Coastal style interiors are light and calming which makes them a perfect match for the bedroom! So if the room of your sweet dreams is ready for a beachy makeover keep reading to get started designing with our top 10 coastal bedroom furniture ideas!

1. Coastal Bedroom Furniture 101: Neutral Basics

Coastal bedroom design by Decorilla designer, Joyce T.

The color palette is the foundation of bedroom decorating. For coastal décor think of a seaside postcard: lots of sandy shades, white and blue accents. The most efficient way of achieving it is sticking to neutrals for your investment pieces. Especially the bed: you don’t want to be changing it in a few years, so make sure you choose one you won’t get tired of anytime soon!


2. 50 Shades of Blue for a Coastal Bedroom

Coastal bedroom decor by Decorilla designer, Lindsay B.

Being a relaxing color, blue is always one of the best choices for coastal inspired bedrooms. And even more in this case, as blue is without a doubt the color of coastal style. From deep sea, to sky, to turquoise, all shades work well in a coastal bedroom design. And they can also be mixed together for a rich layered palette. Just be sure you select mostly relaxing shades and limit that bright turquoise to a small accent!

3. Take Inspiration from the Outdoors

Coastal bedroom design by Decorilla designer, Tiara M.

Life outside is the inspiration of coastal design. So outdoor items are great coastal bedroom furniture ideas too. Feel free to use a rattan chair, a jute rug, and woven side tables as nightstands. Besides adding richness to your bedroom, all these textures will make your coastal design more interesting and authentic, as if you were really in a seaside location.

4. Weathered Wood Layers

Contemporary-coastal bedroom by Decorilla designer, Ibrahim H.

Recalling the effect of salty water and the exposure to the elements, weathered wood is the best for coastal style interiors. A weathered wood floor is perfect as a foundation, and weathered wood furniture and décor add to the style with their naturally layered colors and textures. For even more richness, play with different finishes, alternating rough and smooth ones.


5. Choosing Metal Accents

Chic coastal design by Decorilla designer, Eleni P.

Drawer pulls, wardrobe handles, picture frames: which metals are best for a coastal bedroom design? In reality, coastal style is a wide description that includes a range of styles from country-coastal to contemporary-coastal. A country-coastal style is rough and laid back. And the best metals for it are raw, aged and marked. Instead, a contemporary-coastal is more elegant and polished as so are the metals that go with it, which should be shiny and spotless.

6. Greenlight to Fresh Textiles

Coastal bedroom by Decorilla designer, Tammy M.

Now that you’ve laid the base with your coastal bedroom furniture, it’s time to choose textiles and accessories. Fresh is the word you need to keep in mind for all textiles. So no velvet or satin and yes to linen and cotton!

7. Adding Coastal Décor

Coastal bedroom furniture ideas by Decorilla designer, Tiara M.

The most common way of giving a beachy vibe to a décor is with seaside themed accessories: shells, anchors, fishes…you know the drill. These are ok, but be careful not to use them all together, or your bedroom will look cheap and tacky. Alternatively, there’s a more sophisticated way of giving a coastal feel: layered textures and colors. Chunky ropes and natural fibers will immediately create a coastal vibe. Then, a neutral palette with blue accents will complete the look for a modern and elegant coastal style. And with this as a base, a fish-artwork or an anchor on the dresser will be fine.


8. Don’t Clutter It

Beachy bedroom by Decorilla designer, Angela S.

Decorating a room is exciting and the temptation to stuff it with too many accessories is real. This is never a good idea and even less in a bedroom. So keep checking the overall feel as you decorate and make sure the atmosphere is always relaxing and won’t disturb your sweet dreams.

9. A Pinch of Pattern

Coastal bedroom decor by Decorilla designer, Joyce T.

Patterns are another thing that can quickly make a design outdated when used poorly. The golden rule here is to always balance patterns with solid colors and textures for an elegant result.


10. Target an Airy Vibe

Coastal bedroom design by Decorilla designer, Neerja L.

Last but certainly not least, keep in mind the vibe of the space as you decorate it. Overall, a good coastal style should feel airy, light, bright, and cozy. Which is why it’s such a good choice for a bedroom!

So are you ready to rest your head in the perfect coastal room, but not quite sure where to get started? Schedule a free consultation to get your design started today!

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