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Both Charlotte and The Triangle (the region) have grown to be hotspot of interior design in the South with rising stars and seasoned veterans on the scene. Whether you’re in Center City, Midtown, or Myers Park there’s sure to be a selection of interior designers near you. Lucky enough to have some of these talents on our team, Decorilla also loves to keep a lookout for other names on the rise in Queen City. Read on for the must-watch top Charlotte interior designers!

Charlotte Lucas

Charlotte Interior designer - Charlotte Lucas
Charlotte Lucas has a playful flare in all her designs. Being raised by a designer mother, her childhood was nothing less than a ‘design tutorial’. As a result, these formative years helped in shaping her creative style. Charlotte’s designs have a classical touch with a pinch of quirkiness. Her mixed aesthetics gives her a sweet spot in being one of the best interior designers in Charlotte, NC. Charlotte’s main focus lies in designing unique homes filled. She engages with antique memoirs and family heirlooms to certainly create an impact. Furthermore, many of her projects find a place in top publications like Elle Décor, Southern Living, and Garden & Gun.
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What We Love: Her whimsical design taste that merges traditional charm with modern chic.

Kristin Whitehead

Top Charlotte interior designer Kristen Whitehead (1)

Drawing inspiration from her travel diaries, Kristen transforms spaces with her love of eclectic, modern, and bohemian global styles. Kristen’s expertise spans from many residential projects including single-family homes, apartments, in addition to restaurants. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture and Design and loves how design gives her the opportunity to be actively creating and engaging with people. 

Fresh and contemporary home office by top interior decorator charlotte, nc
Contemporary home office by Decorilla interior designer and top interior decorator in Charlotte, NC, Kristen W.

Most importantly, it is the collaboration with her clients that Kristen loves most about her projects. She strives to encapsulate the client’s personality into the space ensuring it is a place they would certainly love to come home to after a long day at work. As a creative at heart, her designs take a refreshing departure from the norm, but also feel balanced and allow for functionality.

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Outdoor seating by top charlotte interior designer Kristen W
Outdoor patio seating design by Decorilla and top Charlotte interior designer, Kristin W.
What We Love: Kristin fills spaces with a unique character inspired by the lifestyle and taste of the client. Additionally, as one of the most affordable Charlotte interior designers, Kristen delivers bold designs to budgets of all types. Get started with Kristen today!

 Laura Casey

Laura is a licensed interior design for high-end residential and commercial firms. Her designs are a mix of clean, composed, and classic. Coming from a family of artists, her childhood was spent around colors and paints. As a result, these formative years helped Laura in developing a meaningful relationship with spaces and their forms. Her designs look as if they are taken right out of a design magazine.

top-Charlotte-Interior-Designer-Master-Bedroom-laura casey

What We Love: Laura’s sophisticated and stylish designs, which have made her one of the top interior decorators in Charlotte, NC. Additionally, her selections of fine-tuned décor pieces that provide a blissful satisfaction to the homeowners. 

Barrie Benson

top interior-designer charlotte nc-Barrie-Benson

As a local Charlotte interior designer, Barrie Benson is famous for her combined interior design style. She curates a perfect blend of old and modern designs using adventurous décor items. In other words, she fills traditional spaces with a dash of energy and excitement. Barrie has mastered the art of creating fun-filled spaces that are trendy, timeless, and tasteful. Furthermore, her design projects have found their way to top national publications like Architectural Digest, Coastal Living, Elle Décor, and House Beautiful to name a few. 

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What We Love: Barrie’s interior designs are a big mood! All her spaces are a harmonious blend of old and young.

Amy Vermillion

Charlotte Interior designer - Amy Vermillion

Her use of meticulous narratives makes Amy one of the most sought-after interior designers in Charlotte, NC near you. She breathes air to any space by accentuating architectural features with explicit details. From luxury apartments to private jets, Amy has a whole bunch of eclectic design projects in her bag. But, what makes her designs unique is the deliberate use of prominent accessories and hardware to punctuate a serene space. 


What We Love: As one of the best interior decorators in Charlotte, NC, Amy’s décor style is calm yet captivating. It’s almost impossible to not fall in love with those intricate details.

Geri Eaker


Geri owns a Charlotte-based interior design consultancy that goes by the name of Freespace Design. Through this venture, she aims on providing creative solutions that emphasize the true nature of the building. Her firm is also highly rated among Houzz interior designers Charlotte. Geri believes every space has an innate structure that needs to be addressed in order to make the space aesthetic and functional. Her designs are modern as well as revolutionary. In addition, her creative agency furnishes a holistic approach in every project to play around with the visionary elements.

What We Love: Geri’s designs are futuristic and sustainable. Everything about her design screams innovation!

Brooke McReynolds

Top Charlotte interior decorators Brooke McReynolds

Brooke is one of our favorite interior designers in Charlotte, NC. Her designs are a blend of traditional and eclectic. She loves creating ephemeral designs based on the unique needs of the clients. Meanwhile, mixing old and new to create a balanced décor is her forte and we are absolutely head over heels for her designs. But, before approaching any project, she tries to envision the space in a meaningful way to create a nicely blended look. Most notably, each of her designs incorporates a statement piece that will make you go ‘WOW’! 

Transitional master bedroom retreat by top charlotte interior designer brook m
Transitional master bedroom retreat by Decorilla and top charlotte interior designer Brooke M.

What We Love: Brooke’s attention to detail s truly amazing. Every room she designs has a story to tell and the décor communicates the design style which results in a cohesive interior. Furthermore, Brooke makes great design accessible to everyone as one of the most affordable Charlotte interior designers. 

Kimberly Brewer Nawn


Kimberly Nawn is a leading interior designer in Charlotte, NC that has bagged many accolades and awards in the past few years. Her designs are modern, bold, and functional. Kimberly likes to study the micro and macro-level environment of her client’s lifestyle to help them provide design solutions. Her time spent studying design in England has also helped develop her impeccable design sense. Therefore, her projects broadly focus on crisp style and comfortable living. So, with every interior space, Kimberly tries to curate a home that becomes a family legacy.


What We Love: Kimberley’s most admired attribute is paneling. The details she provides with wall panels amplify literally any space!

Traci Zeller

Charlotte interior designer - Traci Zeller

No list of top interior designers in Charlotte is complete without Traci Zeller making her appearance. She is a young interior stylist with a remarkable sense of art and design. As a result, she has landed among the top-rated Houzz interior designers in Charlotte.  Traci’s interiors are eclectic and experimental with a hint of classical look. It’s hard to take your eyes off of such stunning interior spaces designed with utmost detailing. Moreover, she likes to play around with patterns to bring a whimsical appeal to the design. Similarly, Traci is not shy about using bold colors in the most unpredictable ways.

living room by on of the top-charlotte-interior-designers-traci-zeller

What We Love: Traci’s designs certainly have one of a kind aesthetic. She messes around with forms and functions of the furniture in the most mischievous ways.

Cindy Smith

Charlotte interior designer - Cindi Smith

Cindy’s love for antique furniture and traditional designs traces back to her college days, where she spent time in France studying art and design. Therefore, her passion for period pieces led her into starting Circa Interiors in 1980. The brand fosters authentic furniture items of all shapes and sizes. Today, as one of the best interior designers in Charlotte, NC, Cindy’s designs have been featured in every leading design magazine, including House Beautiful, Veranda, and House & Living.

Top charlotte interior designers Circa interiors

What We Love: The rich and sophisticated furniture pieces that offer a truly timeless and traditional vibe.

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