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Customer Care Representative

Customer Care Representative

Resident Interior Designer

Guiding Decorilla as the CEO, or as she prefers, the Chief Inspiration Officer, Agnieszka has woven a complex tapestry of finance, real estate, travel, and relocation, all under the invigorating influence of caffeine. With an honors degree in Business Administration from the University of Windsor, she employs her analytical and organizational skills to streamline processes in her roles, past and present. Her innate affinity for helping others and her love of design propel her to incessantly probe how technology can revolutionize the interior design sphere, making it more accessible and engaging.

When not steering Decorilla’s course, Agnieszka takes to the city on rollerblades, seeking out the finest gelato. While her culinary skills leave room for improvement, her journey to create the perfect seafood paella continues unabated.

Josh is the technical powerhouse of Decorilla, serving as our Chief Technology Officer. His academic journey took him to the University of New South Wales, where he earned an honors degree in Computer Science, setting him on a path to be part of the award-winning web development team at King & Wood Mallesons. Now, he and his team at Decorilla strive tirelessly to infuse our website with innovative features and cutting-edge technology, to ensure an engaging user experience.

Away from the world of code, Josh seeks the thrill of riding waves, coaching robotic dogs on the soccer field, and testing mobile internet coverage in remote corners of the world – yes, even at Everest Base Camp.

The ever-dynamic Joshua, our digital product advisor, brings a wealth of knowledge to Decorilla from his MBA at MIT and tech mastery from the University of New South Wales. Previously steering digital products at Morgan Stanley and tech companies such as IBM, he’s gained a reputation as the calm within the storm, drawing order from chaos with deft organization and process management. His love for technology and knack for collaboration birthed his successful YouTube channel, ‘Just Josh Tech’.

Once gracing the DJ decks at super clubs, Joshua now prefers slicing through pool lanes or basking in the satisfaction of a perfectly organized spreadsheet. His journey is a testament to continuous evolution and growth.

Joyce combines 15 years of experience in interior design with an exceptional knack for vendor management in her role as Director of Procurement at Decorilla. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, lending academic weight to her innate creativity. Her duties lead her on a worldwide search for exceptional pieces, utilizing insights gathered from multiple international design projects. This journey steered her to launch a furniture line under her name for a globally recognized company, a testament to her industry expertise and influence.

Away from her role immersed in swatches and vendor catalogs, Joyce delights in the simpler joys of life, dancing with her toddler and husband or indulging in her dog’s ceaseless enthusiasm for play.

Stepping into the role of Director of Operations and Lead Designer after her previous fruitful years as an interior designer with Decorilla, Anna showcases her adaptability and fearlessness. Her academic pursuits led her to an Architecture degree, and a Master of Science in Monuments’ Management from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Her design journey has seen an array of projects – residential to commercial, and architectural too, fetching her awards in architectural competitions. Yet, her true passion lies in enhancing her clients’ everyday life with access to better interior design and valuable experiences.

When not immersed in Decorilla’s operations, she embraces playful moments of peek-a-boo with her daughters and deeply cherishes time spent with her family and friends.

A recognized authority in user experience design, John’s rich experience spans across commercial advertising, financial services, and entertainment. While an advisor for Decorilla, he concurrently steers the ship as the Global Head of Innovation Labs at Fidelity International. With a BS in Digital Design from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning under his belt, John has utilized his skills and experience to provide consultancy services to a number of NYC-based startups and video game companies, playing a crucial role in their journey to success.

When he’s not crafting remarkable experiences for clients, John turns to the lighter side of everyday life. He’s an enthusiastic collector of unused Groupon classes, and a steadfast explorer on a quest for the ultimate hamburger.

Maria Luiza (Niza) is our Marketing Advisor with an MBA from MIT and over 20 years of experience in marketing. Niza has held senior marketing roles at Coca-Cola and strategy and planning roles at BRF (NYSE: BRFS). She also has diverse experience as an entrepreneur with her own start-up in Brazil developing the whole middle-west market of the country’s NYX Cosmetics, which was recently acquired by L’Oréal.

She is known as a very healthy person, waking up at 5:00 am every morning to do all sorts of sports, from running
to rowing and weightlifting, to wakeboarding. Strangely, her eating habits would say the opposite. She would do anything to avoid a salad and have some Oreos instead.

Monica steers the ship as our Senior Customer Care Manager, her role fortified by a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a specialization in Advertising and Customer Service. From her time in advertising agencies to her current focus on interior design, Monica’s unwavering belief holds strong: a happy client’s review is the ultimate seal of a job well executed.

Away from her professional hustle, Monica embraces the call of the open road, the lure of the great outdoors, and admiring wildlife. Mountain vistas, camping under starlit skies, she loves it all. Monica’s love for animals doesn’t stop at casual admiration. In fact, she’s nurturing a dream that gallops on four legs and neighs – she’s diligently saving for her very own pony.

Tijana, our accomplished Client Care Manager for projects, brings her background as an industrial designer and an intense love for interior design to the table. While pursuing her studies, she discovered a profound passion for metamorphosing homes into enchanting havens, where every component can evolve into an art piece with the perfect match. This fascination drove her to forge her path as an independent interior designer, specializing in the realm of online interior design.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Tijana also relishes dabbling in various design domains, including graphic design. In her downtime, she cherishes moments with her daughter, embarking on drawing sessions, hill climbing adventures, and any opportunity to retreat into nature, her perpetual muse.

Olga shines as a dedicated Special Projects Manager at Decorilla, bringing over a decade’s worth of experience to the table along with exemplary communication, leadership, and teamwork skills. She thrives on efficiency and confidence, adept at achieving goals not just for herself but for the organizations and teams she collaborates with.

Away from the world of projects and collaborations, Olga’s world is a concoction of family, travel, and paw prints. She relishes quality time with her loved ones, explorations across the globe, and daily strolls with her loyal four-legged companion, Tokio.

Enrique anchors the role of our Senior Web Developer, a journey shaped by an honors degree in Computer Science and an expansive 18-year career. His ability to code streamlined and effective solutions, no matter the challenge, is a testament to his analytical prowess and dedicated approach.

When not immersed in the digital realm, Enrique engages with an eclectic mix of hobbies that balance out his professional persona. He is an amateur musician, a board game strategist, a video game conqueror, and a devourer of movies and TV series.

Meet Vincent, a senior web developer at Decorilla with a knack for problem-solving and a love for a good challenge. He holds a diploma from the department of Computer Science at the University of Orsay and more than 10 years of experience. His work often involves creating user-friendly digital solutions, and he’s always ready to lend a hand to those in need.

Away from the keyboard, Vincent is a certified scuba instructor and a bit of a food enthusiast. He enjoys exploring new places, both underwater and on land, and he’s always on the lookout for a new restaurant to try. Whether it’s a local diner or a trendy new spot, Vincent appreciates a good meal. In essence, Vincent is a dedicated web developer, a scuba diving hobbyist, and a food lover, always ready to explore new frontiers, whether in code or cuisine.

As our Designer Recruitment Expert, Samantha flawlessly blends her keen eye for interior design with her knack for human resources. Her design journey, kindled by her grandmother and fortified by a degree in Interior Design, has found its perfect canvas at Decorilla. She thrives on discovering talent and guiding them to becoming shining stars on our Decorilla team.

When the workday wraps, Samantha trades her recruitment hat for snorkeling gear, a captivating book, or a flavorful taco. And if there’s one thing that could rival her love for the underwater world and written words, it’s her undeniable soft spot for cheese.

A wiz with all things tech, Carlos is our Senior IT Specialist who carries a wealth of experience in network administration and system development across various platforms. An honor graduate with a Master’s in Computer Science, he boasts the prestigious Inter-American accolade for innovative projects under his belt. He thrives when elbow-deep in research, artificial intelligence, and the latest tech breakthroughs.

Beyond the codes and systems, Carlos strikes a different chord. Be it belting out a song or deftly maneuvering through an instrument, music is his soul language. He unwinds with intriguing board games, brain-tickling puzzles, and gets lost in the whirlwind of fiction and adventure series.

As a Senior Full-Stack Developer, Samuel brings a wealth of expertise to Decorilla. Equipped with a Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Computer Science at Ahmadu Bello University and over eight years of hands-on experience with diverse web and mobile applications, he’s a tech whiz. At Decorilla, Samuel continually enhances the platform with fresh features and integrations, ensuring an optimal user experience.

When he’s not elbow-deep in code, you can find him playing his guitar, trying out new restaurants, watching sports or just whistling a tune down the street!

Omotayo is a highly skilled software developer with a passion for creating innovative web applications. With an honors degree in Information Systems from Middlesex University, he possesses a strong foundation in both technical knowledge and theoretical concepts. At Decorilla, Omotayo works within his team to deliver high-quality software solutions that meet stakeholders’ needs.

When he’s not knee-deep in code, you can find him at home binge-watching various movies and TV shows!

The wordsmith behind Decorilla’s compelling online presence, Danielle serves as our Content and SEO Manager. She employs her eight-year writing and editing journey to craft interior design narratives that charm readers and keep them abreast of the industry. More than a word charmer, Danielle has an aptitude for refining business processes, thus amplifying operational effectiveness.

Away from her desk, she can be spotted beachside, riding the surf or soaking up the sun, with her furry companions, Malo and Pachuco, never far behind. The beach, her dogs, and a well-oiled workflow – that’s Danielle in a nutshell!

Our Project Manager & Sales Designer, Pete, is an expert in customer service, with a diverse background spanning IT service desk, designer support and project consulting. His journey began with an honors degree in Industrial Management, enriched with international exposure. Pete excels at identifying customer needs and harnessing the latest technology to meet them.

When he’s not charting out project pathways, you’ll find Pete jamming out and composing music, where his creativity plays an amazing rhythm. And let’s not forget his culinary skills – he’s a pro at whipping up delicious Thai and Chinese dishes.

Silvia joined Decorilla as a Sales and Project Cordinator, she helps customers get started with their projects and helps different departments with their tasks as needed. Prior to Decorilla, she spent the past 15 years working in the furniture industry with architects, designers, and retailers, she loves all things design.

Her passion for design dates back to many years ago, when she decided to follow her dad’s steps working in furniture – she started her career working for a manufacturer and to this day she is still very passionate about the process! In her spare time, you can find Silvia on the yoga mat or exploring nature with her wolfdog and occasionally behind the helm of a sailing boat 🙂

Meet Manuela, our Marketing Manager, whose experience in the tech and lifestyle industries perfectly aligns with Decorilla’s mission. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication and Journalism. Manuela specializes in Social Media strategy, copywriting, and creating multimedia content.

She excels in the art of storytelling, crafting narratives that deeply resonate with audiences and spark engagement. Outside her professional role, Manuela is an avid photographer and a passionate music enthusiast who finds creative expression through singing and dancing. Her skills, combined with her commitment to staying updated with trends, drive innovation, fostering both brand success and creative excellence.

In her role as Assistant Operations Manager, Harriet’s infectious positivity creates a synergy that elevates her team, fostering a harmonious and productive atmosphere. Exceptional organizational and leadership abilities enable her to orchestrate and enhance team dynamics, paving the way for efficient operations and streamlined workflows.

When she’s not masterfully managing operations, Harriet transforms into a shutterbug, capturing ordinary moments and turning them into extraordinary memories through her camera lens. She has a knack for finding beauty in every corner of the world and freeze-framing it through her lens. But let’s not forget her passion for coffee! Harriet is always up for a new coffee-tasting adventure. From the smoothest lattes to the boldest espressos, she enjoys every sip and loves discovering unique flavors.

Giselle has been fostering robust client relationships as a dedicated Customer Care Manager, her tenacity in ensuring top-notch service being her badge of honor. Her creativity finds a unique outlet in the realm of interior design.

Outside her professional sphere, Giselle’s world orbits around her seven-year-old sidekick. Together, they build Lego empires and indulge in fun-filled ball games. A photography aficionado, Giselle finds delight in capturing nature’s elegance, with the beach as her canvas of choice. She relishes long drives paired with melodic tunes, a tranquil escape from the busy life.

Serving as our Team Engagement Specialist and CSR Trainer, Belicia is a cornerstone of Decorilla’s team. Originally joining as a customer service representative, her unwavering dedication and tenacity saw her swiftly assuming larger roles. Tasked with training the team on various operational aspects, she ensures processes run like clockwork. Beyond this, Belicia masterminds engaging team activities, nurturing a vibrant work atmosphere. For her, Decorilla isn’t simply a job – it’s a community filled with deep-seated friendships and unity.

Belicia derives immense satisfaction from delighting every customer and facilitating their excellent experience with us. Outside work, she relishes movie nights and road trips into the serenity of nature with her son and dear friends.

At the heart of Decorilla’s Customer Care team is Gabriel, a representative committed to ensuring clients have the best possible experience with their projects. Understanding the value of time, he strives to deliver swift and effective solutions, firmly believing in the power of teamwork to render quality service and cultivate a sense of belonging among his team and clients.

Away from his professional responsibilities, Gabriel leads a creatively rich life. He enjoys reading and sketching with his daughter Emma, crafting short stories, and tending to his garden. A proponent of plant-based diets, he loves sharing his passion, despite the uphill battle. Yet, above all, he revels in the thrill of Formula 1 and WRC!

Ingrained with a love for numbers, Hassaan anchors Decorilla’s finance corner as their dependable accountant. Raised in a CPA-saturated family, he honed his skills at PwC, where he balanced clients from varying scales and developed a knack for disentangling accounting and taxation knots.

Following an eight-year chapter at PwC, Hassaan reached an epiphany. His rich experience, coupled with a deep-seated desire to aid businesses, primed him for his long-held dream: spearheading his own accounting firm. Today, he finds immense satisfaction in providing invaluable financial solutions. A firm believer in rest, Hassaan treats his sleep routine with the same meticulousness he applies to ledgers.

With a creative vein and a multidisciplinary background in graphic design and corporate communication our UX/UI designer, Edna, knows the magic of merging design, communication, and marketing. Her master’s degree in Digital Marketing & Big Data equips her to craft precise processes and meet user needs through imaginative solutions. Her portfolio ranges from health platforms to housing and tax systems, always with a goal of creating user-friendly, visually delightful digital spaces.

When not designing, Edna indulges in being a devoted dog parent, studying movie production, and unwinding with Doctor Who. She’s always learning, attending courses, and enjoying a good stand-up comedy or book.

Introducing Douglas, our IT Help Desk Extraordinaire at Decorilla. He’s a tech enthusiast with a heart for service and a fascinating range of interests. Douglas approaches every challenge with enthusiasm, ever eager to learn, especially in the realm of software and IT. His commitment to excellence is the engine that keeps the Decorilla machine running smoothly and correctly.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Douglas is an avid football enthusiast who follows the sport closely, analyzes game strategies, and cherishes the sense of the sport. Animals also command a significant part of his life, his advocacy for their welfare, volunteering at shelters, and doting on his own pets attesting to his compassion. Douglas serves as an inspiration to all of us and continuously seeks opportunities to make a positive impact on the world around him.

With a Computer Science background and a spectrum of additional skills covering administration, sales, and emotional intelligence, German brings a wealth of experience to Decorilla. His impressive career spans nine years and includes pivotal management and training roles at T-Mobile, Comcast, and Amazon.

When the work boots come off, German switches to tech-enthusiast mode, tinkering with his gaming computer or embarking on virtual shopping sprees in search of the ultimate deal. He is an ardent soccer fan, fostering this passion since he was five. A sucker for an outdoor barbecue, he always looks forward to a good grill out.

As a Customer Care Representative, Karla exercises her hard and soft skills to help clients as much as possible. She never says never and works hard to find the answers and solutions needed in any situation. Karla is a problem solver and fully commits to any task she’s assigned.

In her spare time, you may find Karla dancing, exercising, or just watching romantic series, as she imagines herself ending up with a real-life prince charming. She says while waiting for that to happen, romantic series fill that dream pretty well.

Heber, with a 8-year voyage in the realms of training and customer service, is a seasoned pro in delivering service par excellence. Although his academic path led him to a major in law, he found his true calling in the intricate dynamics of customer service, always aiming for nothing short of the best.

Away from work, Heber strikes a fine balance between the digital and the natural. A gaming enthusiast at heart, he also harbors a love for the outdoors with camping and hiking featuring high on his leisure list. His culinary adventures, however, are mostly a hit-or-miss affair, but that doesn’t deter his spirit in the relentless pursuit of the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

Karen, our dedicated Customer Service Representative and Furniture Vendor Specialist, excels at helping others and boasts an unrivaled attention to detail. Her enthusiasm for her role is palpable from dawn, embodying the early bird eager to make a difference.

Outside of work, Karen treasures time spent with her family and holds a special place in her heart for stray cats. She’s an avid horror movie enthusiast, always up for a cinematic thrill. Exploring profound philosophical concepts that influence our perception of life is another interest that intrigues her. In her creative downtime, she transforms recycled materials into elaborate miniature villages, breathing new life into what others might discard.

Ana, a dedicated customer service agent at Decorilla, skillfully combines her adeptness with an authentic passion for interior design. As the critical conduit between clients and vendors, Ana does more than just respond to inquiries and resolve issues — she imbues her role with warmth and wisdom, offering valuable insights to clients seeking design inspiration.

In her role, Ana’s mission is to assist clients in transforming their houses into personal havens, mirroring their unique personalities and dreams. When not shaping beautiful interior experiences, Ana cherishes time with her family and her feline companion, Hermes.

Aaron is an ambitious Junior Civil Engineering student who has embarked on a journey with Decorilla. Driven by his desire to broaden his horizons in the realm of design, Aaron has found his niche at Decorilla as a diligent Customer Care Representative. His unwavering passion for aiding others and resolving challenges make him an ideal addition to the Decorilla team.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Aaron shines in the realm of Taekwondo, demonstrating impressive agility and finesse. His loyalty, too, extends beyond the workplace – he’s a stalwart supporter of Real Madrid, standing by the team through thick and thin.

Skarleth has a background in finance, balancing it seamlessly with her customer service role at Decorilla, where she shines in solving customer queries. Not just content with this, she extends her skills into quality assurance, enhancing team output through her keen eye for process improvement and productivity optimization.

A keen explorer at heart, Skarleth trades the city buzz for serene town outskirts and soothing beach escapes. In her heart, a profound aspiration thrives: to impart education. Keenly aware of its life-shaping power, Skarleth hopes to one day share her wisdom to fuel others’ journeys.

Oscar is an enthusiastic professional with a degree in business administration from Ave Maria University-Nicaragua. With his love of helping others reach their goals and desires, he’s been honing his customer service skills for over nine years. Oscar’s strong communication skills and customer-centric approach enable him to deliver exceptional service and build strong relationships. His proactive problem-solving and commitment to exceeding expectations make him a valuable asset to our organization.

Oscar is a passionate aviation enthusiast who also actively practices Karate, being in the process of becoming a black belt soon. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the guitar and has a special affinity for Pink Floyd. He is a travel enthusiast with a goal of leaving footprints in at least 60 countries throughout his lifetime!

Our Customer Care Representative, Jorge, is a multifaceted personality marked by his compassion and a steadfast commitment to making a difference. With a profound faith in the potency of simplicity and a passion for aiding others, he continually aspires to create a tranquil environment that nurtures joy and productivity. His knack for navigating intricate challenges while fostering a positive, inclusive atmosphere sets him apart as a consummate professional.

When he’s not assisting clients with their design endeavors, Jorge uses his technological aptitude to moonlight as a computer repair enthusiast. Moreover, his sharp fashion sense exemplifies his deep-rooted appreciation for aesthetic appeal and meticulous detail.

At Decorilla, Graciela champions the essence of customer service, believing deeply in the golden rule of treating others as one wishes to be treated. This conviction radiates through her work, where she plays an integral role in a team that prides itself on making homes a haven for families. Beyond her professional pursuits, Graciela finds joy and fulfillment in the company of loved ones and her cherished pets.

Her leisure hours are a mosaic of diverse interests. A movie buff, she delves into the thrilling worlds of horror, action, and thriller films. Graciela’s artistic side flourishes in drawing, and her soul resonates with the rhythms of music, an indispensable part of her life. Traveling to new destinations invigorates her, illuminating the small, yet profound details that make life truly worthwhile.

Christine is our Resident Interior Designer with a Certification in Interior Design and Architecture from Limperts Academy of Design and a Master’s of Education from the State University of New York. A love of arranging varied global influences into comfortable and stylish spaces has led her to a career shift from classroom teacher to interior designer. She believes in the power of color, texture, and natural elements to bring life and balance into any room; she also has a thing for lighting.

Her own e-design projects have enhanced living spaces around the globe like Russia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, China, Canada and the United States. In addition to working as co-founder and designer for Decorilla, Christine writes for various decor websites and works on developing eco/socially fair home decor products.

With more than 30 years experience, Wanda has enjoyed a broad range of residential and commercial projects. She loves every aspect of interior design, from initial design concepts, through space planning, CAD drawings, selections and specifications. Certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications, she also furthered her general experience with specialized training in lighting and kitchen and bath design.

Her personal objective in every project has always been to provide superior service and the best possible design, allowing the client to enjoy the design process while achieving their personal goals. Great designer-client communication is always key in her projects.

When she isn’t in design-mode, she enjoys kayaking, boating, and snorkeling the beautiful coastal waters of her home state, Florida. At-home cooking and relaxed entertaining with friends and family are a favorite re-charging activity.

As Decorilla’s versatile virtuoso, Sonia Carlson is a master of meshing the eclectic modern with Scandinavian mid-century elements. Holding a degree in Interior Architecture, she brings a cultivated eye for detail to high-end corporate and new-construction residential projects alike. Sonia’s work is an exercise in craft, driven not just by her keen aesthetic sense but by her commitment to making design an accessible reality for people. She thrives on transforming ideas into tactile spaces, and it’s this blend of empathy and skill that makes her a valuable team member.

When Sonia isn’t orchestrating another interior transformation, she finds her balance in nature and cherishes quality time with her little ones. Her creative spirit doesn’t just reside in her designs—it’s a full-life approach, enriching her personal moments and strengthening her connection with others.