view as well.

Patti Watson

Patti - Interior design providence Rhode Island

Taste Design, found by Patti Watson provides an easygoing and enjoyable experience for clients. They offer two service packages to suit different stages of the design process. Due to her flexible approach, Patti’s interior design in Rhode Island shows an understanding of what clients value most. Moreover, the diverse team can take on any project, from sailboats to grand manors.

Patti - top Rhode Island interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Once a project is complete, Patti and her team of Rhode Island interior designers examine the process. They describe their challenges as well as the key lessons learned. This is insightful for both potential clients and interior enthusiasts.

Lisa Foster

Lisa Foster - Top Interior decorators providence RI

As one of the top interior decorators in Providence, RI, Lisa Foster certainly earned her name in the industry. With her design firm Reconstructure, Lisa has a creative outlet unlike any other. She and her forward-thinking team “redefine the way we live by changing the way we think about life.” As a result, interiors encourage clients to live a life in line with their interests and likes.

Lisa Foster - interior design Rhode Island

WHAT WE LOVE: Lisa’s alternative approach creates livable spaces that show a client’s personality.

Jocelyn Chiappone

Jocelyn Chiappone - kitchen by one of the top Rhode Island interior designers

Digs Design Co, led by Jocelyn Chiappone, elevates interiors with its mastery of color and comfort. As such, Jocelyn’s signature New England chic style has featured in many publications, from House Beautiful to Coastal Living. Evidently, she and her team of Rhode Island interior designers make beautiful spaces across the country.

Jocelyn Chiappone - Top interior decorators providence RI

WHAT WE LOVE: Jocelyn is one of the finest Houzz interior designers in Rhode Island. And for good reason, as she wakes rooms with textures and soft color schemes. In addition, she leads her designs by asking clients whether they hope to bring energy or peace into their space.

Kim Kirby

KimKirby - interior design Rhode Island

From renovating, to transforming superyachts, and selecting décor for a new build, Kim Kirby can do it all. Her interior design aesthetic holds true to its setting, charming Rhode Island. As a result, her projects have a distinct coastal look and a high-end feel. She can confidently guide clients as she creates an inviting space for them to enjoy.   

KimKirby - RI interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Kim’s refined transitional style is classic but ultimately welcomes you to kick off your shoes and relax.

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